Recipes from all over the world

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Recipes from all over the world for specialties from all over the worldDakos Crete recipe

Recipes from all over the world

Here you will find recipes from all over the world. With it you can cook specialties from all over the world at home and bring the taste of your last holiday into the kitchen. Enjoy the memories and the homemade delicacies not only when traveling but also at home. Enjoy regional dishes from all over the world and prepare them yourself at home.


Homemade Kniddelen – step-by-step instructions

Kniddelen: A piece of Luxembourg in your kitchen Welcome to the world of Luxembourg cuisine! It's all about Kniddelen, a dish that perfectly combines simplicity and taste. Every child in Luxembourg knows her. We tried them during our visit to the city of Luxembourg and have a special...
Tomato mozzarella casserole

Tomato mozzarella casserole on toast

Our recipe video for the tomato mozzarella casserole on toast has been published a long time ago. However, the recipe was previously missing from the blog. Since this video is now booming during Advent, it's time we made the recipe available to you here too. At first I was surprised that the video recipe was...
Chocolate macaroons recipe

Chocolate macaroons recipe with nuts

A must at Christmas time: chocolate macaroons with nuts Even as a child, this chocolate macaroon recipe was standard in my mother's kitchen every Christmas time. For me, there is hardly any other type of cookie that I associate with the Christmas celebrations of my childhood as much as chocolate macaroons with nuts. So it's no wonder that we...
Simple cookie recipes

Simple recipes for cookies – quick and delicious Christmas baking

Simple cookie recipes make baking cookies fun. Christmas is approaching and with it the time for baking cookies. This tradition brings us together every year in the run-up to Christmas. Petar and I like to use the time to bake together. Small works of art are then created in the kitchen. At least sometimes. Another time ...
Potato pancakes recipe or Grompere Kicheler, Dotsch, Klitscher

Potato pancakes recipe – Grompere Kichelcher, Dotsch, Klitscher

Potato pancakes are more than just a side dish; they are a piece of German food culture. In many families they are an integral part of the menu and are particularly popular in the cold season. But potato pancakes are not only popular in Germany. They have many faces and have different names in different regions. With ...
Farmer's donuts, undressed

Donuts, Ausgezogene, Küchle or Bauernkrapfen

Drawn, Küchle or Bauernkrapfen They have many names: in Bavaria they are known as drawn or drawn. In Franconia they are called Küchle or Kiachla. In Austria they are called Bauernkrapfen. In the Tyrolean region, they are also known as Knieküchle or Kniekeulchen. They are also known as Rottnudel, Streubla or Fenschterkiachle ...

Enjoy venison leg: preparation, purchase and more

A few weeks ago we were guests at the Peterhof forest restaurant in Gablingen. The country inn with beer garden is located in the Western Forests Nature Park near Augsburg. We were there for lunch on a Saturday and initially only shared the beer garden with a few other guests. As time went on, however, more and more hikers came...
Grilling cevapcici on the gas grill

Grilling cevapcici on the gas grill

Cevapcici - a story from the Balkans Grilling Cevapcici is more than just a grill classic; it is a piece of culture and history. Originally from the Balkans, they have found their way into many European cuisines. The history of Cevapcici is closely linked to Ottoman cuisine. When the Ottomans...
Salzburg specialties - Mozartkugel

Salzburg specialties that (not) everyone knows

Salzburg specialties Salzburg is so well known that almost everyone knows some of the Salzburg specialties. When you visit Salzburg, you can hardly avoid some of them. Either the waiter in your restaurant praises them. Or you stumble across it in the town's souvenir shops. Nevertheless, there are some special features in the ...
Bake bread in the Omnia oven

Baking bread in the Omnia - This is how bread is baked in the mobile home

Who doesn't know this from their motorhome trips? Fresh bread for breakfast always tastes best. Many campsites offer a bread delivery service. But you don't always spend the night at a campsite like this. That's why it's good if you can help yourself. You can bake bread in the Omnia oven anywhere. Doesn't matter, ...


Recipes from all over the world
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Recipes from all over the world

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