Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations

To Aschaffenberg am Kirschgarten - one of Mainz attractions for the eyes

Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations

Which Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations are suitable for slow travelers and connoisseurs? Here we present the destinations in Rheinpfalz that we recommend.

Assmannshausen near Rhine in flames

Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

Discover beautiful cities on the Rhine There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. We have seen this again and again in our travels as travel bloggers over the last few years. We think the section in the Middle Rhine Valley between Mainz and Koblenz is particularly nice for a holiday on the Rhine. These two cities are also the same...
Camping on the Moselle directly on the water

Camping on the Moselle directly on the water

Are you planning camping on the Moselle directly on the water? Then you are exactly right here. The Moselle region in Germany offers you a wealth of opportunities to experience nature, culture and wine. The Moselle, an idyllic river that meanders through the enchanting Moselle valley, is a popular destination for camping enthusiasts...
Tiny house or wine barrel - overnight stays in castles

Tiny house or wine barrel? Extraordinary overnight stays on the Moselle

There are many exceptional overnight stays on the Moselle in a wine barrel or tiny house accommodation between Winningen and Burgen on the Moselle. But have you ever slept in a wine barrel? Or would you rather rent a tiny house? An extraordinary overnight stay on the Moselle is, for example, in tiny houses...
Castles on the Moselle

Discover castles on the Moselle

There are many castles on the Moselle. Among them are well-known ones such as Eltz Castle or the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress near Koblenz. But there are more that are worth a trip or even a trip. We present the most beautiful of them here. The most beautiful castles on the Moselle Along the Moselle ...
The cathedral of Mainz from the market

The Rheinische Kaiserdome - excursion destinations with historical depth

Join us on a journey to the Rheinische Kaiserdomen, a true architectural wonder in the heart of the Rhineland. The Kaiserdome are three of the oldest and most important churches in Germany and are often referred to as the crown jewels of German Romanesque. The Imperial and Mariendom in Speyer, the Cathedral of St. Peter in Worms and ...
Hiking trails on the Moselle

Beautiful hikes on the Moselle

The Moselle region is a fascinating landscape stretching from the French border to the Rhine. The Moselle meanders through vineyards and dreamy villages. In this idyllic setting, you can experience nature and culture up close on hikes along the Moselle. For many, hiking is an ideal opportunity to...
GHotel in Koblenz

The GHotel Living in Koblenz – a modern feel-good hotel

The GHotel & Living in Koblenz There are many positives that come to mind when we think of the GHotel Hotel & Living in Koblenz*, where we stayed for two nights on the way back from Rotterdam. First of all, the hotel is centrally located just a few steps from the main train station and bus station of the ...
Moselle from above

Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle

Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle One day is available for our Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle in Rhineland-Palatinate. Therefore, we limit ourselves to the immediate vicinity of Alf. There we spend the night in Bömers Mosellandhotel, a small flair hotel. We're going on a Moselle tour in a convertible ...

Rheinhessen wine for beginners

Rheinhessen wine for beginners We like to drink wine. It has to taste good. That is one of the reasons why we often visit wine regions of the world. We try wines from the region at the local winemakers, which we then bring home. Nevertheless, we would not call ourselves wine connoisseurs. In addition ...
Have ships ever been lashed here? - Deutsches Eck - Koblenz what do you have to see

What do you have to see in and around Koblenz?

Koblenz, what do you have to see? To the question “Koblenz, what do you have to see” we answer: “the city and its surroundings”. Because it's not just the city at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine that's worth seeing. There are sights in the surrounding area that are worth a trip. This makes the city ideal for German...


Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations
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