Which rain jacket is the best? - A selection

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Best rain jacket

Which rain jacket is really waterproof? Which functional jacket, Friesennerz, wax jacket helps in the rain? Incl. rain jacket test.

Rain jacket tested - which is the best rain jacket?


Which rain jacket is really waterproof? Is it a Friesian mink? Or a functional jacket? The last test by Stiftung Warentest dates back to 2016. The jackets recommended in it are now only partially available. That's why we're relying on a rain jacket test from testbericht.de. This site evaluates tests and opinions from the trade press and calculates an overall grade. The test is from March 02nd, 2021. These are the test winners: They are definitely the best outdoor jackets. The best waterproof rain jacket currently available is the Helly Hansen Seven J Jacket rain jacket* (Advertisement).


Light rain jacket for city trips *

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As a rain jacket, a wax jacket for outdoor adventures

If you are planning longer hikes, which Ireland is ideal for, then you need stronger rain protection. So why not do it like the Irish? They prefer to wear a wax jacket that will keep them dry in all weathers. And the waxed jackets are also chic, I think. But they shouldn't be washed. A wax jacket is also often available as a rain jacket in large sizes.

A rain jacket in XXL for women is usually not that easy to find. The wax jackets for men are so chic that women can wear them too. Especially if you are out and about in rainy weather in Ireland or other northern regions, you will appreciate this.

However, one thing should be clear before buying a rain jacket like this one. A wax jacket is heavy. If you take this rain jacket with you on trips, it is recommended to wear it on the plane. It takes up too much space in the suitcase. In addition, this jacket is very heavy. So it makes sense to put them on during your journey. This leaves more space and weight for other luggage.


Buy wax jackets here*

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Or the good old Friesian ore?

Everyone who grew up at the North Sea knows the Friesennerz. The indestructible rain jacket that defies storm and rain. With rubber boots and Frisian mink you can cope with any weather at the North Sea. So why not also in rainy travel destinations around the world? Even with the Friesennerz, it takes up a lot of space in the suitcase. Its material protects against rain. However, it cannot be packed well in a suitcase. Similar to a wax jacket, it is advisable to wear it while traveling on the plane. Then there is enough space and weight for other things suitcase.


Buy Friesian mink here*

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Which rain jacket is suitable for city trips?

If a rain jacket test is not a prerequisite for buying your rain protection, then of course there are also stylish functional jackets or Friesian mink that look good. But you have to try whether they are just as waterproof. These rain jackets are good for city trips. So you're in Dublin even when it rains well protected. If you are planning an outdoor vacation, we recommend the above. We suggest some of the fancier rain jackets here:

Rain jackets for women


Buy rain jackets for women here*

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With a raincoat you are also well protected against moisture. You can find a selection here.


Buy raincoat here*

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Rain jacket for cycling

An alternative are rain jackets for cycling. They are usually windproof, waterproof and breathable. All prerequisites for feeling comfortable in such a jacket even when it is wet.


Buy a rain jacket for cycling here*

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Men's jackets

There are also practical rain jackets for men.


Buy rain jacket for men here*

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5 tips for choosing the most waterproof rain jacket

Don't let the rain ruin your day! Discover in this guide which features you should look for when buying a truly waterproof rain jacket. Be prepared for rainy days with the perfect waterproof rain jacket! From taped seams to breathability, find out the key features to look for when shopping for a rain jacket that will protect you from the elements.

Look for durable material and seam sealing

The material of a rain jacket should be strong enough to withstand the elements and endure many wears. It should also have taped seams - this prevents water from seeping through weak spots in your coat and keeps you dry. Look for jackets with features like seam tape, heat-sealed seam tape, or waterproof welds that offer excellent protection from the rain.

Choose a jacket with room to layer clothing

When buying your waterproof rain jacket, make sure you have enough space to layer your clothes. Layering allows you to trap air around your body, which acts as an extra insulator against the cold. Look for a jacket large enough to fit over multiple layers of clothing to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable no matter the weather.

Choose elements that improve performance in wet weather

Look for a rain jacket that has specific features that improve wet weather performance and keep you dry. Features like taped seams, waterproof zippers, weatherproof fabric and adjustable straps, buttons and drawstrings can help keep the elements out and keep you dry even in torrential downpours. Also consider how the jacket fits; a loose fit won't keep water out as effectively as a tight fit.

Go for durable, long-lasting zippers and buttons

Make sure the buttons and zippers on your rain jacket are strong and durable. Choose those that are reinforced with waterproof finishes like DWR (Durable Water Repellent). Also, make sure the zipper closes tightly, as regular zippers may not keep rain and wind out. Finally, consider whether replacing or repairing any part of the jacket would be difficult – this too should be taken into account when choosing a waterproof rain jacket.

Look for an adjustable and comfortable fit

The fit of your waterproof rain jacket is important for both functionality and your comfort. For example, tight-fitting jackets can be uncomfortable when you're moving or being physically active, but if the jacket is too loose, moisture can get in. Look for a rain jacket that easily adjusts to fit different sizes and body shapes. The adjustable functions should be easy to use even in the rain.

Packing list for rainy travel destinations - what must be in the suitcase?

You should definitely know what you want to do on the trip. Should it be more of a leisurely trip where you stay in pleasant hotels? Do you want to spend a lot of time in the cities? Or should it instead be a journey where you go hiking? Or even want to experience outdoor life on the Wild Atlantic Way in all its adventurous facets?

Then you should think twice about whether the rain jacket should be rather light - for city trips. Or whether it should endure something instead, for example when hiking through the Connemara moors or in Donegal. There are other models for this than for a comfortable stay in the city. With the right equipment, even a trip to rainy destinations becomes one Travel for connoisseurs.

What do you absolutely need - a good rain jacket or heavy duty rain cover?

It is not easy to make the right choice here. Therefore, we have put together a selection here that makes your choice easier. These rain jackets can be conveniently ordered online.

Light rain jackets for the city or a road trip

We recommend this rain protection for city trips or a round trip without major hikes. Together with a large and resistant Umbrella * (Advertisement), which can withstand one or two gusts of wind, you are sufficiently protected in cities. If there is heavy rainfall, you may also be able to get one here Break in a café Insert.

The best rain jacket for the vacation

Which rain jacket is really waterproof? This is what the rain jacket test from Stiftung Warentest determines. Some of our recommendations are based on this test by Stiftung Warentest. This packing list contains offers for rain jackets that you can order online. You don't just need this for hiking tours.

There are travel destinations where rain is just part of it. Ireland, for example. No matter if your after Dublin, Cork, Northern Ireland or the West, there is actually no travel time on the Irish island without rain. Ireland's green is only there when it rains. But you should also take suitable rain jackets with you in other regions of the world. Appropriate rain protection is therefore essential for good equipment. Depending on the region, this can be a functional jacket, a wax jacket or a Frisian ore.

What's the best way to tackle rainy travel destinations?

However, I asked myself this question too late. Only when I Traveling in Ireland I found that a rain jacket is more practical than an umbrella. Especially if, like me, you work constantly with your camera and mobile phone, you need both hands free. Therefore, an umbrella is not as practical as a rain jacket for a trip around Ireland. One hand is needed for an umbrella. If you wear a rain jacket, you have both hands free.

This is important, for example, if I want to take photos or record videos while I'm out and about. In addition, the hands remain free to carry bags, suitcases or other things. However, I would rather recommend one here Backpack for the city , or backpack to take with you. With one you also have your hands free to work. Which is the best rain jacket depends on the purpose for which you need it. So there is no such thing as the best rain jacket in the world. It always depends on what you want to do when you wear them.

Which rain jacket is really waterproof?

That tells you the water column. For example, it shows you how high the pressure must be before the material lets water through. So you are looking for the highest possible value. From 1300 mm, a material is considered waterproof. With a water column of over 10.000 mm, you are definitely protected for many outdoor activities.

How do I recognize a good rain jacket?

Good rain jackets are of good quality. It is therefore best to choose one made of material that repels water and does not absorb it.

What is better? Waterproof or water-repellent?

If the material is water-repellent, it offers better protection in the rain than waterproof material, for example. In any case, water cannot easily penetrate these materials.

Which rain jacket for Ireland?

Hardly anyone will experience a trip to Ireland without rain. The maritime climate of the island makes sure of that. At the same time, however, the climate on the Emerald Isle is so warm that a light functional jacket is sufficient with normal rainfall. It should protect against wind and moisture, but does not have to warm you up. Dressing in layers is usually best. You should therefore think carefully about which functional jacket to take with you on the trip. A good rain jacket or functional jacket also makes a trip to rainy areas a great experience.

Which rain jacket are we presenting here?

In our selection of rain jackets you will find, for example, functional jackets that have passed a rain jacket test by the trade press. But you can also find rain jackets that have not been tested. We recommend this especially for city trips, where there are always opportunities to seek shelter from heavy rain showers. Ultimately, it comes down to where and when you need a rain jacket. With these rain jackets and functional jackets, we wish you a good mood and fun exploring your travel destination even in bad weather.


The best rain jacket - functional jacket, Friesian mink or wax jacket
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Source Which functional jacket and which Friesian mink is the best: on-site research and the rain jacket test from Stiftung Warentest. However, our opinions remain our own.

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Which rain jacket is the best? - A selection

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