Hiking packing list – hiking equipment for pleasure hikers

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Hiking equipment

Hiking packing list – What equipment do you need for your hike?

This hiking packing list is intended for pleasure hikers. The hiking equipment is sufficient for a day tour. You can do this well in one backpack accommodate. Usually these are tours that we take in Germany or Austria. But we are also up Hiking trails traveling in other countries. Most of the time our hikes are shorter. Our hike to the Dürnberger Moor in Styria is typical of our hikes. We take the mountain railway to mountain peaks like in Vorarlberg. There we do circular hikes with no incline. This is possible, for example, in the Almenwelt in Lofer. Since we take time on our hikes to enjoy nature, they take longer than stated in the hiking guide. So we have leisure to see things along the way. Take photos and video recordings. Enjoy the nature. You can find what we need for this in our packing list.

Hiking equipment varies depending on the type of hike

You won't need all the hiking equipment on all hikes. The hiking packing list is intended to serve as a checklist. Here you will find everything you need for your hike. This way you can check whether you have packed everything for the hike you are planning. Check the weather report before your hike. Then you can decide what clothes you need.

Hiking accessories to order online

If you need parts of the hiking equipment, you can order them online using the links. If you buy through it, this enables us to provide the information in this blog for free. As a result, the products from our hiking packing list no longer cost you.


Sankt Lambrecht - From the monastery to the castle. Hiking equipment on the hiking checklist.
Hiking in Sankt Lambrecht - from the monastery to the castle. With the hiking packing list you are well prepared.

Hike Packing List - Outdoor Gear List

In this outdoor equipment list you will find everything you need for hiking. You can use it as a backpack packing checklist. Or do you want to check what else you need?

hiking clothes

This hiking checklist contains equipment for ALL weather and trail conditions. You can use the packing list for multi-day hikes, but also as a packing list for a day hike. Think about what you need for the duration of your hike. There are differences between what you need for a packing list for hiking for 5 days and what a packing list for hiking for a day tour looks like. Before starting the hike, find out what conditions you will face on your hike. Then you can pack your backpack accordingly. You don't always need all the equipment. However, expect weather changes. It is better to be prepared for it.

clothing for hiking

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Farm building in Sankt Lambrecht, which hiking equipment is the best here?
Hiking trails are not always paved


Backpack hiking for a day tour

You should definitely check these things in our hiking packing list. The size of the backpack depends, for example, on the hiking equipment you take with you. For short tours, for example, a small backpack is sufficient. However, for longer tours it needs to be larger. Safety equipment should also always be with you. Especially on rough hiking trails or mountain hikes, it's easy to twist your ankle and injure your leg. Anyone who has ever hiked with blisters knows how unpleasant it is. A blister plaster helps.

For orientation you will definitely need appropriate information material, a GPS device and a compass. We experienced how important someone like that is on our mudflat hike. The same goes for a headlamp. Plus, you can always get stopped on the road. If you find yourself in the dark while hiking, it's good to have both hands free. You should also take enough drinks with you. A hydration bladder is ideal for this. When we hike, we stick to the motto “Don’t leave anything behind that wasn’t there before.” That's why we always have garbage bags with us so we can take our waste home with us. They have no place on the hiking trail.

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Take food with you on your hike

A hike isn't perfect if you don't stop for a snack along the way. Therefore, you should also think about these things:


Petar in the midst of wild lupins – you can find out what his hiking gear is all about here


Packing list for hiking – What do you need for hiking in which season

Whether you should pack this hiking gear depends on the weather as well as the time of year your hike takes place. In autumn or winter you will of course need a hat, gloves or a scarf. However, the packing list for hiking on a summer vacation looks different. In summer, a baseball cap and a scarf protect against sunburn. As well as a sun hat, sunglasses and sun protection. For example, changing a shirt is pleasant on hikes that are more strenuous. If you like hiking quickly, you might like hiking poles? A rain cover for your backpack is also very practical. Then you can also pack your camera safely if a thunderstorm threatens.

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Monika and Petar Fuchs recommend the hiking packing list
Monika and Petar Fuchs recommend the hiking packing list for your hiking gear


What else belongs on the hiking packing list?

Whether you need these things from our hiking packing list depends on your interests and your type of hiking. It also plays a role whether your hike leads into the mountains. It is often cool at the summit while it is hot in the valley. You don't have to have an outdoor watch. She's a nice toy. However, if your tour takes you over rough mountain paths, you will need safety equipment. When hiking after rainy days, the paths are often muddy. Gaiters definitely protect your legs from dirt. You move in nature. Tick ​​tweezers are useful, as is a seat cushion that allows you to sit on even the hardest stones Picnic.

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packing list for hikers
Click on the photo and then note the “Hiking Packing List” on Pinterest

Packing list for hiking in preparation

With this hiking holiday packing list you will definitely not forget anything important, regardless of whether you are looking for a packing list for hiking on a multi-day tour or a packing list for hiking on a day tour.


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Source Hiking checklist: Research while hiking. Our opinions definitely remain our own.

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Hiking packing list – hiking equipment for pleasure hikers

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