Treetop walks in Germany

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Treetop walks in Germany

Treetop walks in Germany

Spending time in nature is trendy. No wonder! You can relax wonderfully and get away from everyday life. The forest is popular with hikers, mushroom pickers and everyone who likes to go for walks in summer. It's more fun in the hot summer months in the shade of the trees. A visit to the forest is even more exciting if you walk around between the treetops. When looking for treetop walks near us, I discovered that Germany offers quite a lot of them. That made me curious. That's why I asked our fellow travel bloggers about their favorite canopy walks they've taken on their travels. This has resulted in a collection of beautiful treetop paths in Germany, which may also give you ideas for experiencing them.


View of the Edersee from the treetop path
View of the Edersee from the treetop path Photo: TravelWorldOnline

Baumkronenweg am Edersee - one of the treetop paths in Hesse

We saw how fascinating treetop walks are on our trip to Hessen discovered. There we visited the TreeTopWalk at the Edersee. This is located near the wildlife park near Hemfurth, not far from Waldeck Castle. From the treetop path there are always beautiful views of the Edersee.

The treetop path can be reached after a walk on the squirrel path. This starts right at the ticket booth and stretches 750 meters past carved figures and tree hollows that give the forest a mystical ambience.

The treetop path itself is 250 meters long and leads up the crowns of the deciduous trees. Display boards explain what you see along the way and explain life in these parts of the forest. The treetop walkway is accessible with strollers and wheelchairs.

To get to the TreeTopWalk, enter this data into your navigation device: 51°11'15.6″N 9°01'48.7″E . (Attention: the dates have changed!) You can find the currently valid opening times for the treetop path here.

Admission prices are €8,90 for adults, €4,90 for children and young people (4 – 17 years). Children under the age of four can enter for free.

If you are hungry after the walk, you can get refreshments at the kiosk at the entrance. In addition, not far away is the "Fischerhütte" in Rehbach. Fresh fish is served there. In addition, the "Bericher Hütte" in the wildlife park is ideal for a snack


Treetop path in the forest adventure center in Füssen
Treetop path in the forest adventure center in Füssen Photo: Linda Blümel

Treetop path in Füssen

The treetop path from Füssen is located within the forest experience center in Ziegelwies. Directly on the border to Austria, the Baumkronenweg is "only" 480m long. It's easy to walk and family-friendly. Over wooden bridges with gates and information about the flora and fauna below the bridges, you walk 21m high above the forest floor. The views over the river Lech, the forest and the Bavarian and Tyrolean mountains are beautiful.

The forest experience center is the ideal destination for families who are on holiday in the Füssen area. The center is only a 20-30 minute walk along the Lech from the center of Füssen. The entrance is in Bavaria, the parking spaces are already in Tyrol. These are free of charge.

In addition to the treetop path, there are other hiking trails with different focal points. A river can be crossed in a variety of ways on the 1,5 km long floodplain forest path. Sometimes you shimmy over the water, sometimes you have to use your muscles. On the 1,7 km long mountain forest trail, there is an adventure playground for children as well as a music area.

Only the Baumkronenweg has opening hours and costs € 5.00 for adults, children are free. The other hiking trails within the forest adventure center are free and accessible at all times.

Hungry people get ice cream, cake and a snack in the "Waldimbiss" beer garden.

Even if the hiking trails offer many highlights for children and families, the forest hiking trails are not far from the Lech and the others Sights in Fussen, beautiful for hiking and relaxing for everyone.

About Linda

Linda is a hiking blogger at heart and writes about her hikes and experiences on Ever since she discovered Piedmont, she has also been writing about this beautiful northern Italian region on


Treetop Walk Panarbora Waldbröl MSWellTravel
Treetop Walk Panarbora Waldbröl Photo: MSWellTravel

Experience adventure on the treetop path in Waldbröl

Anyone traveling in North Rhine-Westphalia should pay a visit to the Bergisches Land. Not only hiking trails await you here, but also the Panarbora treetop path in Waldbröl. It can be reached in 1 hour by car from Cologne and is ideal for a family outing.

In addition to the 1,6-kilometer-long treetop path, which gives you a 34-degree panoramic view of the Bergisches Land at a height of 360m, the hedge maze, a cave labyrinth, a sensory trail with herb garden and an adventure playground can be explored on the forecourt. A restaurant with an outdoor terrace completes the offer with coffee and cake or a scoop of ice cream. The adventure playground is clearly visible from the restaurant.

Admission to the nature adventure park costs around €11 per adult. Family or annual passes are also available. A guided tour of the treetop path can also be booked.
The Panarbora treetop path is easy to walk on and has a few stops with learning and experience stations on the topic of nature ready for you on the way to the lookout tower. The rest of the way you should enjoy the tranquility and views of the zones of tree vegetation.

More highlights for one Excursion to the Bergisches Land you can also find here.

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Marina writes about health-conscious travel on the MS WellTravel travel blog This includes active trips in nature, health trips with enjoyment and recreational trips with a wellness factor.


Ivenack treetop path
Ivenack treetop path Photo: Katja Hein

The treetop path Ivenack

I'm afraid of heights and yet I can't resist a treetop walk. I came across this gem while researching for my travel guide.

In the middle of Mecklenburg, about four kilometers east of Stavenhagen and 20 kilometers west of Altentreptow, in the small town of the same name, is the Ivenacker Tiergarten with treetop path. It's about an hour's drive from Stralsund, which is around 80 km away. There is a parking lot in front of the entrance. You can visit the zoo all year round, but the treetop path is not accessible from November to March.

The treetop trail is in the middle of a wildlife park near a lake. It is barrier-free and can be visited with both a pram and a wheelchair. It goes over 620 meters, comfortably over bends and turns, up to the height of the treetops and over a spiral ramp to a viewing platform at a height of 40 meters. This can also be reached via an elevator. From the top you have a panoramic view of Lake Ivenacker and the landscape around you. At 14 stations you will learn interesting facts about the forest. I particularly liked the atmosphere and the tranquility here.

The walk through the zoo from 1710, where fallow deer, wild boar, wild horses and mouflon live, is really fun. The 500 to 1000 year old pedunculate oaks that have survived here are also impressive. They are among the oldest in Europe. When you stop at the small café, you sit among the animals and can enjoy the delicacies of the best confectionery in the region.

Tiergarten and Baumwipfelpfad together cost 11 euros for adults, reduced admission is 9 euros. Children aged 6 to 14 pay 4 euros, children under XNUMX are admitted free.

More about visiting ivenack here.

About Katya

Katja is a passionate camper traveller, author and journalist. On her motorhome travel blog she gives tips on travel destinations and tours – between southern Spain and the North Cape – and everything to do with camping and motorhomes. She has written a mobile home travel guide about northern Germany.


Treetop path Usedom
Treetop path Usedom Photo: Mandy Mill

Treetop path Usedom

The Usedom treetop path is located in the spa town of Heringsdorf, surrounded by a beech and pine forest. At 785 meters, the path meanders between treetops to a lookout tower. There are information boards along the way as well as two adventure stations. Here, visitors can try out swinging elements and check their fitness for heights by walking over a net.

However, the 33 meter high observation tower is the highlight of this treetop walk. With a maximum increase of 6%, a ramp leads slowly up to the viewing platform. Slowly, always in a circle, the wooden ramp leads up to 565 meters. If you look up, you can see a kind of net in the middle. Surely people don't walk over there? Once at the top, the eye immediately falls on the said net in the middle of the viewing platform. Indeed! At a dizzy height on the platform there is a 50 m² net that you can walk on. The children in particular are very brave and run or hop over them. Finally, I also enter the net and dare to look down. After this adventure, I finally devote myself to the view.

This one is also quite impressive! From up there you can not only see the forests, but also have a view of the pier, the beach and of course the Baltic Sea.

After the tower adventure, the circular route finally leads back to the starting point, whereby the second part of the path is not particularly spectacular. All in all, the treetop path Usedom is a nice destination. This treetop path is easy to walk and even barrier-free. There is a playground in front of the attraction. There is a self-service restaurant and a souvenir shop in the building. Admission costs 12 euros per adult, 9 euros for children, with children under 6 years of age being admitted free of charge.

About Mandy

Read more details about this treetop walk in the post Baumwipfelpfad Usedom - the adventure attraction at dizzy heights on Mandy's Adventure World Blog. There you will also find more inspiration for micro-adventures and trips from Berlin, Brandenburg, Europe and the world.


Treetop path Hainich in Thuringia
Baumkronenpfad Hainich in Thuringia Photo: Lisa Jakob

The treetop path in the Hainich National Park

In Thuringia near Bad Langensulza you will encounter a primeval forest at eye level. In Hainich, nature has been allowed to take its course for decades.

After a 500 meter walk from the national park center in Schönstedt you will come to the path. A short climb up the stairs and you are already at the beginning of the circular route. It's easy to go steplessly from 10 meters to 24 meters in height. Wheelchair users can take the elevator instead. In this way, they can also participate in the experience. The path is crowned by a lookout tower 44 meters high, which offers you a view over the Hainich. We really enjoyed the course. You can look forward to information and game boards distributed along the treetop path, which is 540 meters long.

A highlight are the adventure worlds in the national park center. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of soil creatures and discover the secrets of the Hainich. This makes the treetop path the perfect excursion destination with children, even in rainy weather. There is also a playground that is freely accessible.

You can get tickets at the start of the treetop path and in the national park center. Walking the path costs 7 euros per adult and 1 euro for children aged 6 and over. If you also want to visit the adventure worlds, then the combination ticket costs 11 euros for an adult and 2 euros for children.

There are toilets behind the national park center. Usage is free.

You can eat in the Forsthaus Thiemsburg restaurant next door. There is also a snack bar in the beer garden.

The Baumkronenpfad Hainich is definitely a destination in Thuringia that is worth a visit.

About Lisa

On Bullies from the lake writes Lisa about the small and big adventures with her 3 children. She loves excursions in her homeland, the Saale-Unstrut region in Anhalt, and family trips.


Treetop path in the Bavarian Forest Photo: AhoiundMoinMoin
Treetop path in the Bavarian Forest Photo: AhoiundMoinMoin

Treetop path in the Bavarian Forest National Park

The treetop path is located in the Bavarian Forest National Park near Neuschönau and only 45 minutes by car from the three river city of Passau. To get to eye level with the treetops, you can either take the elevator or the stairs at the visitor parking lot.

From there it is about 50 meters to the ticket booth. Admission is currently €10 for an adult, children up to the age of 6 are free. You can easily visit the 1.300 meter long path and the observation tower without barriers.

As we walk along the path towards the observation tower, we learn that many forest dwellers lead a secret existence, are very shy and only dare to come out of their hiding place at dusk. With binoculars at two heights (for children and adults) you can observe birds of all kinds in the trees. You will find out that European beech, silver fir and spruce are the tree species in the Bavarian Forest treetop path.

The observation tower is visible from afar at a height of around 45 meters and can be accessed without problems with a wheelchair, walker or pram up to the penultimate platform. However, the maximum incline of around 6% is pretty sweaty, as I can report from my own experience. Arriving at the top of the observation tower, however, the view compensates for all the hardships. At the foot of the treetop path, the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus invites you to visit it free of charge. There you can visit the exhibition, get to know the animal and plant world of the national park in the forest workshop on a replica mountain or relax with coffee and cake.

My tip: For a refreshment break at the top of the lookout tower, I recommend a backpack with water, especially on warm days. I wish you a lot of fun on your next journey and a nice time in the Bavarian Forest.

About Kathy

On her blog Ahoy and Moin Moin - barrier-free and relaxed on cruises and city trips she shows you city trips and cruise destinations with shore excursions worldwide that are barrier-free. At the same time, you will also learn how you can enjoy them carefree with a wheelchair, walker or buggy/pram. Her wealth of experience from more than 10 years includes more than 150 visited cruise ports worldwide.


Treetop path Lüneburg Heath
Lüneburg Heath treetop path Photo: Tanja Klindworth

The (pagan) sky so close!

The treetop path in the Lüneburg Heath is very aptly called “Heidehimmel”. You can walk high above the forest and heathland – very close to heaven. A loop on the highest treetop path in northern Germany leads over the enclosure of the Lüneburg Heath wildlife park, which is right next to the treetop path. Of the view from above wild boar and fallow deer makes you want more. It is therefore worth buying the combination ticket to experience both attractions together. Another highlight on the course is the lookout tower with a distant view plateau at a height of 45 metres. The plateau offers a fabulous view. With good visibility even far beyond the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park, namely to the Port of Hamburg. A passenger lift also makes it possible to access bridges, footbridges and the tower without barriers.

About Tanja

Tanja writes about active-relaxed experiences and discoveries on In recent years, she has also been paying attention to her homeland of northern Germany.

This collection of treetop walks shows how different they can be. However, it is always exciting to discover the world of trees on a walk along a treetop path. You will gain insights into the animal and plant world in the heights of our forests.


That has to be in your suitcase, you want to hike on treetop paths

It is definitely worth being well equipped for hiking on treetop paths. You need:

  • Shoes, with which you can also walk over uneven terrain. There are often hiking trails that can be found around treetop walkways.
  • A  backpackby taking your gear with you for a day. A Picnic with a view of the treetops you can plan your hike here well.
  • In the summer you also need a  hat that protects against the sun. The treetop walks are above the treetops that provide shade.
  • Did you pack everything for a hike? With our hiking checklist  you can easily check that.


Do you like to travel to the Treetop Walkway in your camper van?


Treetop walks in Germany
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Treetop walks in Germany

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