Planning a winter holiday: Destinations for connoisseurs and explorers

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winter holidays

Winter holiday destinations

Winter is approaching and with it the time for a special holiday. When you think of winter holidays, you might think of snowy landscapes and cozy evenings in front of the fireplace. But whether you want to be active in snowy mountains, relax in a wellness oasis or escape the winter in warmer climes, you'll find tips in our articles. Here you will find an overview of different ways you can spend your winter vacation. We also link to detailed guides to help you plan your perfect winter vacation. No matter whether you are looking for peace or want to discover new culinary delights, get inspiration for your next winter trip here.


Winter vacation in the Alps
Winter vacation in the Alps


From snowy landscapes to warm places

We have tried different types of winter vacations over time. Since we ourselves don't Skiing, this topic is treated rather neglected in our blog. Instead, we tested a whole range of other winter holiday options.

First and foremost is wellness. There is hardly anything more pleasant than being pampered with a wellness treatment in the warm spa while the snow falls from the sky outside.

Ice and snow can also make a winter holiday exciting in other ways. We experienced this on our trips to the Erzgebirge and to the Winterlude in Ottawa. Winter played a major role on both trips, but without skis. Our trips during Advent also belong to this type of travel. What could be more romantic than strolling through a Christmas market in winter and tasting regional specialties?

Then of course there is also the opportunity to escape the winter and travel to the sun. We experienced and enjoyed this in Florida, California, South Africa and Portugal. While ice and snow ruled at home, we enjoyed sun, beaches, wine regions and deserted coasts.

After all, winter is also suitable for pleasure travel. I'm not just thinking about the gingerbread and mulled wine that are available at the Christmas markets. Although of course they also play a role. However, there are also delicacies that are only available in winter in certain regions. We discovered these while cooking with regional chefs or during cozy stays in warm dining rooms.


Winter vacation in the forest
Winter vacation in the forest


We present our suggestions for a winter holiday of this kind to you in our winter article collection. We have experienced and tested most of them ourselves. That's why you'll get travel tips here, most of which we can recommend from our own experience. Simply browse through our linked articles and get inspiration and tips on where and how you can experience this yourself:


Wellness in winter: winter vacation with relaxation and enjoyment

Are you planning a winter vacation that combines relaxation and enjoyment? Wellness in the snow offers exactly that. Imagine, you relax in a hot sauna while the snow falls outside. Or enjoy a soothing massage after a day in the winter landscape. The Alpine regions are ideal for such experiences. Here you will find numerous hotels that offer comprehensive wellness offers. Relaxing winter experiences await you in the Black Forest or in the Scandinavian countries.

In addition to classic spa treatments, many places offer yoga or meditation in the middle of nature. Another idea is forest bathing in the snowy forest, which calms the body and mind. When choosing your accommodation, pay attention to special wellness offers. Many hotels offer packages that are perfect for a winter break. This way you can enjoy your winter holiday to the fullest and come back relaxed and refreshed.

Winter holidays in the snow: active and close to nature

Winter holidays in the snow – that means active relaxation and experiencing nature. Are you a fan of skiing or snowboarding? Then the Alps are just right for you. Here you will find slopes for every level, from beginners to professionals. But there is also a lot to discover away from the slopes. How about a hike in winter? Snowy forests and clear air offer a perfect backdrop for relaxed walks.

This is also next to the Alps Erzgebirge a popular destination for winter vacationers looking for peace and nature. If you want something a little more exotic, then we recommend a winter trip to Winterlude in Ottawa and to Ontario. We spent a week in Ottawa and then took the train there Toronto driven. In addition to great outdoor experiences, both cities also have very interesting museums that are worth a visit.

The environment is also important when traveling in winter. For example, choose the train for your journey*. Many ski areas rely on concepts that protect nature. Also pay attention to your local ecological footprint. Visit local providers and pay attention to accommodations like this one Hotels in the Austrian Alps that value the environment*.

A winter holiday in the snow not only offers sporting activities, but also the opportunity to enjoy nature and travel in an environmentally conscious manner at the same time.

Sunny winter destinations: winter holidays in the warmth

Winter holidays don't always have to mean snow and cold. There are numerous attractive destinations for slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for sun and warmth.

  • How about these, for example Canary Islands? Here you can enjoy pleasant temperatures even in winter, perfect for hikes or relaxing days on the beach.
  • Auch South Africa is an excellent winter destination. Experience the diverse wildlife on a safari or explore the wine regions around Cape Town. South African cuisine, a mix of many cultures, will delight you.
  • Another popular destination is, for example Florida.
  • Discover cities like Miami and Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale or enjoy the warm sun on the west coast of Florida. The almost Caribbean way of life and the delicious cuisine make your winter holiday a special experience.

Winter vacation in Florida is best in these places

Map courtesy of hiking log, an itinerary planner on iOS and Android

These warmer regions not only offer sunshine and pleasant temperatures, but also the opportunity to experience new cultures and enjoy local specialties. Your winter vacation will be a journey full of discovery and enjoyment. Remember to pay attention to sustainability and respect for local culture even in warmer climes.

Plan sustainable trips to distant winter holiday destinations

For example, you can partially compensate for your flight by staying in one place for a longer period of time. Avoid long car journeys and concentrate on individual cities and their surroundings. Get to know the local people better and find out more about their way of life. Our city guides will help you with travel tips and ideas for what you can do there. This means your vacation will be a positive experience not only for you, but also for the environment and the locals.

Culinary discoveries during your winter vacation

Winter holidays are the perfect time to discover culinary treasures. There are many opportunities for slow travelers and leisure travelers to enjoy regional winter dishes and local specialties. Think hearty stews in the Alps or fresh seafood on the coast of Spain. Each region has its own winter delicacies. We tried specialties like farmer's donuts and langos at Christmas markets.

  • In Italy, for example, you can try dishes like osso buco or polenta in small trattorias.
  • In France, the markets attract visitors with cheese specialties and freshly baked bread.
  • And in Germany you can enjoy mulled wine and gingerbread at Christmas markets.
  • Scandinavia also offers culinary highlights in winter. In Norway you should definitely try the traditional lutefisk. In Sweden, the Christmas buffets known as “Julbord” are a must for every foodie.

To support local producers as well as small businesses, visit farmers markets and buy directly from the producers. Many restaurants source their ingredients from local farmers, which not only helps the environment but also the local economy. You can also visit a farm shop or farmer yourself and find out more about their products.

A culinary winter holiday offers you the opportunity to discover new flavors while experiencing the culture and traditions of the region. With every bite you support small businesses and at the same time get to know your destination better. Your winter holiday will be a journey for all the senses.


Winter holidays offer a wealth of possibilities that go far beyond skiing. For slow travelers and leisure travelers, it is the perfect time to discover new places. Whether you're relaxing in a wellness oasis, hiking through the snow, escaping winter in warmer regions or exploring hidden gems - every winter vacation can be special.

Culinary discoveries play a big role in this. Regional winter dishes and local specialties offer insights into the culture and traditions of the places visited. By visiting local markets and restaurants, you not only support the regional economy, but also experience authentic taste experiences.

I encourage you to see your next winter vacation as an opportunity to discover new things and experience unforgettable moments. Each destination has its own treasures waiting for you to discover. For information and inspiration on various winter travel destinations, check out the linked guides. There you will find everything you need to plan your perfect winter vacation.


Winter vacation destinations
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Planning a winter holiday: Destinations for connoisseurs and explorers

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