Animals in Africa: lion versus buffalo

Animals in Africa On one of my trips to Africa I am very lucky to be able to watch an exciting fight between lion and buffalo. We are on a morning safari that drives us out of bed very early. Right after sunrise we drive from our safari lodge in Botswana to the Chobe National Park. The[…]

What makes safaris so exciting in South Africa

Safaris in Africa As the loyal readers among you know, I have worked as a tour guide for many years and have made many trips to South Africa. One of my favorite pastimes on these tours were the safaris in the Kruger Park, through the Hluhluwe Park with its beautiful landscape or the trips to the penguins in Simonstown near [...]

Is Traveling in Uganda Safe?

Travel in Uganda, the African dream. Winston Churchill called Uganda the “pearl of Africa” and anyone who has ever visited it will understand what he meant. In hardly any other country can one experience so intensively what makes Africa so consciously experience the atmosphere of this unique continent.

Nile Cruise 2022 2023

Experience an Egypt Nile Cruise 2022 with Baden. Hardly any other type of travel is more relaxing than a trip on a river. The sights that await passengers along the Nile are impressive. The Egyptians created these thousands of years ago on the edge of the desert.