The most beautiful picnic spots in Germany

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Where can you find picnic spots in Germany?

Where are picnic areas in Germany? We asked travel bloggers from all over the Republic this question. Trips to Savordon't have to go far. You can also go on culinary travels right at your front door. You can picnic on hikes, trekking or on motorhome tours. A snack and your lunch box in your backpack, Apples and granola bars that provide energy. This equips you for a snack on a hike. You will then continue your hike full of energy.


What do you need for a picnic?


Picnic in the park near me

Picnic in the park – that sounds like a great idea, right? In Germany in particular, there are numerous charming places where you can spread out your picnic towel. You're sure to find a green spot near you, where trees provide shade and children play happily. Many parks also offer picnic tables if you prefer something more convenient. And the best? You are surrounded by nature without having to travel far.

Why not pack a blanket, some tasty snacks and a good book? Maybe even a Frisbee or a ball for a game of fun. And don't forget to invite your loved ones! Picnicking together is even more fun. This way you can leave everyday life behind you for a few hours and enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy your Picnic!

Picnics in Bavaria

We like to have picnics in nature in our homeland Bavaria. The most beautiful is a view from the Alpine foothills of the mountains and lakes on our doorstep. Approaches are eliminated. We look for a meadow, a bench or a picnic table where we can make ourselves comfortable. That makes a few hours in nature a pleasure.

We put snacks, salads, a bottle of wine and fruit in our picnic basket. This includes a book and a picnic blanket on which we can enjoy the view. Everything we need for a day in nature is ready.


Chiemgau Alps Panorama at Tachinger See
One of our picnic areas in Germany - Chiemgau Alps Panorama during a picnic at the Tachinger See


We prefer to drive out into the foothills of the Alps in Chiemgau. There we find lakes and beautiful views of the mountain ranges of the Chiemgau Alps. There is usually too much going on at the lakes. Instead, we look for a meadow in the surrounding hills, from which we have a view of the lake and mountains. There we make ourselves comfortable and enjoy a picnic for ourselves. Preferably under a tree that provides shade. Or even in the middle of the forest. The choice is great. We find there Silence in Bavaria.

These are the picnic spots in Germany that our travel blogger colleagues suggest.


Picnic area at the Morsum cliff on Sylt


MS WellTravel picnic on Sylt at Morsum cliff overlooking the North Sea
MS WellTravel picnic area on Sylt am Morsum Kliff View of the North Sea


Summer time is picnic time! I would like to add a bike tour to this time. My last bike trip with a picnic led me to the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea island of Sylt. With a friend and our e-bikes we went to the 12 km distant Morsum cliff, which is at the east end of Sylt. At the entrance to the oldest nature reserve, you have to park your bike and hike with your picnic basket over wooden planks and later along the 1-hour circular path on sand paths. In between, preferably at the highest viewpoint on the North Sea, look for a place for a sea picnic.

Important, you find yourself in a diverse flora and fauna, which means to treat nature with respect, mindful and environmentally friendly. That means: take your garbage with you, only leave footprints on the circular route.

We sat on a small blanket in the sand of a plateau with a breathtaking view of the North Sea. As an alternative to the ceiling, there are benches on the wooden plank path with a view of the North Sea or a restaurant for non-picnics at the park entrance. The North Sea was at its best - the tide was low - and we were able to admire the fascinating mudflats from a bird's eye view. We unpacked our backpack, snacked on fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese skewers and meatballs while silently enjoying the surroundings. After an hour we had to leave this beautiful place because we only visited Sylt for a day trip. You can find out what we discovered on the Morsum cliff that day and how the excursion continued until dinner in the detailed article: Day trip Sylt - by e-bike to the Morsum cliff

About MS WellTravel

Marina is a BA in health tourism and her travel blog MS WellTravel is all about active, health and recreational trips. Her contributions deal, among other things, with varied hikes and bike tours, relaxing breaks and modern prevention trips.

Picnic area on the Todtmooser Lebküchlerweg in the Black Forest


People Abroad picnic area in the Black Forest
People Abroad picnic area in the Black Forest


The Todtmoos Lebkuchen Trail in the Black Forest is 12,3 km long and a circular hiking trail, for which you should plan about 4,0 to 4,5 hours of pure walking time. It runs at an altitude between 800 and 1.100 meters around Todtmoos. The best starting point is the parking lot at Schwimmbadweg 9 in Todtmoos. On the way you always come across beautiful houses in the typical Black Forest style and you have great views of the Black Forest. There are several viewpoints on the Lebküchlerweg that are ideal for a picnic.

I liked the stamp for the hiking pass the best. It is located between the Rütte district and the Hochkopfhaus. Here you can take a leisurely break, "pick up" your stamp for the hiking pass and take photos with the wooden frame if you want. The Lebküchlerweg can be well planned as a leisurely day hike. In any case, you should take a look at the Todtmoos waterfall and the pilgrimage church. As a conclusion, you can stop off at one of the restaurants in Todtmoos with regional cuisine.

About People Abroad

Heiko writes on People Abroad about individual and active travel, hiking, cycling, outdoor adventures, city trips and road trips as focal points. Destinations are regions in Germany, Europe and countries on other continents.

Picnic at the Klingelfloß dream loop in Rhineland-Palatinate


Bell raft picnic area
Klingelfloss - one of the picnic areas in Germany


We like to picnic in all sorts of places, in the forest, on mountains, on streams or in meadows - but this one particularly impressed us. Not far from where we live is the Klingelfloß dream loop and in the middle of there is the Klingelfloß refuge on a small lake. Here, in the middle of the forest, we love to sit and enjoy nature in the former monastic forest of Kumbd Monastery. The story is exciting, the shelter was built in 1935 for the workers in a nearby quarry and is modeled on a hut in the Carpathian Mountains. The pond was still used for trout farming until the 1990s. Today, hikers or cyclists meet here and look at the enchanted little natural lake and let their thoughts wander. You can read about the small dream loop and many other hikes in our blog

About active through life

Anita and Claudia - we hike the Hunsrück, Germany and if it turns out a lot more. We have been blogging with growing enthusiasm since the beginning of 2015 and discover more and more the beauties of our earth. Protecting them is very important to us. Extreme hikes or pleasure hikes, with a roof tent or on the trekking pitch, we find it beautiful wherever nature is respected. We would like to show you on our blog and on our social media channels how nice it is out there.

The Hochleiblick at Boppard on the Rhine


hochleiblick boppard on the rhein rausinsleben
Picnic areas in Germany. The Hochleiblick Boppard on the Rhine © rausinsleben


Around my hometown there are some very nice viewpoints that are suitable for a picnic. One of my favorites is the Hochleiblick. Behind the somewhat bulky name is a place on the Hunsrück heights, which offers you a unique view of the Rhine Valley. Opposite are the enemy brothers, the castles Sterrenberg and Liebenstein, who owe their name to a well-known legend. The Taunus can be seen behind it, the hamlets of Weiler and Bad Salzig at the bottom right.

At the Hochleiblick you will find a table and several benches that are suitable for a picnic. Hikers can reach the Hochleiblick via the dream loop Fünfseenblick, a lookout tower nearby. You can also reach it by car, motorcycle or bicycle via the B9, exit Bad Salzig, Weiler. A parking lot is located directly in front of it, so that people with walking difficulties can enjoy the view. In good weather, paragliders sometimes start here.

About out into life

Renate lives in Boppard am Rhein, near Koblenz. On her blog she reports on cities and sights in Germany and around the world. In addition to the domestic climes, she also likes to go to India, Nepal, Malaysia or the USA.

Picnic with a panorama of the Alpsee near Immenstadt


Alpseeblick Deep in the Allgäu picnic areas in Germany
Picnic with an alpine view, one of the picnic spots in Germany


I have several favorite hikes and a number of favorite places in the Allgäu. The Alpseeblick near Immenstadt (47.580863, 10.143719) is definitely at the top of my personal favorite place list. There is a bench and a panoramic wellness couch, but most of them are already occupied. But don't worry, there is enough space in front of it for an extensive picnic. The view is simply magnificent, but you can see that for yourself.

You can hike there from several sides, for example from Missen or Immenstadt-Bühl. I particularly like the tour over the Thaler Höhe to the Alpsee view, about which I wrote my own blog post. ( But I have to admit that after a visit to the Alpseeblick I prefer to go to stop at the rustic parish alpine pasture, which is only a ten minute walk away.

Via Tief im Allgäu

Barbara shows on her blog Deep in the Allgäu the most beautiful sides of the Allgäu, for example hikes, geo- and biotopes, outdoor pools, museums, festivals and customs.

Baden-Württemberg's outlook: The Bolberg on the Swabian Jura


Picnic area Bolberg
Picnic area Bolberg © Travelsanne


The most beautiful views on the Swabian Alb can be found along the Albtrauf, as the steep drop in the northwest of the low mountain range in Baden-Württemberg is called.

Our favorite picnic spot with a view is on the Bolberg, which is the highest mountain in the Reutlingen district at 880 meters. Whenever we are in our old homeland, a short visit to the Bolberg is a must. The view up there is simply breathtaking. With good visibility, the view extends to the Stuttgart TV tower and the defiant Hohenzollern Castle near Albstadt can be seen on the horizon.

In addition to the rustic log cabin of the Swabian Alb Association, there is a beautifully designed barbecue area. We have often had lunch breaks with our children on a hike and grilled sausages over an open fire. It is also very idyllic to eat your picnic with you on the observation benches directly on the Albtrauf. Our tip: There is hardly a more romantic place to experience the sunset on the Swabian Alb!

You can find further viewpoints and many excursion destinations with children in our article on the most beautiful Sights of the Swabian Alb.

About Travelsanne

Sanne was born with love for hiking and nature. She loves to explore her home in Baden-Württemberg. On her family travel blog Travelsanne, she inspires travel, hiking and special nature experiences with children and teenagers.

A picnic area on the Havel


Picnic area on the Havel
Picnic area on the Havel © GoOnTravel


My most beautiful picnic spot, which comes to my mind spontaneously, is right on the Havel in the Brandenburg region of Havelland. In addition to the 334-kilometer-long river, there are many other tributaries as well as Rhins or moats.

Havelland is incredibly rich in water, which is a prominent feature for the district. And because of that Westhavelland nature park is sparsely populated and there are not many opportunities to visit a restaurant, it is advisable to pack some provisions for a trip to the region.

There are many options for a “wild” picnic area along the Havel. You just have to keep your eyes open. There are some places where the banks of the Havel can be reached directly from the main road. All you need then is to spread out a large picnic blanket with the delicacies you brought with you and enjoy them with a view of the water. Is there anything more beautiful?

Important: Please take everything you have brought back with you so that others can enjoy this wonderful piece of nature.


Anja and Anne-Katrin have been writing on travel destinations around the world on since 2015. The focus is primarily on Africa, Europe and America, but also on their home in Brandenburg and the adopted home of Berlin and Sylt. In addition to travel tips, they also provide helpful tips about (travel) photography.

Picnic near Berlin at Wolletzsee


Picnic area at Wolletzsee at Berlin Travelers Archive
One of the picnic spots in Germany is at Wolletzsee near Berlin Travelers Archive


We have to admit that we rarely go to the capital's bacon belt, but last summer we ventured out of the Berliner Ring and into the Uckermark. We not only got to know incredibly sweet sleepy places, but also found the most beautiful picnic spot in the world. This beautiful village is called “Adlerquelle” and is located on Wolletzsee and is best discovered on a short hike from Altkunkendorf, on which one follows the red beech leaf on the trees. Tip: We actually came back in late autumn and made a small cheese fondue on site. Kitschy, but beautiful!

About Travelers Archive

Anne and Clemens run the blog together Travelers Archives. Although the two have a soft spot for unknown travel destinations, they have also recently strayed into the bacon belt of their homeland Berlin.

Picnicking at the Hasselteich in the Harz National Park near Bad Harzburg


Hasselteich in the Harz National Park - picnic areas in Germany
Hasseltich in the Harz National Park © Beate Ziehres


A comfortable swing invites you to swing in the sun. Green deciduous forest around me. In front of me the dark green shimmering Hassel pond, framed by lush green grass. This place is so soothing to the eyes and the mind!

I discovered the picnic area at the Hasselteich on a hike from Bad Harzburg to the lynx enclosure in the Harz National Park. In Bad Harzburg we started in the Kalten Tal on the treetop path and followed the small signs with the lynx head. We climbed up the narrow paths and reached the Molkenhaus restaurant. It is only a few steps from here.

On this day I swung out my packed lunch and bit into the cheese stall. If you like it a little more luxurious, pack a few delicacies and a bit of prosecco in your backpack - and you have an unforgettable romantic picnic in a very magical place. You can find out more about the hike in my article “Hiking in Bad Harzburg".

About Reiselust-Mag

Reiselust-Mag is a travel blog for best agers, connoisseurs, nature lovers and all people who like individual travel and slow travel. Blogger Beate wants to inspire readers to travel consciously.

Picnic with a view of the Fockeberg in Leipzig


Picnic Fockeberg Leipzig
Picnic Fockeberg Leipzig - one of the picnic areas in Germany


Between the district of Connewitz and the southern suburb is a hill with a view of the city center of Leipzig. With a narrow path you go that Fockeberg then stand up in a meadow surrounded by trees. In some places there are gaps between the trees that form a kind of natural 'window'. This gives you a beautiful view in all directions on the Fockeberg. I think the most beautiful is the direction of the city center. Put your picnic blanket down here and enjoy the sun, which is slowly setting behind the city center and changing the color of the sky. There is hardly any light pollution here, so it is worth staying a little longer after the picnic and watching the stars!

About Janna Kamphof

On her travel blog, Janna Kamphof gives tips for conscious travel and micro adventures. It shows what beautiful (outdoor) experiences you can have right on your doorstep, in Germany and in the rest of Europe.

Picnic area at the Idagrotte in Saxon Switzerland


Picnic at the Idagrotte - picnic areas in Germany
Picnic at the Idagrotte with My Travelworld - picnic areas in Germany


Saxon Switzerland is a wonderful hiking area - and hiking is one of the best opportunities to enjoy a picnic in nature. My personal favorite place for this is the Ida Grotto in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, a somewhat hidden cave and viewing platform in the monkey stones. To reach it, you have to follow the signposted hiking trails and finally walk around a rock on a relatively narrow path until you reach the Idagrotte. The effort is worth it, because from here you have not only a fantastic view of the Saxon Switzerland National Park, but also enough space on the rocks to spread your picnic. The monkey stones, a particularly picturesque collection of the characteristic and bizarre rock needles in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, can also be observed well during the picnic.

If you also want to explore something, you can also take a look into the actual cave of the Idagrotte, a rift and layer joint cave. A hike to Idagrotte is best combined with one Tour through the monkey stones or on the Little Winterberg, two popular hiking destinations in Saxon Switzerland.

About My Travelworld

If you want to know more about Saxon Switzerland and Christian's travels, you can stop by on my travel blog My Travelworld. He has already traveled to over 70 countries and his desire to travel is still unbroken, so that he is currently touring the world as a digital nomad with a home base in the Dominican Republic, but also occasionally in his home town of Dresden and neighboring Saxon Switzerland stopping by.

A picnic area at the Lahn Bridge in Wetzlar


View from the picnic area to the Lahn Bridge - picnic areas in Germany
View from the picnic area to the Lahn Bridge, at one of the picnic areas in Germany


A picnic in Wetzlar an der Lahn is ideal for relaxing. A meadow, the water of the Lahn, swans and a view of a building that is over 700 years old are the cornerstone of our picnic area. An environment to forget everyday life for a short time and let your soul dangle. The water shows that take place every hour, from a water organ mounted in the Lahn with fountains over 30m high, round off the experience.

You can experience all of this with a picnic in the Colchester facility in Wetzlar an der Lahn. Access to the Colchester facility is via a spiral staircase attached to the Lahn Bridge. The picnic area is directly on the other side of the Lahn Bridge.

About globetrotters travel tips

Hello, I'm Martina from the family blog Globetrotter travel tips. On my blog I write about traveling with my children, about time out for two and about my experiences with traveling during pregnancy.

Two picnic areas in the Vogtland


Picnic area in the Vogtland
Picnic area in Vogtland - picnic areas in Germany


Since we could not decide which picnic area we like better, we present two picnic areas in the Vogtland. Both are in the Saxon part of the Vogtland.

A place to have a picnic is at the Pöhl dam. It is directly behind the church in Altensalz. There is a small patch of grass behind the church garden. Here you can spread out a picnic blanket under an old tree and enjoy the food while looking out over the water. Only locals know the place, so it is pleasantly quiet.

Our second suggestion for a picnic is the ruins of Wiedersberg Castle in the town of the same name. You can also have a picnic here. Only a few hikers get lost at the castle. There are benches for picnics right by the castle ruins, but there is also a meadow with a view of the castle walls.

You can park well in front of both places and the path is not so far, so that the picnic utensils do not have to be carried far.

About Vogtland Magic:

In the travel blog Vogtland magic by Manja and Andreas everything revolves around the Vogtland region in parts of Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria and the Czech Republic. They give travel tips and present excursion destinations, it's about historical and current, culinary and sights.

Picnic on the Herreninsel in Chiemsee


Herrenchiemsee Castle
Herrenchiemsee Palace - picnic areas in Germany


The Chiemsee is the largest lake in Bavaria and is located in the foothills of the Alps. Overall, he owns Chiemsee three islands: Herreninsel, Fraueninsel and the uninhabited Krautinsel. Even the trip on the Chiemsee boat trip to Fraueninsel or Herreninsel is an experience! However, the Herrenchiemsee Palace on Herreninsel is famous. King Ludwig II had the palace built based on the example of Versailles. Most visitors just come to see the castle, which is definitely a mistake! The island has much more to offer. A walk on one of the circular paths takes you through forests, avenues of fruit trees and past the reed belt that encloses the island. You can quickly leave the hustle and bustle behind you and find a place for a picnic. Where else could a picnic be nicer than in a place that even a king was enchanted by?

About ReiseSpatz

On ReiseSpatz, Sabine writes about road trips, moments of goosebumps in nature and traveling with children and teenagers. On her blog you will find many tips for a trip! Families and couples have been inspired by her since 2015. Join her on Instagram on her adventures and travels.

A picnic in the castle park - on the way on a discovery tour in the Oder-Spree lake district


Picnic Neuhardenberg Castle WellSpa Portal - Picnic areas in Germany
Picnic at Neuhardenberg Castle


Castle tour with Seenliebe - picnic in the park What about picnicking in the castle park? In Neuhardenberg it is not only permitted, but even encouraged. If you want, you can order a picnic basket at the same time. For €24 per person, it includes not only accessories such as dishes and a blanket. The classic version comes with delicacies such as

– Oven-fresh pointed baguette with smoked paprika butter
- Cucumber salad with coriander dill yogurt and herb salmon
- Poached vinegar with honey mustard cream
- Shell tuber salad with homemade cheese bouquets
- Aroma meat and smoked sausages from Lunower Heckrind
- Cheesecake in a glass with rosemary and honey apricots
- Uckermark "glass cheese" with fruity chutney.

A vegetarian and even vegan version is also available on request. Nothing stands in the way of romantic hours surrounded by a castle area. From May to September, the baskets are available to pre-order. Anything you bring with you is also given free picnic access to the parks of Neuhardenberg Castle at any time.

This raises the question of where Neuhardenberg Castle and the Schinkel Church are located? The Oder-Spree Lake District stretches east of Berlin to the Polish border. A region rich in lakes and ideal for discovery tours by bike, canoe or on foot. In addition to nature, the region also offers cultural moments. Neuhardenberg Castle is also a place for cultural events. A visit is worthwhile - and the picnic even more so.

Via WellSpa Portal

Pleasure travel tips for those who enjoy time off and pleasure adventurers, Katja feels comfortable on these tracks. Whether it's a wellness hotel, unusual accommodation or hiking, the goal is to take a break from everyday life. This is how you will find slow travel travel ideas in the enjoyment magazine, guaranteed with a feel-good factor.

Picnic near Hamburg on the Elbe beach in the Altes Land

Old country
Old country


Many know the Altes Land, outside the gates of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, as one of the orchards in Germany. In spring it blooms, smells and hums everywhere in this part of the Hamburg metropolitan region. Namely when the cherry and apple blossoms shine in white, purple and pink. But the Altes Land, in the north of Lower Saxony, can do much more. It not only enchants with orchards and meadow orchards. On top of that, it surprises with orchards, state gates, Hanseatic cities and a beach on the Elbe, including the Elbe dyke and lighthouses. Because of all these highlights, it is not at all easy to determine the most beautiful picnic spot.

The Elbe beach offers a dream spot for a picnic. On the Elbe side in Lower Saxony you will find the beach hotspots on the Krautsand peninsula, in Bassenfleth, near Wisch, or if you are traveling by boat, you can also head for the beaches on the Lühesand or Schweinesand islands. An idyllic picture is presented when, shortly before sunset, the sun's rays combine with the sandy beach and the waves on the Elbe. If then "pots" pass by, the moment of happiness is just perfect.

But finally, I have an insider tip for you when it comes to picnics in the Old Country. Because in the heart of the Hanseatic city of Stade you have the opportunity to set sail with a gondola from Venice, complete with picnic and gondolier.

Even more tips for trips and Vacation in the old country and more inspiration for picnic spots can be found in the article.


Tanja reports on her WellBeing travel blog about relaxed travel, slow travel and adventure, sometimes with and sometimes without family. She likes to travel around the world, but she especially likes to rediscover her homeland of northern Germany over and over again.

16 beautiful picnic areas in Germany

We would love to get in the car right away to try out each of these picnic spots ourselves. What about you? Or do you know of any picnic spots in Germany that promise enjoyment? Then be sure to share them with us in the comments. We'd love to hear your recommendations.

We would like to thank all travel bloggers for their suggestions.

You can also find tips for picnics here:


Picnic areas in Germany
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The most beautiful picnic spots in Germany

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