Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming

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Castle Wiesenburg

Wiesenburg castle and park

Wiesenburg Castle in Flaming we discovered when we were visiting places for gourmet looking south of Berlin. There we saw some nice ones Autumn days at the gates of Berlin in the region of Wiesenburg Mark, which make the trip unforgettable for us. Our Germany Journey took us to the area around Bad Belzig. There we explored the Fläming region.




Entrance gate to Wiesenburg Castle
Entrance gate to the castle in Brandenburg


Wiesenburg Brandenburg

So far we have always passed it on our Berlin trips. However, the wide landscapes had made us curious. Somehow they remind me of the romantic paintings by Watteau with their vastness and their ancient trees. I wanted to see more of that. Only what is worth it and where should we start. So far we only knew the name from Fläming. So I turned to our followers on Facebook, and it didn't take long for the first suggestions to arrive. "Go hiking". "Take a look at the Havelland." What attracted me the most was this suggestion: "There are castles and parks in the Fläming." We followed up on this information. One of the castles that we found is Wiesenburg Castle.


Access to Wiesenburg Castle in Fläming
Access to Wiesenburg Castle


We are fascinated Castles and their parks. So the decision was made. Wiesenburg Castle and its park were quickly found. However, it turns out that the castle is not open to the public. After the fall of the wall, apartments were set up in the city, which now attract city refugees to the countryside. Rightly so, as we found out during our visit. Because here you will find a true natural paradise.


You need this for a visit to Wiesenburg Castle

  • Comfortable walking bootswhere you can go well
  • A pair of backpack is definitely practical for everything you need on the go.
  • In our hiking checklist you can check whether you have packed everything for your hike.
  • Everything for one Picnic at the castle pond.
  • The region offers beautiful photo opportunities. Therefore you should bring your Camera .


Plums cinnamon tea
Before the walk, there's a cup of plum cinnamon tea with bee sting


Wiesenburg Brandenburg Castle and its history

The history of the castle goes back to the 12th century. The castle was first mentioned in 1161. Albrecht the Bear had it built. In 1180 she fell to the Duchy of Saxony. Together with the Rabenstein Castle and the Castle Eisenhardt should the Hohen Fläming oppose the power desires of the Archbishop of Magdeburg and the Margrave of Brandenburg defend. Numerous changes of ownership followed until Spanish mercenaries set fire to the castle in 1547.

In 1550 the castle owner Friedrich III. Lindau fire with reconstruction. The construction of the castle in the Renaissance style took over two generations. After the devastation in the Thirty Years' War, the Lindaus fire had the castle restored. Because there was no longer a male heir, it finally fell to the von Watzdorf family through marriage. Curt Friedrich Ernst von Watzdorf had the castle redesigned in the style of the Neo-Renaissance. It received its current appearance. He also had the landscape park created in the English style.


Reflection in the castle pond
Reflection in the castle pond


Through various marriages, the castle finally came into the possession of the Count of Plauen. After the war the family was expropriated and the castle fell to the state of Brandenburg. Between 1947 and 1992 it served as a school and boarding school. In 1998 a group of investors bought the castle and had it renovated. The outer facade was redesigned according to plans from the end of the 19th century. Today there are apartments and offices inside. Wiesenburg Mark received his castle in this way. (Source: Wikipedia)

The castle, the garden hall and the courtyard are normally not accessible. They are only open to visitors at events. There is a tourist information office in the gatehouse. There is also an exhibition on the history of the castle. From the keep you have a view of the surroundings of Wiesenburg (small entry).

The castle park Wiesenburg Fläming

The Wiesenburg Castle Park in Fläming is open to the public. Everyone has access to it and can walk through the well-tended parks. We gladly made use of this and took a long walk around the park. The formal part of the park begins right behind the castle. There are several there Terraces with symmetrically arranged flower beds that draw the viewer's gaze to the pond. Behind it is a naturally kept part of the park. Trees that were planted at the end of the 19th century grow in it. They come from different countries in Europe. Curt Friedrich Ernst von Watzdorf, the former lord of the castle, brought them back from countless trips.


Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming
Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming


A park for connoisseurs in Wiesenburg Mark

In any case, we can still take a rest on a bench in the shade of these giant trees. From there there are magnificent views of the castle, which is always reflected differently in the pond. But see for yourself. The best thing to show is the photos we brought from our walk. The park is wonderful for one Picnic. From the benches across the pond there is a beautiful view of the castle. Here you can unpack your picnic, watch the swans in the pond and enjoy the view of the park and castle. Then you can at a Hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park work off the calories you eat.


Castle Park Wiesenburg
In addition, trees from all over Europe grow in Schlosspark Wiesenburg


Here you will find the Schlosspark Wiesenburg:

Schloßstraße 1
14827 Wiesenburg mark

Click on the next photo and look up too Petar's video about Bad Belzig and Schloss Wiesenburg past. His recordings tempt you to take a stroll through the palace gardens.


The castle pond
Castle park Wiesenburg Brandenburg

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Castle Wiesenburg
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Source Wiesenburg Brandenburg: own research on site. We thank Tourism Brandenburg for the invitation to this trip. However, as always, our opinion remains our own.

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Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming

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