Hotel suite with sauna in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf

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The bed in the hotel suite with sauna

The hotel suite with sauna in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf in the Styria in Austria excites us. Only rarely do we break out through our hotel suite in "Aahs" and "Ooohs". The Thermenhotel Vier Jahreszeiten with its Rosen Suite succeeds easily!



A bottle of frizzante to welcome
A bottle of frizzante to welcome


Lots of space in the Rosen Suite at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Loipersdorf

As soon as we enter our suite in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf, we notice the spaciousness of the suite. The living room is divided into a work space with a wine fridge. This is followed by a seating area with upholstered furniture matching the color of the roses pictured on the wall. From there, a sliding glass door gives access to the balcony overlooking the Therme Loipersdorf and the surrounding hills. An awning ensures that the sun makes staying on it a pleasant experience even in the afternoon.


Rosen Suite at the Thermenhotel Vier Jahreszeiten
Rose Suite in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf


A bed like a sunbathing area in the suite at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf

The bed, which shares the second half of the suite with the bathroom, is impressive. A lawn where we sleep for three nights like on clouds. Its round lying area under the canopy can easily accommodate several people. During our stay we sleep like marmots on the mattress: deeply and soundly. This contributes a lot to making our visit to the Hotel Vier Saisonen Loipersdorf a feel-good experience.


Two sinks in the bathroom of the Hotel Vier Saisons Loipersdorf
bathroom corner


Pamper yourself at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf

We are even more impressed by the bathroom in the Rose Suite at the Hotel Vier Saisonen Loipersdorf. Separated from the living area by a step, it has two sinks and a bathtub that is free in the room. My highlight in this bathroom is a rainfall shower that is so big you can dance in it. Have I said I love rainfall showers?

For me, there is nothing better than waking up in the morning to water falling gently like rain. Until then, I usually grope around the room, half asleep, wondering whether the bed isn't even more tempting than the day that awaits me. In the Rose Suite at the Hotel Vier Saisonen Loipersdorf, I got up looking forward to the gentle shower.


Hotel suite with sauna in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf


A sauna in the hotel suite of the Four Seasons Hotel Loipersdorf

However, we found the sauna in the bathroom of our hotel suite even better. The furnishings in our suite were almost enough to allow us to spend a break at the Hotel Vier Saisonen Loipersdorf. The fact that we can use the corridor in the basement of the hotel with a bathrobe is just another highlight of our time out. So it hardly bothers us that it keeps raining outside. This way we can easily get from the hotel to the thermal baths. We pamper ourselves with treatments in the Loipersdorf thermal baths and a stay in our hotel suite with sauna. Our tip for everyone who is planning a weekend with wellness: the Rose Suite in the Four Seasons Thermenhotel is perfect for this. Also, treat yourself Treatments at the Therme Loipersdorf.


The Loipersdorf thermal baths from the Rosen Suite in the Hotel Vier

View of the thermal baths and the Hotel Vier


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Hotels and accommodation in Loipersdorf * For example, you can book through our partner We recommend that you stay overnight Thermenhotel Vier Jahreszeiten * directly at the Loipersdorf thermal baths. Best in the Rose Suite or one of the hotel's suites. We felt very comfortable there.

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Hotel suite with sauna in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Loipersdorf

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    1. This is really a great suite. And the spa is just across the street through a bathrobe corridor.

  1. Sauna and breakfast in the springs, wow! The spa hotels are upgrading more and more, but I have never seen anything like that. It is to be feared that you will not see anything of the surroundings.

    1. That was really great, Antje. Also we were first enthusiastically walked around the room. We had planned for the weekend pure relaxation and spent three days in the spa with massages and spa treatments and a great dinner in Thermenheurigen. We did not see much of the surroundings.

  2. I love Loipersdorf! I am so happy that you enjoyed it so much. I live 1 hour away from this enchanting thermal area and that's why I visit it often. All the best!

    1. You are right, the thermal bath and the hotel four seasons in Loipersdorf we really liked. The two days we spent there were a very special treat. The perfect place for a relaxing weekend.

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