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Gift ideas for gifts for hikers

Gift ideas for practical gifts for hikers with pleasure

Presents are not only needed at Christmas time. The best souvenirs are always those that can be used for specific purposes. That is why we are collecting suggestions for practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers who like to enjoy on the go. Anyone who likes to be out in nature will be happy about these gift ideas for hikers. They show that you have thought about what he needs for his hobby.


Gifts for hikers that everyone needs


Daypack – one of the most important gifts for hikers

Every hiker needs a daypack. A warm jacket, rain gear, a seat cushion and hiking maps should definitely fit in. In addition, a snack, a lunch box and something to drink in every hiking backpack.



Telescopic hiking poles – one of the practical gifts for hikers

Every outdoor fan who likes to be active will be happy about telescopic hiking poles. These are extra light. The material they are made of absorbs shock well. They can be adjusted precisely to your body size. The handles are ergonomic. They also adapt to summer and winter conditions.



Merino hiking socks for women, men and children

Practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers are hiking socks. These are suitable for hikes in both summer and winter. The merino wool ensures that your feet are warm in winter. In summer it keeps your feet sweat-free. The socks make a good gift for any family member.



a bigger one Selection of hiking socks here.


Transitional jacket – one of the essential gifts for hikers

All of us have probably experienced how quickly the weather can change on a hike. It is therefore important to have a jacket with you that you can quickly put on when it is raining, windy or cold.



An Selection of rain jackets here.


Waterproof solar power bank for your cell phone

Many hikers use apps on their hikes to find their routes. Therefore, an independent power source is important for hiking. But not just for that. If the cell phone battery fails while on the move, an emergency call is not possible. Therefore, a solar power bank is part of every hiker's equipment.



Mini LED flashlight

Anyone who has ever gone on a hike will probably know this. Sometimes you underestimate the duration of a hike. Be it that the view tempts you to stay at a viewing point longer than you had planned. Or the snack and break take longer than expected. It sometimes happens that it gets dark before you get to your destination. Therefore, a flashlight is always good to have in your luggage.




When you go hiking, you always see something in the distance that you would like to take a closer look at. It doesn't matter whether it's a bird, a deer or a mountain hut. There is always something to discover. That's why we like to have binoculars with us when we hike. It also makes a nice gift for hikers.



Gifts for hikers and their snack on the go


A picnic blanket - practical gifts for hikers

On Leisurely walks includes a picnic in nature. There are not always benches or tables on which you can unpack your snack. A compact picnic blanket like this one is suitable for this. It is also waterproof. Therefore, it can also serve well as rain protection. Alternatively, you can also Seat cushion * take with you, which protects against cold, moisture and dirt.



Additional picnic Accessories here.


Hip flask with engraving - a gift for mountain lovers

A hip flask is definitely handy for a quick sip every now and then. It doesn't take up much space and can also be put in your jacket or trouser pocket. If it is engraved with the name of the outdoor fan, it is a gift that every hiker would be happy to receive. When ordering, simply enter the recipient's name.



A snack bed with a knife

Practical gifts for hikers are also utensils for a snack. One that's us for a Picnic For example, you like this wooden snack board. This doesn't take up much space in your backpack. With this board you always have a knife with you for chopping vegetables or cutting fruit. You can use it to cut fresh tomatoes or apples even on a hike.



A lunch box with a wooden lid - practical gifts for hikers

For day hikes you usually take sandwiches, sandwiches or snacks with you. These can be easily transported in a stainless steel container like this one, for example. It is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean. On top of that, it is sustainable. You close it with a wooden lid. This can also serve as a cutting board when you're on the go.



An enamel mug for hikers - gift for those who enjoy hiking

This cup's design isn't just suitable for hikers. It is lightweight and shatterproof. You can also simply wash them by hand when you're on the go. She doesn't like dishwashers. But you don't have them with you when hiking anyway. I also like that it's not quite perfect. This gives her more charm.



Lightweight sports bottle for hikers - practical gifts for hikers

When hiking, it is also important to take enough drinks with you. These are best stored in containers that can withstand knocks and knocks. A sports bottle, for example, is very suitable for this.



Portable espresso machine

Espresso lovers will love this espresso maker. Compact and portable, it is a perfect gift for RV enthusiasts. But hikers or road trippers will also like this espresso maker. This allows you to quickly prepare an espresso on the go. The machine doesn't take up much space, which is important in a motorhome or when hiking. You can make your own espresso anytime and anywhere: camping, hiking, in the car or even in the office.



Wood stove for hikers – gifts for outdoor fans

If you want to have a warm lunch or a steak while you're out and about, then a wood-burning stove, for example, which you simply take with you in your backpack, comes in handy. Quick to set up, you can even use it to prepare your bratwursts on the go.



A selection of portable grills for outdoor cooking here.


Water filters for hikers – gifts for hiking

When hiking, it's not uncommon to run out of drinks along the way. However, it is not a good idea to drink unfiltered water from a stream. Therefore, a water filter proves to be extremely helpful in such situations. In any case, with a water filter you can easily draw water from a stream or a lake and drink it using the straw with integrated water filter. This even reliably removes up to 99,9% of water-borne bacteria.



Gifts for hikers who like to travel longer


Hut sleeping bag - gifts for mountain lovers

If a hiker likes to go on longer tours and like to spend the night in mountain huts, he will certainly be happy about a hut sleeping bag. With this he can quickly and easily set up a sleeping place in which he feels particularly comfortable.



Camping washing machine without electricity – gifts for trekking fans

On longer tours, some routes also lead through wilderness and uninhabited nature. In such cases, it is therefore advantageous to reduce the amount of luggage you carry on your back. With the outdoor camping washing machine you can easily wash your laundry on the go without electricity and thus keep your luggage lighter in a practical and efficient way.



First aid kit - hiking gift ideas

Unfortunately, it is easy to get injured when hiking. Especially on hiking trails in the mountains or in the forest, you can easily twist your ankle or stumble and hit your knee. In such cases, it is extremely important to have a first aid kit with you. Gifts for hikers and mountaineers can also be helpful in preparing for such situations.



Outdoor Survival Kit – Gifts for Mountaineers

If the hike is going to be more adventurous, we recommend a survival kit, which is extremely helpful. It contains everything you need for a trip into the wilderness, including provisions for overnight stays outdoors. “Hardcore hikers” who like to spend longer periods of time outdoors are particularly happy about such a kit.



Headlamp - Climber Gifts

If you like to spend a night hiking in a tent or in a mountain hut, a headlamp is extremely practical. With this, the hiker is also independent of daylight and can easily prepare dinner even in the dark.



Outdoor picnic cutlery – gifts for hikers

Longer hikes naturally include a picnic or a meal in nature. In this case, it is helpful, for example, to have camping cutlery with you on your tour. With this you can add variety to your snack on the go.



Bluetooth sports headphones - gifts for hikers for entertainment on the go

If you're planning a longer hike or even a trek, then you'll definitely be happy if you can listen to your music on the go. This means you can enjoy your favorite music all day long.



Compass for hikers - one of the gifts for hikers and mountaineers

Since you can get lost when hiking in unfamiliar terrain, it's a good idea to have a compass with you for orientation. With a compass you can also find your way safely in impassable regions.



Gifts for hikers planning their tours


Hikeline Hiking Guide - one of our gifts for hikers

The Romantic Road is not only Germany's most famous holiday route, but also the 505 km long long-distance hiking trail from Würzburg to Füssen. On the way you come, for example, through famous places like Dinkelsbühl, Rothenburg od Tauber and the Fugger city of Augsburg to Neuschwanstein Castle. The paths also lead through picturesque vineyards, idyllic forests and flowering orchards and promise pure hiking enjoyment. In this hiking guide you will find the stages described in detail, supplemented by GPS tracks and an online offer with live updates. You can order this and other Hikeline hiking guides here:



Equipment should always be made of high quality material

Good preparation and the right equipment are essential for hiking, climbing and outdoor holidays. It is also important to equip yourself with durable and reliable products so that the tour is safe. In addition to appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes, a first-aid kit should definitely be found in every backpack. In addition, one must not forget the food. With thermal mugs and jugs, whether for hot or cold drinks, as well as camping crockery and cutlery with the internationally protected "stainless steel" seal of quality, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed snack on the go. In addition, a multi-tool with tools made of stainless steel does a good job. With a bottle opener, a file, a knife, a screwdriver and the like, you are prepared for every eventuality. A flashlight made of stainless steel housing and a Altimeter * for orientation should not be missing on climbing tours.

Safety first on the rock

When it comes to the rocks, appropriate clothing are one as well Helmet to protect against falling rocks * a must. Also take care of the mountain Quickdraws *, Carabiner * and Bolt lugs * Made of high quality, stainless steel for a secure connection. Stainless steel clamping wedges * also have the advantage that they do not leave any traces on rock faces and are therefore more environmentally friendly. Guarantee in alpine conditions Ice screw * and Ice pick* Made of break-proof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel the necessary hold. Crampon*, chain links or spikes made of stainless steel on the shoe protect climbers from slipping off unintentionally. Even in severe cold, products that are allowed to bear the internationally protected trademark "stainless steel" and are used in the prescribed manner are reliably resilient. In addition, this label stands for professional material selection and proper processing.

There are many practical gifts for hikers. With the selection we have made here, a hiker is definitely well equipped. Anyone who enjoys being outdoors, hiking or cycling will be delighted with these gifts - and not just at Christmas time.


Gifts for hikers
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