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Buy products that we can recommend in this shop. Some of them we have tested ourselves, others are products that consumer advice centers or Stiftung Warentest recommend. They are products that come in handy when traveling. We also present products that we discovered on our travels and that we can recommend. For the foodie travelers among you, we also present things that come in handy for cooking. Or foods and spices from all over the world that are needed to prepare exotic dishes.


Picnic What you have to take with you

Picnic - What do you have to bring? You can order it here.

Picnic - What do you have to bring? In response to the question Picnic What should I bring? you can find answers here. There are also accessories that make your excursion into nature an experience. Discover what's in right now. Here you will find equipment for eating in the garden or on the go, while hiking or at ...
What do you need for hiking

What do you need for hiking?

What do you need for hiking? When asked "What do you need for hiking?" Here you will find answers and equipment for pleasure hikers and everyone who wants to go on easy hikes. If you like to go on longer hikes or even plan long-distance hikes, this is not the place for you. Here are tips and equipment for everyone who likes ...
Motorhome accessories

Motorhome accessories online shop

In the motorhome accessories online shop Discover tips and equipment for caravans and campers in this motorhome accessories online shop. This means you can supply your motorhome with everything you need for your travels. Here you will find options for purchasing accessories. There are also tips for your motorhome trips that will help you...
Checklist beach vacation

Beach vacation checklist - what needs to be in the suitcase?

Beach holiday checklist - what needs to be in the suitcase? A vacation checklist for the beach vacation is useful because it helps you to organize everything. In these articles you will find everything you need for a beach holiday by the sea or a lake. You can also buy your beach equipment here...
Packing list for vacation

Packing list for vacation - what do you need for the trip?

Use this holiday packing list With this holiday packing list, you won't forget anything, because it contains all the important things you need for your trip. You can also use the checklist to check whether you have packed everything you need. However, if you need anything else, you can...
Kitchen accessories shop

Kitchen accessories shop for pleasure travelers

Kitchen accessories shop for pleasure travelers In this kitchen accessories shop for pleasure travelers you will find everything you need. Here you can find cookbooks with recipes from all over the world, as well as kitchen utensils that you need to prepare them. Do you like to go on vacation with the mobile home or the houseboat? Then you will find the ...
Book a rental car

Book a rental car for vacation

Book a rental car in English* Book a rental car for your trip A car is the best solution so that you can organize your trips flexibly. So you stop at places that you like. You can decide spontaneously where you want to interrupt your journey and you are flexible in your choice of ...
Order awning for terrace

Order awnings for balconies and patios for outdoor enjoyment at home

Order an awning for the terrace or balcony We thought about it for a long time - awning or parasol? Our terrace faces south. That's why the sun shines fully on our terrace from midday onwards. On the one hand, that's very nice. On the other hand, we could only use the terrace as soon as the sun disappeared behind the lime tree...
Buy a tent in the tent shop

Buy a tent in the tent shop

Tent Shop In the TravelWorldOnline tent shop you can buy your tent for your camping holiday. Here you can buy cheap tents for 2 to 4 people and larger. If you want to spend a camping holiday at a campsite, we recommend choosing a larger tent. Then you can rent the tent...
Camping e-bike folding bike

Camping with an e-bike folding bike in a mobile home

Why is a folding e-bike for a motorhome practical when camping? We learned on our motorhome tour through the wine region on the Main that a bike is helpful when camping with a motorhome. As pleasant as the size of our motorhome was at the campsites, handling it on the road trip over...
LED camping lamps solar or with battery

Buy camping lamps for tents and mobile homes

Are you planning a camping holiday with a tent or motorhome? Then you should also prepare for the nights. After all, when you're camping, you don't want to go to sleep with the chickens as soon as it gets dark. Therefore, a camping light is essential. You can hang them in the tent. If you are traveling by motorhome...
Camping accessories online store

Camping accessories shop for every adventure

Camping Accessories Shop Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends. In our camping accessories shop you will find everything you need for your next adventure - from tents and camping furniture to cookware, water filters and much more. Whether you are with...
camping equipment

Camping Gear: What You Really Need

During our travels we traveled in many ways. We chose to camp in a tent especially when the travel costs for hotel accommodation or motorhome rental would have been too high. On some of our trips to the wilderness regions in the far north of Canada and Alaska, we also went with a tent...


For everyone who sees traveling as a pleasure and not a rush, the TravelWorldOnline Shop offers a carefully selected range of products that will enrich your travel experience. Here you will not only find practical helpers that have been thoroughly tested, but also those little luxury items that turn a simple trip into an unforgettable experience.

Picnic – The experience in nature

Imagine sitting on a soft blanket in the countryside, surrounded by the silence of nature, and enjoying a carefully prepared meal. In the TravelWorldOnline Shop you will find everything you need for this scenario: from the insulated cooler bag that keeps your food fresh to the elegant picnic basket that leaves nothing to be desired. Here we will help you put together the perfect picnic equipment that will make your trip into nature a real pleasure.

Hiking – Enjoy every step

Do you love exploring the world on foot, but you still don't want to miss out on comfort? Here you will find a selection of hiking accessories that have been put together especially for pleasure hikers. Lightweight backpacks, comfortable hiking shoes and useful accessories that make your hikes fun without weighing you down.

Motorhome shop for your home on wheels

For you, traveling means freedom and independence. In the TravelWorldOnline Shop you will discover accessories that will transform your motorhome into a comfortable home. From practical organizers to technical gadgets that make your trip safer and more pleasant, everything is included. Here you'll find the equipment you need to explore the world at your own pace.

Beach vacation – soak up the sun without worries

A beach vacation should be relaxing and not stressful because you forgot something important at home. With the checklist for your beach holiday and the corresponding products from the shop, you can ensure that you are well prepared for every hour of sunshine. From the beach mat to the sunscreen – everything has been thought of here.

Kitchen accessories shop for culinary explorers

Do you love not missing out on culinary highlights even when traveling? In the kitchen accessories shop you will find everything you need to conjure up delicious dishes on the go. Whether it's sturdy pots for cooking over a campfire or special spices to refine your dishes - you'll find what you're looking for here.

Rental car – stay flexible

Would you like to make your trip flexible and also explore remote places? With a rental car from the TravelWorldOnline Shop, you remain independent and can stop wherever you like. Here you will find offers that give you the freedom to design your trip according to your own ideas.

Outdoor enjoyment – ​​your balcony becomes a vacation spot

You don't want to miss out on the feeling of vacation at home? With the right awnings and patio equipment from the shop, you can make your balcony or terrace the perfect place for outdoor enjoyment.

Camping Shop – pure nature

Do you prefer to sleep under the open sky? In the tent shop you will find high-quality tents that offer you comfort and protection in nature. No matter whether you are traveling alone or with the family – there is the right tent for your next adventure here.

E-bike folding bike – the practical travel companion

A folding e-bike in a motorhome is the ideal solution for staying mobile even on camping trips. It saves space and gives you the freedom to explore at any time.

In the TravelWorldOnline Shop you will find everything you need for your travels - and a little more. Get inspired and equip yourself for your next big trip.


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