Slow Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Slow Travelers

Travel Tips for Slow Travelers

In these travel tips for slow travelers you will find ideas and suggestions on how to experience your travels consciously. Take your time and get to know your travel destinations intensively. It's not just the highlights that make a travel destination interesting. On the contrary! You only really get to know a country if you renounce mass tourism. You will only meet other tourists there. Isn't it much more exciting to take a look behind the scenes? To get closer to a country and its people? It's easy to do with these travel tips for slow travelers.

Scene from Anatevka

Two open air festivals in Burgenland

Are you interested in events and festivals in Burgenland? Summer is festival time in Burgenland. We were able to experience this ourselves in August on our cultural tour through Burgenland, which also brought us closer to the country's borders. Events and festivals in Burgenland at Tabor Castle Our journey began in the town...
Beautiful beaches of Italy

The Best Beaches in Italy: a Paradise of Sand and Sea

Italy always tempts us. We have visited its coasts on many trips, from Trieste along the Adriatic to Cesenatico down to Marche and from the coast of Florence along the Riviera to the border with France. We have described some of our travel experiences in this blog. Others are missing...
Opatija seafront promenade Lungomare

Why the beach promenade in Opatija is a must for every Croatia vacation

Enjoy your walk along the Opatija beach promenade The Opatija beach promenade Lungomare stretches over 12 kilometers and connects several coastal towns on the Kvarner Bay. It runs directly past the Hotel Miramar, where we stayed in Opatija. Since most of the city's sights and beaches are on the...
Opatija beach

Opatija Beach: Everything you need to know for a beach day

Opatija, on Croatia's Adriatic Sea, is a magnet for tourists, especially in the summer months. The city then becomes lively and the beaches fill with people. Despite the crowds of tourists, Opatija has a variety of beaches to offer that cater to every taste. Whether you want to visit the lively Slatina beach...
the Devil's Bridge.

Kassel Water Show - You should know this, before you visit it

Kassel cascades: what you should know about the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe trick fountains A visit to the Kassel Wilhelmshöhe trick fountains begins with Hercules in Kassel. The water games begin at Hercules. From there you follow the water down the mountain. The Hercules Kassel towers over the Kassel trick fountains The statue of Hercules in Kassel is enthroned ...
Rijeka beach

Rijeka Beach: The top beaches you shouldn't miss

Rijeka is a vibrant port city on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. It is more than just a gateway to the country's islands. The city offers a fascinating mix of culture, history and natural beaches. If you think that Rijeka is just a stopover on the way to other Croatian hotspots,...

What is Slow Travel?

That's how we define Slow Travel:

Slow travel

Slow Travel is sustainable travel

The best way of slow travel is to focus on specific places or attractions and take your time. Which places are particularly suitable for this? Which sights are worthwhile? These tips will help you to find such excursion and travel destinations.


You will also find travel tips for slow travelers on how to sustainably discover a place or region. We introduce you to places and regions and show you where and how you can experience them sustainably. In our recommendations, we attach great importance to showing you a range of activities and activities, where and how you can experience this place or this region sustainably. By exploring travel destinations, getting involved with their people, doing something with them and making excursions into the surrounding area, you are helping to protect nature and the environment and making your trip an intense experience. Immerse yourself in the world you want to get to know. Stay in one place longer. Get to know their people.


Slow Travel Road Trips

Individual travel by car is perfect for slow travelers. You can take your time and explore a region in detail. By car you are independent, can stop wherever you want. You can also continue driving, if a destination is not to your liking. You can make trips from a fixed location, follow an itinerary or take a roundtrip within a region.

Slow hiking and leisurely hiking

You experience a region particularly intensely when you are out and about on foot. It makes a difference whether you take your time and let the environment affect you. Only then do you have the opportunity to perceive your surroundings in detail. We like to combine leisure walks with a picnic or a visit to an inn, a beer garden or a café.

Ship and boat trips - Slow Travel par excellence

Cruises, trips by houseboat, river cruises or even boat trips on rivers and lakes - all are perfect for slow travelers. What could be more relaxing than letting a landscape slowly pass by while sitting comfortably on deck or cruising along a river?

Beach vacation destinations

Relaxing on the beach, beach walks and views of the sea – all of this is also part of the way to travel slowly. This usually involves a longer stay. However, there are also beaches that are suitable for a trip or a stopover on a road trip. So enjoy a few hours or days on one of the beaches we recommend.

Motorhome travel - travel tips for slow travelers

Traveling in a motorhome often has the flavor of freedom and independence. Is that correct? What should you keep in mind when traveling in a motorhome? You can find the answers to these questions and more in these travel tips for slow travelers.

Immersive Travel

Experience lifestyle & enjoyment - travel tips for slow travelers to the people

What is special about a region can be easily recognized by its traditional customs and the peculiarities of the people's way of life. The cattle drive in the Alps is an expression of everyday life, as is the Tintamarre in the French-speaking regions of Canada, where the Acadians celebrate their culture. A powwow of North American First Nations expresses this just as much as a wine festival in the Austrian Weinviertel.

Enjoy art and culture - travel tips for slow travelers and culture fans

The situation is similar with the art and culture of a region. This applies to both high art and folk art. Regionality is expressed in both. Just think of how the Canadian Group of Seven paintings in the National Gallery in Ottawa differ from the paintings by Dutch masters hanging in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. Or how the mask art of African wood carvers differs from the folk art of Nova Scotia.

Crafts and design - travel tips for slow travelers to immerse themselves in a culture

How people in certain regions design their personal environment is an expression of their culture and their way of life. It's exciting to look for these differences. The cozy cottages on New England's coasts are immediately assigned to this region because they are only found there. The same goes for Scandinavian design, which you recognize at first glance, or colorful African patterns, which you immediately interpret as such. It's also a lot of fun to get creative yourself.

Food as access to foreign cultures

The concept of traveling slowly goes back to a book by Dan Kieran. The trigger for his book was the fear of flying. Dan Kieran doesn't get on a plane if he can avoid it. While his friends traveled by plane to their destinations, he boarded the train. Let the landscape slide past you. Enjoyed experiencing the journey to his destination. That cost him time, though. More time. However, it also brought him closer to traveling. For Kieran, the journey is the destination. The conscious experience of the process of traveling.

Slow Travel - Slowly discover travel and cultures

It doesn't matter which means of transport he uses. For example, he traveled to England in a milk truck. This is certainly an exciting way to travel. But also one that is ideal for slow travel. Traveling slowly in the sense of “taking your time”, “experiencing”, “getting involved with your environment and the people.” This is the type of traveling that we present in our blog. Maybe not necessarily in a milk truck. But for us, slow travel is traveling at leisure. With time for the country. To get to know the peculiarities of a culture.

The culinary art - perfect for slow travel

Discovering the world's cuisines is perfect for slow travelers. You stay in one place. You meet people from your travel destination. Immerse yourself in their everyday life. While cooking together. A food tour through the city. A visit to a winemaker. Overnight stay at a winery. A walk with a herbal specialist. Or a cooking class with a star chef. It doesn't matter what your slow (food) travel adventure looks like. Food is definitely an excellent way to connect with people. No matter what culture they come from.

Food as access to foreign cultures

Have you ever enjoyed a Brettljause in a Buschenschank in Austria? The landlady is guaranteed to chat with you and recommend his favorite wine. How was your last snack in a country inn? The innkeeper will definitely ask where you come from. This also works in other countries and continents. Drink a grappa in an Italian tavern. It doesn't take long until you start a conversation. Sit down campfire on a safari. Conversations with others quickly arise. The list can be continued endlessly. Food is definitely a topic that is a topic of conversation for every person. Use it on your slow travel trips and get to know your destination and its residents better.

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