Regional Cuisines in the World

Regional recipes from around the world

In this series we present recipes from the regional cuisines of the world in cooperation with Azlin Bloor from LinsFood. Azlin is a cook, cooking teacher and cookbook author. Born in Singapore, she grew up in this city with its diverse cultures and got to know a cuisine, that is influenced by cultures from all over the world. She has lived in England for many years now. There she is publishing her blog since 2011. The regional cuisine of the world plays an outstanding role in it.

In her blog, she introduces recipes from the world's regions. Azlin shows, how you can cook these dishes in our latitudes. She gives video instructions on how to prepare the recipes at home. Not only Asian cuisines play a role in her blog. You will also find recipes from other regions of the world.

We at TravelWorldOnline have been traveling around the world since 2001. We are always searching for the regional cuisine at our destinations. At cooking classes we look over the shoulder of cooks. We take a peak behind the scenes of wineries, farms and food producers. Test restaurants and gastronomic packages in luxury hotels. We always discover new specialties.

We intend to introduce these delicacies to you in cooperation with Azlin in this series about regional cuisines of the world. We team up and start a joint series of cross-media posts. In it we present you recipes and stories from the regional cuisines of the world, as we encounter them on our travels. Azlin shows you in her videos, how to cook these dishes at home.

Chakalaka recipe from South Africa

This Chakalaka recipe in its current form probably originated in the kitchens of the townships and mining settlements in and around Johannesburg in South Africa. The dish is still quite new. It is said that it originated in the hostels where the men in the townships lived.

Paprika Recipe from Southern Italy - Peperonata

With this paprika recipe for peperonata you can prepare the paprika vegetables like a housewife from Puglia, Calabria or Sicily. Everyone has their recipe that they swear by. It is not clear where the recipe originally came from. Some say it comes from Sicily. The others consider Calabria or Puglia to be the place of origin. One thing is certain: it tastes delicious and is easy to cook.