Road trips in Germany

Germany by car

Road trips in Germany

In times of Corona, road trips are in Germany one of the safest types of vacation. We travel as a couple. On the way we either spend the night in holiday apartments or in one or a few hotels. We either plan for food Picnic. Or we take a break in a restaurant where we can sit outside. A vacation in Germany by car is a good way of complying with the corona rules and at the same time taking a relaxing vacation.

Baltic Sea resorts & Hanseatic cities - Baltic Sea cities here Stralsund

Baltic Sea Resorts and Hanseatic Cities – Baltic Sea Cities in Germany

Baltic Sea Cities - Hanseatic Towns and Baltic Sea Resorts We discovered how fascinating Baltic Sea resorts and Hanseatic towns are on our trips to the Baltic Sea. The seaside resorts invite you to a holiday by the sea. Many of them are located on Baltic Sea beaches that are worth a visit. Some of the Baltic Sea cities are known for their spa architecture...
Assmannshausen near Rhine in flames

Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

Discover beautiful cities on the Rhine There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. We have seen this again and again in our travels as travel bloggers over the last few years. We think the section in the Middle Rhine Valley between Mainz and Koblenz is particularly nice for a holiday on the Rhine. These two cities are also the same...
Franconian wine weekend at one of the wine festivals

Wine weekend in Franconia with the winemaker

Wine weekend Franconia at the winemaker or in the wine hotel Excursions and tips for Würzburg visitors. Six wine villages in Franconia for a holiday with a winegrower in Franconia or for a wine weekend in Franconia? Holidays in a wine region of Germany are possible in these places. There is a Franconian wine route that bears this name ...
Fischland Zingst Darss Sunset

Darss sights between Fischland and Zingst

Darss vacation on the Baltic Sea Holidays on the Baltic Sea on the peninsula on the Baltic Sea coast The Baltic Sea beach is one of the Darss sights, which is why we make the detour on our trip from Stralsund to Kuehlungsborn. What a beach! He is wild. It stretches endlessly from one end of the peninsula to ...
Winery Hamm in Oestrich-Winkel serves Hessian specialties

A culinary trip through Hessen

Holiday in Hesse with typical Hessian specialties What is typical for the food in Hesse? We will look into this question on our holiday in Hesse. Typical Hessian specialties are on our menu on this gourmet journey. Butchers, bakers, cheesemakers and winegrowers explain their craft and their products to us. Discover underneath...
The "Kanonenbahn" near Alf on the Moselle

Go on vacation on the Moselle

Go on holiday on the Moselle In the vicinity of Alf you can go on holiday on the Moselle with excursions along the vineyards. Visit places like Zell or Bad Bertrich. Discover castles. Enjoy the view of the river valley and taste the wines of the region. Do you already know the river on ...
Piano on the beach - Usedom Island attractions

Travel to Usedom - not just because of the music

Three-day road trip with music to the Usedom sights Travel to Usedom - most people do this to experience Baltic Sea places. Let the wind blow in your face. to take a bathing holiday on the Baltic Sea. Watching the waves come to rest on the beach. A selection of Baltic Sea...
Go on vacation in the wine region of Germany - Wipfeld in the wine region of Franconia

Weinland Franconia by mobile home

Through the wine region of Franconia - along the Main in a mobile home We are traveling through the wine region of Franconia. Holidaying in the German wine region is pure enjoyment. 125 kilometers in nine days through the Franconian wine-growing region! This is slow travel and pleasure travel, as we imagine it! Perfect for a...
Erzgebirge folk art manufacturer Erzgebirge folk art travel tips for slow travelers

Discover old Erzgebirge folk art

A journey on which you will discover Erzgebirge folk art. Erzgebirge folk art Seiffen is famous. Erzgebirge folk art Manufacturers of candle arches, pyramids, smokers, nutcrackers and other wooden figures have a long tradition in Saxony. In other words, the region in Saxony is known for the Erzgebirge wood art and its handicrafts. Along the border with the Czech Republic, these belong to ...
Castle in Tangermünde

Three days in Stendal, Tangermünde and Tangerhütte

Three cities in the Altmark Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte are on the program of our three-day trip through the Altmark in Saxony-Anhalt. The first thing we notice are the thick, gnarled trees that stand all over the meadows. With every tree I see, I wonder how old it is ...

So that we do not damage the environment too much with this type of vacation, we stay in a certain region. Staycation in Franken, Saxony or Hessen or another state. We make excursions from a fixed location. We take walks and go hiking. Or we do a tour where we need short driving distances. Alternatively, you can do these tours with the Caravan do. So you can directly in nature übernachten. This is how you can drive on a vacation in Germany nice cities discover or Regions explore.



Road trips in Germany
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