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A good suitcase makes the difference. It keeps you organized, makes packing easier, and moves effortlessly through narrow aisles. Whether for a weekend trip or a trip around the world, the choice is crucial. In our suitcase shop you can find out what types of suitcases are available and who they are suitable for.

Hard-shell cases are robust Luggage. They protect against shocks and are usually waterproof. Ideal if you want to transport valuables safely. Soft luggage, on the other hand, is more flexible. It adapts and also fits into small gaps. Perfect if you're often on the go and pack quickly.

Trolleys with wheels take you comfortably from A to B. With two wheels you are nimble, with four wheels your suitcase is stable. For those who like things uncomplicated, there are also travel bags. They are light and easy to store. Business cases protect your technology and keep documents within easy reach. And for the little adventurers? You can also find children's suitcases in the suitcase shop. They are colorful and make the youngsters proud travelers.


Suitcase reviews and tips in the suitcase shop


Spoiled for choice: what types of suitcases are there?

Are you faced with the big question of which suitcase is the right one for you? In our suitcase shop you will find a variety that makes every trip easier. Here you can find out what types of suitcases are available and how to make the right choice.

Hard-shell suitcases in the suitcase shop: your robust travel companion

Hard-shell cases are true protective heroes. They protect your belongings from pressure and moisture. Their hard shell also withstands the roughest handling at the airport. So if you want to safely transport fragile souvenirs or technology, a hard case is your first choice.


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Soft luggage: your flexible friend

Instead, soft luggage scores points with its adaptability. It expands and fits into any gap. Are you someone who is often on the go and values ​​lightness? Then soft luggage is right for you. It's also ideal when traveling in a car, train or bus where a little squeezing and squeezing is required.


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Trolleys in the suitcase shop: rolling through the world

Trolleys are comfortable companions for travelers. With two wheels you are maneuverable, ideal for quick routes. Four wheels, on the other hand, offer stability and easy maneuvering, even with heavy luggage. Whether on the cobblestones or in the airport lounge, trolleys make traveling child's play.


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Travel bags and duffle bags: pack freedom

Travel bags, on the other hand, are the heroes of flexibility. They adapt, are light and quickly at hand. They are definitely unbeatable for a short trip or as extra luggage. You can pack them full or roll them up small – whatever you need.


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Business and laptop cases in the suitcase shop: your office on wheels

Special suitcases are required for business trips. They protect your technology and keep everything important to hand. With a business suitcase you show professionalism and at the same time have everything safely stowed away.


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Children's suitcases in the suitcase shop for little explorers

For children, having their own suitcase is something special. They offer space for toys and often have funny designs. This makes traveling a great adventure for the little ones.


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In our suitcase shop you will find all of these types and more.

Suitcase sizes and weights: What suits me?

Hand luggage in the suitcase shop: your companion on board

Carry-on suitcases must be chosen wisely. The airlines have clear guidelines regarding size and weight. Usually 55 x 40 x 20 cm and 8 kg are the limit. Our tip: Choose a suitcase that is slightly smaller. This will help you avoid stress at the gate afterwards.

Checked baggage: Your trusty companion in the hold

For longer trips you need more space. A suitcase with a capacity of 60 to 80 liters often fits well. Remember: the larger the suitcase, the heavier the luggage. Be sure to check the curb weight before purchasing to avoid surprises.

Weight and volume: Pack wisely, not heavy

A light suitcase is worth its weight in gold. You have more space for your things and may save on fees. Think about how much you really need. A suitcase that is two-thirds full is usually sufficient.

Features and functions: This is what you should pay attention to

A good lock protects your belongings from thieves. TSA locks are definitely recommended, especially for trips to the USA. Rolls are a must. Two large wheels run smoothly, while four small ones offer more mobility. A sturdy telescopic handle makes pulling easier.

The suitcase should be practically divided inside. Multiple compartments help keep things organized. A cross strap secures your belongings. Also pay attention to the material. Polycarbonate is light and durable, nylon is flexible and durable.


Features and functions: This is what you should pay attention to when buying from a suitcase shop

Lock systems: Your security counts

A good lock keeps your things safe. TSA locks are ideal, especially for flights to the USA. They allow security authorities to check your luggage without damaging it. Other types of locks also offer protection. Choose what gives you security.

Wheels and telescopic handles: Move easily

Wheels are your friend on long airport journeys. Two large wheels are robust, four small ones make your suitcase maneuverable. An extendable telescopic handle that adjusts to your size is a must. It saves energy and protects your back at the same time.

Interior and layout: Everything in the right place

The inside of your suitcase is important. Several compartments help you keep things organized. A cross strap secures your clothing. This way you can find everything quickly and your things stay where they should.

Material and workmanship: quality that lasts

The material of your suitcase determines its weight and durability. Polycarbonate is light and robust, nylon is flexible and strong. Also pay attention to clean seams and sturdy zippers. A suitcase that is well made will accompany you for many years.

Care and maintenance of your suitcase

Tips from the suitcase shop for cleaning and care

After every trip, your suitcase deserves a fresh treatment. Wipe the outside with a damp cloth. A vacuum cleaner is suitable for the inside to remove crumbs and dust. Stubborn stains? A mild detergent helps. Afterwards, leave the suitcase open so that it dries well.

Storage: Your suitcase is resting

When you're not traveling, your suitcase needs a place to rest. A dry, cool room is ideal. Don't hire it, leave it open. This way you avoid odors and the formation of mold. If there is no space available, use a protective cover. This way it stays dust-free.


Suitcase set in the suitcase shop
Suitcase set in the suitcase shop


Buying a suitcase in the suitcase shop: This is how you find the best offer

Online vs. Offline: Your options when buying a suitcase

Buying online is convenient. You compare products and prices with just a few clicks. You also have a huge selection. But be careful: the colors and materials may appear different in real life. In the store, however, you see what you get. You feel the material and test the rollers. The downside: The selection is often limited and it can be more expensive.

Value for money: Buy smart

Inexpensive does not mean cheap. Instead, look for quality that fits your budget. A good suitcase doesn't have to be expensive. Compare offers and pay attention to details. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.

Customer reviews and tests: Learn from others

Customer reviews are worth their weight in gold. They give you insight into other buyers’ experiences. Tests also help. They show how the case performs in practice. Be sure to use this information to make your choice.

Conclusion for buying a suitcase in the suitcase shop

Be sure to pay attention to the types of suitcases: hard-shell suitcases protect you, soft luggage is flexible. Trolleys make traveling easier, while travel bags offer freedom. Business cases organize your technology and children's cases delight the little ones.

Also pay attention to size and weight. For example, hand luggage must fit in the cabin, checked luggage can hold more. Light luggage saves fees. Features like wheels, handles and compartments make the difference. Quality pays, so choose materials that last.

Online offers you variety as well as comparison options, but in the store you can experience the suitcase up close instead. Value for money is definitely crucial, not just the price. Customer reviews and tests give you security in your choice.

Be sure to take your time choosing. Your suitcase will then be a loyal companion on many trips.


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Suitcase Shop – Find the perfect suitcase for your next trip

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