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Trolley as hand luggage

Trolley as hand luggage – The Level8 Capture Carry On in the test

How suitable is the LEVEL8 Capture Trolley as hand luggage? Advertising - We are testing the LEVEL8 Capture Carry On for our suitcase shop. A hand luggage trolley is a must for me when travelling. I am often on the move and my hand luggage must be practical and reliable. A good trolley as hand luggage should be light, but also robust. It must have enough space for...
Sights in Massachusetts – the Mayflower

Massachusetts Attractions: A Must for Every Visitor

Sights in Massachusetts We have been to Massachusetts many times. Monika traveled to Massachusetts for years as a tour guide and got to know many attractions. As travel bloggers, we then looked for new sights in Massachusetts on further trips. Map thanks to Wanderlog, a road trip planner on iOS and Android Every visit to Massachusetts offers new highlights. The variety of sights makes the ...
Massachusetts Vacation

Massachusetts Vacation: Discover the Heart of New England

Massachusetts is a very special travel destination for us. Monika worked there as a tour guide for years. She discovered many of the state's highlights. We have also been there several times as travel bloggers. We have discovered new travel destinations or explored others in more depth. A Massachusetts vacation is still fascinating for us today. Massachusetts is in the heart of New England. It is a state...
Cape Cod vacation and tips

Cape Cod Vacation: Best Activities, Beaches and Accommodations

We have been to Cape Cod many times, first Monika as a tour guide. On numerous trips she got to know new attractions, hotels and restaurants. This is where her love for Cape Cod developed. Later we went on a Cape Cod vacation together several times as travel bloggers. Cape Cod is a peninsula on the coast of Massachusetts that always attracts us...
South Styrian Wine Route Hotels at Klapotetz

The best hotels on the Southern Styrian Wine Route

The South Styrian Wine Route is one of the most beautiful wine regions in Austria. It stretches from Ehrenhausen to Leutschach and offers beautiful views of the vineyards. This region is particularly popular with wine lovers and slow travel enthusiasts. The hilly landscape is characterized by vineyards, small villages and wineries. In addition, the hotels on the South Styrian Wine Route offer connoisseurs and slow travelers a special ...
Holiday home in Småland

Holiday home in Smaland: How to find the best one for you

If you book a holiday home in Smaland, an adventure awaits you. Smaland is located in southern Sweden and is known for its forests, lakes and villages. Here you can experience real Swedish nature, for example. Holiday homes in Smaland are definitely very popular. Many people prefer them because of the privacy and proximity to nature. Whether you want to go fishing, hiking...
Independence Day Dessert – Pavlova

Independence Day Desserts: Chocolate Cake and Pavlova

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays in the USA. It is celebrated on the 4th of July and people meet up with friends and family, have a barbecue in the garden and enjoy the sun. Fireworks are also a highlight of the evening. Food also plays a central role on this day. A good barbecue is a must, but desserts are also part of it...
Flight problems

Flight problems: How to get your compensation

When we travel, we hope for a smooth flight experience. But in reality, we often encounter flight problems. Whether delays, cancellations or overbookings - these flight problems are stressful and annoying. I remember a flight from Stockholm to Berlin. Two hours late, missed connecting flight. And the next flight didn't leave until the next morning. That was frustrating. And unfortunately not an isolated case. Flight ...
Simon's Town South Africa

Simons Town South Africa: Your guide to penguins, history and cuisine

Cape Town has many to-do lists. One of my favorites is the trip to the Cape of Good Hope. Not far from there is the penguin beach and the town of Simons Town in South Africa. A stop in Simons Town SA was always part of my trips because I never wanted to miss the penguins. Simons Town is a historical place with a rich ...
Cape Town To Do - the Aquarium

Cape Town To Do – What to do in Cape Town

My Cape Town To Do Tips During my many visits as a tour guide, I got to know Cape Town as a city that offers a wide variety of activities. I like trips to the coast as much as I like visiting museums. During my stays, I had less time for hikes or adrenaline rushes, with the exception of maybe walks on the beach. Instead, I was all the more interested in pleasure experiences...


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