You want to buy a hiking backpack? You better clarify that before buying

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Hiking backpacks

Buy a hiking backpack? Here you can find out how to do it best

These tips will help if you want to buy your hiking backpack online. Hiking backpacks are suitable for camping trips, hiking and outdoor adventures. They are also practical for everyday use, especially for bus and train journeys.

Backpack Size Chart – Which backpack size is the right one?

Light hiking backpack with a capacity of 10 to 25 L as a daypack

For us as pleasure hikers, it is important that we do not carry too much weight on our backs. For short hikes, a snack should be served in the lunch box and drinks are transported. In addition, there must be enough space for Raincover or a jacket that we have with us in case the weather changes. We therefore take a light backpack with us on most of our hikes or walks. These backpacks have a capacity of up to 25 liters. You can store everything you need for a leisurely hike in it. This selection is suitable as a women's backpack for hiking. Here you can buy a good cheap hiking backpack.


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Hiking backpacks with a volume of 20 - 35 L are suitable as weekend and touring backpacks

These are the classic backpacks that are suitable for multi-day tours. They are characterized by high comfort and ease of use. You can use them as hiking backpacks for hut hikes. They are suitable as backpacks for longer bike tours. Some also use them for ski, ski touring and avalanche backpacks.


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Hiking backpacks with a capacity of 30 to 45 liters

If the hike is to be longer, you will need more provisions and also more drinks or water. In addition, you always have to reckon with a change in the weather on such tours. For this you need rain protection, a warmer jacket and sun protection in your backpack. If you are hiking in the mountains, you may need special equipment. You can find a suitable backpack for mountain tours here.


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Buy a hiking backpack for trekking tours with a volume of 40 – 70 liters

Some of our friends hike differently. There are those for whom a hike must include a difference in altitude of several hundred meters. Alternatively, a day hike is also interesting for them, where brisk walking and longer tours are important. If you are on long-distance hikes, the backpacks must offer one thing in any case: lots of space. Spare clothes, a sleeping bag and food must be accommodated. Such hikes are exhausting. They cost strength. Of course, this has to be replaced. With a picnic and cool drinks. A light hiking backpack is no longer sufficient. A backpack that also contains one is best Hydration * fits. You can buy hiking backpacks here.

Tour backpack

This backpack has to endure a lot. The hiker carries him over rough terrain. He overcomes steep paths as well as long distances. Of course, the weight plays a role. This should be as low as possible. On the other hand, the hiker is long on the way. He needs enough drinks and food. If he overcomes larger height differences, there must be room for one Fleece jacket * or rain cover. On hat that protects against the sun, should also have space. A touring backpack is particularly suitable for this.


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Buy a hiking backpack online for multi-day hikers

Others like to hike for several days. They love long-distance hiking trails with overnight stays along the way. Others are weekend hikers. They spend every weekend on a different hike. These may also take several days. During such hikes, the hiking backpack must also be able to accommodate changing clothes and equipment Hiking poles * and other utensils such as one Outdoor cooker *.


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Order a 70 liter touring backpack here*

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Hiking backpack for multi-day hikes

A pair of Hiking backpack for multi-day tours * On the one hand, it has to have as little dead weight as possible. On the other hand, it has to provide space for all the equipment needed for a hike that spans several days. Changing clothes must fit as well as the snack and drinks or one Hydration * for hunger and thirst on the go. There are multi-day hikers who already go on tour with 32 l rucksacks. Which one you choose depends on how much equipment you absolutely need during such a long hiking tour. This hiking backpack must make it easier for the wearer to carry the weight. It has to be flexible in its size so that you can add things to it.


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Hiking backpacks put to the test

It is best to trust the experts. The Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a current test of hiking backpacks itself. Instead, she relies on the results of the backpack test carried out by the Swiss consumer magazine Sale. In 2019, they examined backpacks with a capacity of 22 to 30 liters. In addition to carrying comfort, they also tested how rainproof and robust the backpacks are and how easy they are to pack. You can buy the hiking backpack test winner here:

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Both received the highest score in terms of rain density. With a rain cover, they turned out to be very good even in heavy rain. The Brenta 25 also impressed with its comfort.

How do you buy the perfect hiking backpack?

If you want to buy a good hiking backpack, you should consider these tips before you make your purchase. First, decide what type of trip you are planning. Do you want to backpack Europe or do you need something to carry your laptop and books? Then think about which backpack size is best for you. A large hiking backpack may not be ideal for shorter trips, while you won't be able to pack a lot of weight in a small backpack. Finally, you should consider what equipment you need. Are extra pockets or compartments necessary? How comfortable will the backpack be? What kind of strap do you prefer?

Do you want to buy a hiking backpack that meets your requirements? Which fits for yours Hiking equipment? Do you even go hiking with a backpack? Then it is important that you first make it clear to yourself what your hikes usually look like. You should ask yourself a few questions before you buy, so that you can choose the right hiking backpack for you. Not everyone hikes the same way. Hiking is not just hiking. With these tips you can buy your hiking backpack online. Then you can store everything in it what you need for hiking. Have a look in our hiking backpack online shop.

Which hiking backpack to buy?

You should ask yourself this question first. It depends on which backpack is right for you. The following tips for buying hiking backpacks online will show you what types of backpacks there are.

This is how you choose the perfect hiking backpack for you

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a hiking backpack. From size and capacity to materials and weather resistance, we've put together all the important tips and considerations to help you make your decision.

Think about the size and features you need

For example, when it comes to the size of your hiking backpack, it is important to choose one that is suitable for your planned tours. Consider what environment you will be in as this will affect the size of bag you will need. Also, look out for features like waterproofing and durability, so you can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe and dry - no matter the terrain!

Decide how durable you want the material to be

Depending on how intense your hikes or excursions will be, it is important to choose a hiking backpack made of durable material. Water-repellent and tear-resistant fabrics are also great options if you plan on venturing through rough terrain. Don't forget the lining and reinforcement, as these details can add extra protection and strength - especially if the bag isn't too bulky.

Think about your ideal price range

So that you don't blow your budget when buying a hiking backpack, decide on your ideal price range before you buy it. Although some backpacks can be expensive, there are many affordable ones on the market today. Ultimately, choosing a backpack that suits your needs and preferences is more important than worrying about the cost.

Find a backpack that suits your style preferences

The look of the backpack is just as important as its practicality because it's something you have to carry. While some people prefer a sleek and minimalist design, others opt for more vibrant colors and prints. So make sure you find a backpack that you feel comfortable in and happy to carry around as it is an essential part of an active outdoor lifestyle.

Choose a color and pattern that will keep you safe and visible on the road

After deciding on the style of your backpack, it is important to consider the color as well as the pattern. Not only will it reflect your personal style and make you look good, but choosing a bright or reflective color can prove essential to road safety. This is especially true when you set off in low light conditions. Whether you're casually commuting to work or hiking off-the-beaten-track trails, choosing a vibrant hue will help keep you visible and safe during your journey.

What kind of hiker are you? Are you going backpacking?

Buy a hiking backpack for your type of hiking

Which hiking backpack you need depends, among other things, on which hikes you undertake. For example, do you like walking long distances? Preferably uphill and over hill and dale? Then you need a different backpack than someone who likes to take it easy and whose hikes should not be strenuous. Those who prefer pleasure to exertion. On long journeys you have to weigh up what you need on the way. After all, you have to carry the weight. For long-distance hikes, you also have to take everything you need for sleeping and cooking with you. So it needs to be well thought out in which backpack you put your utensils.

Buy hiking backpack online tips

  • Hiking backpacks should definitely be durable. Therefore, you should make sure that they are made of material that can also withstand bangs and bumps. On longer hikes you carry the weight on your back. This is easier if the backpack has shoulder straps and a hip and chest strap. This allows you to adjust the weight to your body. And not only that. It also helps with the type of hike, because it plays a role in whether it involves steep inclines or descents or whether you even have to climb.
  • It is also important that the backpack fits so that you don't sweat on your back. Hiking backpacks from Vaude *, interpreter * or Osprey * use mesh fabric or air-permeable foam for this. If the backpack is then divided into compartments and side pockets, it is well suited for longer hikes.
  • Women and men should pay attention to these things when buying a backpack:
  • The back of women is usually shorter than that of men. You should take this into account when choosing your hiking backpack.
  • The lap belt of a backpack should be well padded for women, as the female hips are wider than the male.
  • The chest and shoulder straps of a backpack for women should be well insulated. The chest strap must be closed above the chest. It also has to sit higher than that of backpacks for men.
  • A very good guide how to properly adjust a backpack for your back, is also available at this link.

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.

It is clear that with such a purchase different demands are placed on the hiking backpack. These tips will therefore help you to decide which hiking backpack you want to buy. Do you also have any tips of your own on what to look out for when buying a hiking backpack?

How do I pack a hiking backpack correctly?

When hiking, the center of gravity should be at shoulder height and close to the body. This is where the heavy things you carry in your backpack definitely belong. Light things like a jacket or rain protection, for example, can be distributed around it. The bottom compartment should definitely be stable. A sleeping bag fits in well on longer hikes or hikes lasting several days. It is important that the main weight is carried by the hip belt. Shoulder straps, on the other hand, can sit looser.

Backpack packing accessories

Clothes bag set for the backpack

Who does not know that? At the beginning of the journey, clothes, bathing utensils and everything else you need when traveling are neatly stowed away. The longer you travel, the greater the confusion. You can remedy this, for example, by packing your travel essentials in bags. This way you will definitely get order in your luggage:

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.


What belongs in a hiking backpack

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.


Questions and answers for everyone who wants to buy a hiking backpack

How much does a hiking backpack cost?

For a good daypack you should reckon with just under 100 euros. A touring backpack costs around 200 euros. This is definitely money well invested, because if you take good care of your backpack, you can use it for years.

What do I have to look out for when buying a hiking backpack?

First of all, of course, size matters. You can find information about this above. On the other hand, you should make sure that the hiking backpack is robust and water-repellent. Alternatively, you can also buy a rain cover for your backpack. A hiking backpack made of breathable and light material is definitely good.

How heavy can my backpack be? How many liters should a hiking backpack have?

When packing your hiking backpack, you should also make sure that you take as little weight as possible with you. However, that depends on which tours you want to do. This list will prove helpful:

  • Up to 10 litres: 5 kg for bike tours and city trips
  • 15 to 20 liters: 7 kg for day trips
  • 20 to 25 liters: 8 kg for day trips in any area
  • 25 to 35 liters: 10 kg for two-day tours
  • 35 to 45 liters: 12 kg for multi-day hikes, alpine tours, ski tours
  • 45 to 65 litres: 18 kg for trekking trips
  • 65 liters and more: 25 kg for self-sufficiency trekking tours or expeditions


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You want to buy a hiking backpack? You better clarify that before buying

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