Wine Regions

Heuriger or Buschenschank - what is what?

Heuriger or Buschenschank - which is better? Our opinion: none! The home cooking that is served in both – regardless of whether it is the cold platters from the Buschenschanken or the hearty cuisine from the Heurigen – is always good. And the wine even more!

Canadian ice wine from Niagara

Canadian ice wine from Niagara tastes delicious. We tasted four wines at a presentation of Canadian wines from the Niagara region. Here you can also find out where to buy Canadian ice wine. This can be done online.

Wine hotels in Franconia – a selection

If you are a wine lover and are looking for a special holiday experience, you should definitely visit the wine hotels in Franconia! Here you will find everything your heart desires: excellent wine, relaxing wellness offers and a breathtaking landscape.

The perfect destination in Franconia

How do I find the perfect excursion destination in Franconia? You're probably familiar with the problem: The work week is coming to an end, the weather is forecast to be nice for the weekend, and you just feel like treating yourself to a few days off. But where is the best place to go and what is really worth it? That's even[…]