winter boots for wide feet

winter boots for wide feet

Buy winter boots for wide feet online

It is not easy to find winter boots for women and men with wide feet. I know that from my own experience. In a normal shoe store, I can hardly find winter shoes that fit me. That's why we're looking for a selection of boots for wide feet for women and men. You can easily order these online. So you are also equipped for hikes in the snow. Wrapped up warm in winter clothes, you can enjoy walks and hikes in nature even in winter. If it gets really cold outside, we recommend wearing foot warmers. You can buy these under the link above. They ensure that your feet stay warm even in ice and snow. This makes every hike a pleasure.



Boots for women with a wide sole



Boots for women with extra wide sole width


The selection of extra wide sizes is very limited. However, Waldläufer offers a selection of winter shoes in width X.


winter boots for wide feet
winter boots for wide feet


Boots for men with a wide sole


These links provide a good overview of winter boots in wide sole width for men. However, pay attention to the specified width when making your selection.


Winter boots for men with extra wide sole width hast noch immer kalte Füße? Dann probiere doch einmal heated insoles* .

Shoe spikes make winter boots even safer on black ice



Choosing the right sole width is crucial when buying winter boots for wide feet

Improperly fitting shoes can not only be uncomfortable but can also cause health problems. Pressure points, blisters and even poor posture can result. Therefore, it is important to find the right shoe width for your feet.

First you should measure your feet. This is best done in the evening because that's when your feet are at their largest. You can use a tape measure or have your feet measured professionally at a specialty store. Make sure you measure both feet, as one is often wider than the other.

After you have measured your feet, you can compare the results with the information provided by the shoe manufacturers. Many brands offer special size charts to help you choose. When shopping online, it is advisable to order multiple sizes to choose from. This means you can try them on in the comfort of your own home and find the best fit.

Lightweight winter boots for wide feet are a good choice because they provide the comfort you need without weighing you down. Look for models with breathable materials and good insulation. This means your feet stay warm and dry, even in winter conditions.

Tips for caring for winter boots

Have you bought new winter boots and want them to last a long time? Then these tips will help:

Cleaning is the be-all and end-all

You should always clean your boots thoroughly after a walk in the snow or mud. Use a soft brush and lukewarm water. In this way you remove dirt and salt residues that can attack the material.

Dry, but properly

Never place the boots directly next to the heater. Drying too quickly can make the material brittle. It is better to let the shoes dry at room temperature. Newspaper inside absorbs the moisture.

Impregnation protects

An impregnation spray protects against moisture and dirt. Spray the boots with it, but only when they are completely dry. This means the material stays supple and your feet stay dry.

Regular maintenance

Depending on the material, your boots need different care products. Leather boots require special leather care, while textile boots are often less demanding. Read the manufacturer's care instructions and follow them.


When winter is over, store the boots in a dry and well-ventilated place. Use shoe trees to maintain the shape.

The best place to buy winter boots for wide feet is online

In our example, we have why it is best to buy winter boots for wide feet online Shop for hiking boots explained. These recommendations also apply when buying boots for the winter. When buying boots for the winter, you should also consider that you will be wearing socks in them. They definitely need space. As are foot warmers if you want to keep your feet warm with them on walks. Therefore, we advise to adjust the size of the shoes for this. Then you will feel good on your walks and hikes in winter and you can enjoy exercise in the fresh air even in winter temperatures. We wish you a lot of fun on your excursions and hikes this winter.


winter boots for wide feet
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winter boots for wide feet

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