A sun hat when the sun is shining outside

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Chic women's hat with flowers

Sun hat with neck protection

A sun hat with neck protection is the perfect protection against the blazing sun. Do you know that? Outside, the long-missed sun is shining from the sky and you can't get enough of it. After the winter months you are looking forward to spending time outdoors again. However, you are no longer used to intense sunlight. You'll quickly get a sunburn. Therefore, a suitable sun hat with neck protection for girls is recommended as sun protection. Only then will your excursion become a pleasure tour.


A sun hat with neck protection is essential on a summer day.
A meadow of wild flowers lures you out into the sun - a sun hat with neck protection is good for girls

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Foldable summer hat for ladies

The advantage of these hats is that all models are foldable sun hats with neck protection for women. These can be easily put together and in suitcase stow away. Hence, they are great for Traveling in the sunlands. They are also useful on a beach holiday or on safari.

When the sun is shining from the sky

We like to take advantage of every sunny day to spend at least a few hours on the terrace - or even better - on a trip to the foothills of the Alps. Then we spontaneously get into the car and off we go. At one of the lakes in Chiemgau, Or over the border Austria, Sometimes just for a short walk with a view of the Chiemgau Alps. But definitely out in the fresh air and in the sun.

Almost every sunny day we spend on our terrace. At breakfast. For lunch. Or in the evening. This is south facing. And yes. The sun is shining directly on it. Especially at lunchtime it is so hot that we can not stand it outside for long. Even in the afternoon, a stay on the terrace is usually only possible when the sun disappears behind the large linden that stands in our garden. Until then, at most finches and sparrows use the water, which we put freshly every morning to cool them on the terrace.

A sunhat with neck protection is the perfect sunscreen

Unless we put on a hat that protects us from the sun. I already have these practical hats on mine Traveling through Africa appreciate it. If you sit there in the open safari vehicle, the sun beats directly on the head. How fast one burns under African sun, I experienced painfully. Therefore, I quickly learned that a sun hat is an indispensable tool when traveling to these regions. Since then, a sun hat with neck protection belongs in my suitcase, when we drive to countries where strong sunlight is expected.

Sun protection is also necessary in the north

This can be the case even in northern destinations. Petar did that at ours a few years ago Travel to Newfoundland experienced. His opinion that the sun is safe in these latitudes, he changed when he after one Sunny day on the boat in Gros Morne National Park had to go to the hospital with sunstroke. Since then he has always had a hat with him when the sun is shining. He now follows the motto "prevention is better than cure".

Why a sun hat with neck protection?

The best solution is a sun hat with a neck protection that also covers the neck from the sun's rays. However, there are models that are not very attractive. That's why I went on a search to introduce you to a few sun hats that show that there are also chic offers for them. Click on the model of your choice for more information on Amazon. You can also buy the hats there.

Enjoy outdoor activities in the sun without worrying about harmful UV rays with a stylish sun hat with neck protection. Stay stylish and protected this summer with a sun hat with a neck flap that you can wear with any outfit.

Choose from a variety of stylish styles and colors.

When it comes to sun hats with neck protection, style and function don't have to be sacrificed. Regardless of your age or style preference, you can find a fashionable sun hat with neck protection in a variety of colours, materials and designs. Find the perfect summer accessory for your wardrobe that will keep you comfortable and protected from the sun all day long.

Enjoy maximum UV protection and breathability.

Each sun hat with neck protection is designed for UV protection and breathability. Each hat offers a UPF50+ rating that blocks over 97% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Choose from a range of lightweight materials like straw, canvas, jute and cotton that provide excellent all-day airflow for comfort and protection.

The neck cover prevents sunburn and skin damage.

The neck cover of the sun hat with neck protection prevents sunburn and skin damage on the face, neck and ears. You can enjoy long days in the sun without worrying about a sore throat or red rashes from too much direct sunlight. With this stylish sun hat you can look good and feel good while protecting yourself from harmful UV rays.

Integrated sweatband for extra comfort in hot summer weather.

The sweatband of the sun hat with neck protection ensures a cool head even in hot summer weather. The elastic band that runs along the back of the hat and around your head acts as a buffer between your forehead and the brim of the sun hat, providing additional comfort and protection from the sun and sweat. Additionally, the adjustable cord on the back of the hat can be used to achieve just the right fit.

Stretchy, lightweight material for a perfect fit!

Made from a breathable and stretchy material, the sun hat with neck protection will keep you cool and comfortable in any weather. The lightweight fabric ensures you never feel weighed down or overwhelmed in the heat. It's also designed to hug your head perfectly, so you can make adjustments as needed to get the perfect fit every time.


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A sun hat when the sun is shining outside

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