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The Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline presents travel tips. They are aimed at anyone who takes the time to get to know their travel destinations. Here you will find, for example, recommendations on where and how you can make your vacation an experience. Get to know people who shape your holiday destination. Also discover opportunities where you can meet them. Take part in activities that allow you to look behind the scenes. And above all: enjoy your stay.

New Slow Travel and Trips to Savor Tips

Simon's Town South Africa

Simons Town South Africa: Your guide to penguins, history and cuisine

Cape Town has many to-do lists. One of my favorites is the trip to the Cape of Good Hope. Not far from there is the penguin beach and the town of Simons Town in South Africa. A stop in Simons Town SA was always part of my trips because I never wanted to miss the penguins...
Cape Town To Do - the Aquarium

Cape Town To Do – What to do in Cape Town

My Cape Town To Do Tips During my many visits as a tour guide, I got to know Cape Town as a city that offers a wide variety of activities. I like trips to the coast as much as I like visiting museums. During my stays, I had less time for hikes or adrenaline rushes, with the exception of perhaps...
Cape Town sights

Cape Town's attractions: From Table Mountain to Bo-Kaap

Cape Town is one of my favorite cities because I know it well from numerous trips as a tour guide and from longer stays with friends in the city. The city itself offers numerous sights. There are also some highlights in the suburbs that I particularly like. Cape Town's sights not only attract visitors from all over...


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What to drink in the countries of the world - wine tourism and drinks of the world

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Canada East

Do you already know the cities of Eastern Canada? Toronto's skyline on the shores of Lake Ontario offers views that will take your breath away. Experience the metropolis of Eastern Canada and discover its diversity of peoples. Montreal, on the other hand, awaits you with a mix of the flair of France and the lifestyle of the British. Instead, the capital Ottawa attracts with world-class museums and the centers of power in Canada. Finally, feel transported to 17th century France in Quebec City.

The nature in eastern Canada is also impressive. For example, follow the banks of the St. Lawrence River and discover a world that is more reminiscent of the sea and extends far into the continent. Experience the coastal landscapes, the river valleys that run through the interior and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. You will also be impressed by the tidal difference in the Bay of Fundy. Also enjoy the landscapes of Prince Edward Island. Also discover the coastal and archipelago region in Nova Scotia. Finally, explore a coastal road considered the most beautiful in Eastern Canada on Cape Breton Island: the Cabot Trail. Or look forward to meeting the residents in the fishing villages of Newfoundland and Labrador. Your hospitality makes this region so welcoming.

Order the Travel Guide Canada - East Here *, which Monika publishes as a co-author. There is also an English Canada travel guide here*.

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.


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Camping in California

Camping in California: The Best National Parks and National Forests

Camping and glamping trips have been booming in recent years. While we've been on camping trips in California quite a while ago, we asked Kathryn Smith to write us an article about camping in California...
On the coast of the Avalon Peninsula on Newfoundland

The five most beautiful beaches in Canada

The five most beautiful beaches in Canada Canada is usually associated with wild national parks, deep forests and grizzly bears. Hardly anyone thinks about the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Most tourists are unaware that Canada also has breathtaking beaches. But ...
Algonquin Park accommodation

Algonquin Park accommodation. From luxury hotels to cozy cottages.

Algonquin Park spans thousands of square miles of pristine wilderness. Here you can experience nature up close. Dense forests alternate with sparkling lakes. Animals like moose, beavers and wolves call this place home. But not only nature...


Popular foodie topics

Funky Africa

Funky Africa in Salzburg - food as in South Africa

At the Afro Cafe in Salzburg you can eat like in South Africa Eating like in South Africa is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Every now and then I am overcome by a longing for the countries I have travelled to in the course of my life. There ...
And not just because of the delicious coffee in this cafe in Dublin

Cafe in the center of Dublin

Cafe in Dublin with good coffee and friendly Irish people Even from the outside, the facade of Bewley's Oriental Cafe in the center of Dublin looks inviting. It gets even better when we open the doors: an appetizing coffee aroma immediately wafts towards us, ...
Try local specialties at the Quebec restaurant

Culinary journey of discovery in Quebec City: local specialties up close

Quebec City restaurants and more where you can discover local specialties Discover culinary Quebec City with us. As tour guides and travel bloggers, we have often explored the city. We placed particular emphasis on Quebec City restaurants with local specialties...


Currently interesting in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Lighthouse at Wilson's Point

Lonely island in the Atlantic Ocean: Miscou Island in New Brunswick

A lonely island in the Atlantic? How does that sound to you? When I think of something like that, I immediately think of a refreshing wind blowing in from the sea, and I see lighthouses like a mirage out of the fine haze that the ...
Ontario Lakes Woods Bears

Ontario, land of lakes, forests and bears

Ontario has interesting places. Our journey takes us around Georgian Bay in Ontario, the eastern bay of Lake Huron. We get to know Ontario as it often appears in the clichés of Canada. There are countless lakes, large ...
The Villa Trapp in Aigen near Salzburg

The Trapp family Salzburg - the real story

The Trapp Family from Salzburg - The Real Story If you've been reading our blog for a long time, you may remember our visit to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont a few years ago. Since then the ...


Popular insider tips

Carousel horse at Festival Flea Market

Discover the Festival Flea Market in Florida: A paradise for shopaholics

The Festival Flea Market: Our tip for a rainy day in Fort Lauderdale The weather gods obviously know our travel plan, because today is the perfect day for rain, as we had a visit to the Festival Flea Market in Fort Lauderdale that day...
Treetop walks in Germany

Treetop walks in Germany

Treetop walks in Germany Spending time in nature is trendy. No wonder! You can relax wonderfully and get away from everyday life. The forest is popular with hikers, mushroom pickers and everyone who likes to go for walks in summer...
Cesky Krumlov hotels

The best hotels in Cesky Krumlov for pleasure travelers: A guide to luxury & charm

Cesky Krumlov luxury hotels If you want to visit Cesky Krumlov, it is best to stay in accommodation near the old town. However, since the Old Town is a pedestrian zone, not all accommodation in Český Krumlov offers parking facilities. This is what stands outside...


Outdoor Tips

Spring bloom in the Jagsttal

Hike on the Path of Silence in the Jagsttal

Hiking on the Path of Silence We go hiking in the Jagsttal. From our accommodation at Landgasthof Jagstmühle in Mulfingen-Heimhausen we set out on a four-hour hike on the Path of Silence, a name given to this hiking trail between Heimhausen, Mulfingen and ...
Making coffee in the camper

Making coffee in the camper: How to make coffee in the motorhome

Making coffee in the camper: our guide for coffee lovers Coffee and camping – for many people it’s a combination that simply goes hand in hand. But why is it like that? Coffee is definitely part of our trips in the camper...
Go on vacation in the wine region of Germany - Wipfeld in the wine region of Franconia

Weinland Franconia by mobile home

Through the wine region of Franconia - along the Main in a mobile home We are traveling through the wine region of Franconia. Holidaying in the German wine region is pure enjoyment. 125 kilometers in nine days through the Franconian wine-growing region! This is slow travel and...


Recipes that are currently popular


Make Italian Salsiccia Yourself - Here's How

Buy Italian Salsiccia or make it yourself? What is better – buy Italian salsiccia or make it yourself? Why not both? It's possible with our recipes from all over the world. Since we learned from a Hessian sausage sommelier on a gourmet trip through Hesse how...
Rhubarb crumble with cream

Rhubarb Crumble Recipe - Enjoy British

Rhubarb Crumble Recipe With this rhubarb crumble recipe you will convince even the biggest doubters that you can eat well in Great Britain. We tried it at home today because we had bought fresh rhubarb at the weekend. I like rhubarb...
Bake pizza in the mobile home

Baking pizza in the mobile home - Omnia oven recipes

This blog post is about baking pizza in the camper with the Omnia oven and a silicone mold. We'll show you how easy it can be to prepare delicious pizza on the go. A few years ago, when we...


Travel destinations away from the hustle and bustle

Wine-growing regions Austria vacation - excursion tip Austria and Bavaria

Wachau Hotels on the Danube for your wine journey through the Wachau

Wachau Overnight stay at the winery The Wachau is a great travel destination for many reasons. The region is known for its breathtaking landscape, characterized by the high hills, the clear waters of the Danube and the endless vineyards. The Wachau is...
Mackenzie Delta

From Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean & to Herschel Island

My adventure trip from Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean and to Herschel Island My trip from Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean will remain unforgettable for me. From there we continued by bush plane to Herschel Island in the Beaufort Sea. Inuvik was the northernmost point...
Windmill behind the dike

Experience Texel in Holland

Experience Texel in Holland In the north of Holland you can discover Texel on the North Sea. With these tips, which we have collected on several trips, you will not only find sights, but also suggestions for luxury hotels. Discover good restaurants and the ...


Popular cities

Historical murals in the lower town

Discover Old Quebec: What's the best way to experience Old Quebec?

 What's the best way to experience Quebec Canada? We have been to Quebec City several times. Monika came here often as a tour guide, but only saw the highlights of the city. As travel bloggers, we want to get to know Quebec Canada better and also...
Piran sights

Discover Piran: Top Sights You Can't Miss

Discover Piran and its sights Imagine strolling through narrow, winding streets. You feel a gentle sea breeze on your skin. You hear the quiet whisper of the waves. The smell of freshly grilled fish lures you into one of the...
Take a vacation on the Main in Miltenberg

Take a vacation on the Main in Miltenberg

Take a holiday in Miltenberg The city of Miltenberg am Main is one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. It attracts visitors with its half-timbered houses at the Schnatterloch in the old town. But that's not the only reason why a Miltenberg holiday is interesting. Here you can ...


Destinations on the water in the Slow Travel & Genuss travel blog

Fisherman's house in the Alentejo in Portugal

Alentejo in Portugal: a comprehensive travel guide

Discover the Alentejo in Portugal! Are you wondering what makes the Alentejo so special? Well, it's the perfect blend of unspoiled nature, rich history and vibrant culture. Here you will find everything your travel heart desires. From golden beaches to...
Miami insider tips

Miami Insider Tips – Discover the city’s hidden treasures

Miami is a city that delights its visitors with its unique flair. We show you this lively metropolis in all its facets. Imagine a city where vibrant life and relaxed serenity prevail in equal measure. With our Miami insider tips...
The A-Rosa Luna - Ship and Cruises

Discover the Rhone and Historic Cities on board the Arosa Luna

Discover historic cities on board the Arosa Luna Rhone Discovering historic cities and the Camargue on board the Arosa Luna Rhone is a travel experience that will be remembered. On our Arosa Rhone cruise we experience the region between Lyon ...


Popular Canada and USA Travel Destinations in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Canada Travel Tips East - Kate the Scots in Nova Scotia

Canada travel tips East for connoisseurs

Canada Travel Book your trips to Canada's east here and discover insider tips in our Canada East travel tips to get to know the country and its people in depth. Canada East Travel Tips Explore the eastern provinces of the country with these Canada travel tips and discover...
Charming Quebec Village: A cozy bench in Knowlton, Quebec

Charming Quebec village - Knowlton

A charming Quebec village : Knowlton Quebec is part of the city of Brome Lake Do you know that too? You visit a place you have never heard of or imagined and are amazed by what you find there...
California beach vacation

The Best California Beaches

The Best Beach for a California Beach Vacation Fancy a California beach vacation? However, finding the best California beaches for a vacation in California is not that easy. The most beautiful beaches in California are located between Santa ...


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Dutch oven sizes

Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?

Which Dutch oven size suits you best? A Dutch oven is a versatile and essential part of every kitchen. From casseroles to bread baking to outdoor cooking, a Dutch oven offers endless possibilities. The right Dutch oven size...
walking boots

Best hiking shoes for wide feet

Light hiking shoes for wide feet - what should you pay attention to when buying? Personal Experiences When Buying Lightweight Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet Best hiking shoes for wide feet for women and men are difficult to find. Who, like me, has strong feet...
Motorhome accessories

Motorhome accessories online shop

In the motorhome accessories online shop Discover tips and equipment for caravans and campers in this motorhome accessories online shop. This means you can supply your motorhome with everything you need for your travels. Here you will find options for purchasing accessories. Aside from that ...


Petar and Monika Fuchs - Slow Travel and Enjoyment Travel Blog TravelWorldOnline Traveler

About us and our Slow Travel & Trips to Savor Blog

Publish the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline Monika and Petar Fox. Monika traveled to America, Australia, Africa and Europe as a study tour leader for 17 years. During this time she got to know the highlights of these continents. However, she always wondered what else a country had to offer. What features make it special? What also determines the character of a country? What shapes its people? She is now exploring this together with Petar, her husband. On their travels that take them around the world, they look for slow travel and enjoyable travel tips. They then present their experiences and recommendations in this travel magazine. Monika writes, photographs and manages social media. Petar produces this Videos.


What is TravelWorldOnline about?

What topics can you find in the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline? To experience a country, you definitely need time. Therefore, in this travel magazine you will find tips on how to get to know your travel destination at leisure. For example, we recommend experiences that allow you to experience the local people and their way of life. Take a look behind the scenes. Get involved with your holiday destination. Take part in activities that are offered. We'll show you what and where you can do this:

  • Discover the cuisines of the world. Take a look at your hosts' cooking pots. Visit fishermen or farmers. Take a cooking course for regional specialties. This gives you access to local life.
  • Wine and drinks in the world are an expression of the way of life in a region. Explore them at festivals, at wineries and in wine regions. Visit breweries, cafes or tea rooms. Also collect recipes so you can prepare drinks and cocktails at home.
  • In the Slow Travel Tips you will find recommendations. It tells you where and how best to explore a region. Discover the art of traveling slowly. Dive into the world of travel experiences with the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline. Experience the world intensely. Take your time. Also take a look behind the scenes. find out if Slow Travel is the art of traveling to savor at a hunt.


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