Portable grill for picnic or camping

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portable grill for picnic and camping

Camping grill for picnics and motorhomes

Whether camping in a motorhome or a relaxed picnic in the park, a portable grill is essential for perfect outdoor cooking. Discover the best models and practical accessories for your next barbecue adventure. picnic and Camping are trendy. Then what's better than a portable grill that you can just take with you. There are disposable grills that are offered at many petrol stations. However, who more often in nature grilling or his grill in the Motorhome vacation or if you want to take it with you to camping, it is worth buying a grill especially for these purposes. Cook your steak while you are Picnic experience nature. As your food sizzles over the fire, you can relax by the lake, enjoy the view of the mountains or relax at a rest area on a road trip. Treat yourself and your family to a meal on the camping grill during nature trips.


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Portable Grills for Camping and Picnics: Technical Details and Comparisons

There are different types of portable grills for camping and picnics, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Here is an overview that can help you choose the right model.

Charcoal grills

Charcoal grills are classic and popular for their typical grilled taste. They offer high temperatures but require time to light and regulate the heat. They are definitely ideal for real barbecue fans who value authentic taste.

  • Advantages:
    • Intense grilled taste
    • High temperatures achievable
    • Flexible use
  • Disadvantages:
    • Longer lighting time
    • Cleaning more complex

gas Grills

Gas grills are quick to use and easy to use. They also offer consistent temperature control, but are more expensive to purchase and operate than charcoal grills.

  • Advantages:
    • Ready for immediate use
    • Easy temperature control
    • Less smoke development
  • Disadvantages:
    • Higher cost
    • Gas bottles required

electric grills

Electric grills are ideal when electricity is available. They are easy to use and clean, but do not offer the typical grilling taste of charcoal grills.

  • Advantages:
    • Easy handling
    • Fast cleaning
    • No fuel necessary
  • Disadvantages:
    • Dependence on power sources
    • Less intense grilled taste

Comparison of grills

Grill type Taste Lighting time Mobility Costs
Charcoal grill High Slowly Medium Favorable
Gas grill Medium Instant good High
Electric grill Low Instant Depending on electricity Medium


Choosing the right grill therefore depends on your individual needs. If you value authentic taste and have time, a charcoal grill is ideal. On the other hand, gas or electric grills are ideal for quick and easy handling. Also consider transportation and storage, especially on longer camping trips.


Grilling while camping
Grilling while camping Photo: Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay


Charcoal Grills: The Best Options for Camping and Picnics

A portable charcoal grill is ideal for camping trips and picnics. Electric grills are not suitable for this, because where can you find suitable power sources in nature? It's best to fill the charcoal at home. Then all you have to do is light it on site and the barbecue can begin. When buying a grill, you should make sure that the device stands securely even on uneven surfaces.

There are even bags in which you can easily transport your portable grill. It couldn't be more practical. The device must cool down well after use before you pack it again. You simply dispose of the used coal and ash in the waste paper basket as soon as it has cooled down.

With the size, you should pay attention to the occasion on which you want to use the grill. in the Caravan you have more space than in the trunk of a car. It is also important how many people you want to grill for. A mini grill usually offers space for two people to grill. But if you want a T-bone steak or two, the grill area on such a grill is hardly enough for two people, let alone for a whole family. In this case you either take two devices with you or a larger one. If you want to have a barbecue on vacation and take the device with you in the car, you should consider that other items of luggage are also stored in the trunk.

Portable Grills for Camping or Picnics:

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Compact and lightweight grills are an advantage for a successful barbecue in the motorhome. When looking for a portable grill, it's important to find one that meets your needs. From heating power to portability and versatility, we've rounded up five features that will give you the best possible grilling experience.


Outdoor Life means, for example: “The Vargo Titanium Bifold Grill* is extremely light and ideal for ultralight backpacking, but requires some patience to set up for a stable grill surface.”


Fish on the grill
Grilling fish Photo: Thomas G. from Pixabay


The size and weight of your portable grill

When it comes to portable grills, size and weight are important considerations. Think about how you plan to use and transport your grill so you can choose the right size and weight for your needs. If you plan to take the portable grill with you when camping or driving, choose a lightweight, compact model. Or are you looking for larger models with higher heat output for mobile homes or garden grills?

Heating capacity of the portable grill

Heat output is an important feature to consider when choosing a portable grill. Depending on the size and weight of the grill, you can achieve different heat outputs. In general, small grills have less heat output than larger grills. Before purchasing a grill, look for information in the product description that states the BTU (British Thermal Unit) or watts of your potential purchase. This will help you understand how powerful your grill is and how quickly it can reach desired temperatures.


Portable charcoal grill while camping Photo:-Rita-👩‍🍳 and 📷 with ❤ from Pixabay


portability and ease of use

When choosing a portable grill, portability and ease of use are important. Look for a sturdy case or tote bag so you can easily transport your grill from one location to another. Also consider the type of controls used to control the temperature, whether they are manual knobs or digital buttons. You should also check how quickly the grill will light and how easy it is to set up before grilling.


Durability is the name of the game when it comes to portable grills - after all, you'll be taking this portable grill with you from place to place. Be sure to look for a grill with strong legs and sturdy construction materials like stainless steel or aluminum. Some grills may also offer water-resistant fabrics for added protection from the elements. After all, a quality grill should last for years with proper maintenance.


When choosing a portable grill, it's also important to set your budget and stick to it. Portable grills offer a wide range of prices, from low-end models that cost under $100 to high-end models that can cost well over $200. Therefore, consider the features you need most and look for a model in your price range. Keep an eye out for sales or discounts on larger items like portable grills - you may find great deals without compromising on quality.


Grill Accessories
Grill accessories Photo: Holger Langmaier from Pixabay


Camping accessories: must-haves for your barbecue


Outdoor cooking made easy: grill recipes

Click here for a selection of grilling recipes perfect for camping and RV travel.

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Care and maintenance of your grill

To ensure that your grill lasts a long time and functions optimally, regular care is important. Here are some tips:

After each use

  • Cleaning the grill grates: Remove any coarse residue with a grill brush. Soaking in warm, soapy water helps with stubborn residue.
  • Empty the drip tray: Remove grease and ash to avoid grease fires.
  • Wipe grill housing: Use a damp cloth with mild detergent.


  • rustproofing: Check the grill for rust and treat affected areas with a rust preventative.


  • warehousing: Clean the grill thoroughly and then store it in a dry place. For charcoal grills, remove any remaining ash. Gas grills should be separated from the gas bottle.
  • Use protective cover: Protect the grill from the elements with a suitable cover.

Regular care will keep your grill in top condition and you can always enjoy perfect barbecue evenings.



Questions and answers:

Can you use a portable grill in national parks?

Yes, many national parks allow portable grills, but check local regulations as some parks have bans on grilling during the dry season.

What is the best way to clean a portable grill after use?

Use a wire brush for the rust, warm soapy water, and a sponge for the casing. Make sure the grill has cooled completely.

What fuels are best for portable grills?

Charcoal is great for flavor and heat, while gas grills are quicker and easier to use.

Are there eco-friendly options for portable grills?

Yes, there are grills that are made from recycled materials and use environmentally friendly fuels such as bioethanol or natural wood pellets.

How safe are portable grills for use at campsites?

Portable grills are safe when used on a stable, flat surface and you follow the manufacturer's safety instructions, including proper disposal of ashes and leftovers.

What size should a portable grill be for a family of four?

A grill with a cooking area of ​​approximately 250-300 square centimeters is sufficient to prepare meals for a family of four.

How long does it take to set up a portable grill after arriving at the campsite?

Most portable grills are designed to be set up within 10-15 minutes, with some models ready to use even quicker.

Tips for your picnic:



Camping grill
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Portable grill for picnic or camping

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