Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia

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Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia! It is as ambiguous as it sounds. On the one hand, the small town of Radovljica in northwestern Slovenia is a cute little place. It lies below the Triglav massif. Triglav National Park can be reached in a quarter of an hour by car. Its medieval town center is still well preserved. So good, in fact, that the pillory is still on the wall of a house. However, the city made it easy for the evildoers. The pillory is a comfortable bench on which you could make yourself comfortable. Sweet is not it?


Sweet Radovljica


Sweet Radovljica with medieval town center

In addition to the facilities of medieval justice, there is much to discover in the center of the old town. Pretty town houses, which were partially restored. Others still see the socialist past. However, because of their weathered charm, they complete the impression of a historically grown city. Faded frescoes on one house, faded murals on another. These also alternate with magnificent mansions whose Baroque facades give the old town a splendid appearance.

Radovljica's old town makes my photographer's heart beat faster. In one corner there is a picturesque fountain. Next to it, an old lantern towers from the corner of a house into the street. Opposite baroque windows - restored or taken from the years - testify to the ravages of time that gnaws at them. Furthermore, nicely decorated gates and windows invite you to press the trigger. Therefore I recommend to every photographer not to miss Radovljica's old town.

Castles, manor houses, churches, magnificent town houses and rural folk art - this is Radovljica. The city offers even more.




Radovljica - the city of bees

The place deserves the name "Sweet Radovljica", among other things, because honey bees have been bred here for centuries. Beekeeping played a major role in the 18th and 19th centuries. Therefore, they even set up their own museum. The city's bee museum is located in the most magnificent baroque palace on the town square. There we learn more about the inventions of clever local beekeepers. One of them invented the two-story beehive. The next one specialized in queen breeding. Another developed beehives like those we see in Canada Roof garden of the Royal York Hotel have seen. No wonder, then, that the bee museum became the most visited attraction in town.

In addition to these inventions, you can watch a live swarm of bees at work in the bee museum. The gray carniola bee, a native species of bee, is bred in Radovljica. We were particularly fascinated by the queen who was courted by the workers. We also liked the pretty wooden panels that are used to decorate the beehives. Slovenian folk art at its best! In any case, a visit to the bee museum is worthwhile if you want to learn more about the region and its products.


Host in the house Lectar
Hospitable host in the house Lectar


Sweet Radovljica is also because of the gingerbread

Just a few steps from the bee museum is the Lectar Museum, It is a tavern of the same family. This inn has existed for 500 years. The kitchen also uses local produce. The food of the restaurant we could not test. Instead, the innkeeper proved his hospitality with a stamperl of liqueur, which ran down his throat like molten gold. With his harmonica he added a bit of local flavor by giving us one of the songs of the Avsenik Brothers auditioned. Most of all, he impressed me with his version of a moving train.




Another surprise was waiting for us in the basement of the historic building. The family runs a traditional gingerbread factory there. They are made in the in-house bakery Gingerbread, which the local girls decorate with loving attention to detail. They decorate gingerbread hearts with filigree icing, a tiny mirror and homemade sugar flowers. Sweet Radovljica that lives up to its name!

Sweet festival in Radovljica

Do you want more sweets from Radovljica? And yes, there is! Every year in the middle of April, the Chocolate Festival is celebrated. It is the largest chocolate event in Slovenia with tastings and a chocolate fair. There is also a framework program for all ages.

Take a look at Petar's video about our holiday in Slovenia for connoisseurs. There you will find more impressions:



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Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia

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  1. hach the post fits in with my chocolate addiction ... beautifully written, was fun to read and until I ever visit a chocolate fair, I just have to make do with my blackboard chocolate, which is still grad on my desk.

    1. Hello Monika and Petar,
      it is always nice to read your reports. I myself am a native of Slovenia and drive to my home country every year, that's why I find it particularly interesting to hear about everything. Of course, other attractions are just as interesting, but home remains home. I did not know much, such as the gingerbread from Radovljica. I am always learning something new about my home country. Thanks a lot for this
      I wish you a nice Advent season.
      Angela Drengenburg

      1. Dear Angela,

        Oh, I am very pleased that we can even give you tips as a Slovenian. For a few years we have become real fans of your home country and have traveled there several times since then. We especially liked the gingerbreads from Radovljica, because you can watch how they are made. The ladies in the manufactory are real experts in decorating.

        Also you a nice advent season.

        Best regards,
        Monika and Petar

  2. So gingerbread hearts are not my thing but hey, in April for chocolate festival sounds very exciting and delicious. I'll write that on my list right away and as a fulltime traveler I'm sure the right time will come.
    thanks for that

    1. Gingerbread is not often with us. What I really liked was how much creativity the local women decorated them with. This is a tedious job that requires a lot of patience.

  3. And I've always thought the gingerbreads are so German. Again, something learned. I definitely have to remember that with the Chocolate Festival. Sounds very tempting.

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    1. Hello Daniela,

      Since we are on culinary trails in the world, we are always surprised by such things. It always amazes me how far culinary specialties are spread in the world and what they make of them there. This is really an exciting thing.

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  4. Great report! :) I am totally surprised that there is a chocolate festival. I have to go there !! : D
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    1. That would be something for me. Chocolate excites me - unfortunately - always :)

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    1. For us, Radovljica was also one of the places we had no idea what to expect. A detour to it is definitely worth it.

  5. Dear Monika,

    Thank you, that you once again made me a place completely unknown to me :)
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    1. Dear Nicole,

      We did not know Radovljica either and were surprised what he has to offer. A detour to it is worthwhile.

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