Mobile home and travel tips for newbies

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Motorhome tips for newbies

We are always asked what should be considered when traveling with a camper. The United States and Canada are classic travel destinations where camper and travel go well together. The beautiful nature in the southwest, on the west coast or in the Rocky Mountains tempts you to be as close as possible. But also in Europe there are many regions and travel destinations that are well suited for motorhome trips. The rough coasts of Great Britain, the lakes of Scandinavia or the beaches on the Mediterranean always offer beautifully situated plotswhere you can enjoy the beauties of nature up close. And what better place to do it than in a motorhome, which you put on a campsite in the middle of the forest on a beautifully situated lake or with a view of the dramatic mountains.



Motorhome and Travel - Crystal clear and shallow - on the banks of the Weissensee Carinthia
Crystal clear and shallow - on the banks of the Weissensee Carinthia

Questions RV newbies should ask themselves

For anyone who is dealing with the topic for the first time, there are questions: which motorhome is the best for your type of travel? What size should or may it be so that you feel comfortable with it? How does a mobile home drive? How does parking work in larger cities? Where to find good and nicely located campsites? Which additional technical equipment should you buy and why? What is the best way to park a vehicle like this? What do you have to consider at the campsites? What services are there at the campsites? How mobile are you with the mobile home? Is it worth taking a bike with you to be mobile on site? Should you rent a mobile home or rather buy it? How much does a motorhome vacation cost? How do the prices compare to a trip with a rental car and hotel? What are the additional costs for motorhome trips?



Do mountains, mobile homes and travel fit together?
Do mountains, mobile homes and travel fit together?


Many of the questions that newbies may encounter are answered in travel guides specially written on the subject:

Books about motorhomes and travel

There are a few books on Amazon that deal with tips for newbies:

Travel know-how Motorhome manual: purchase, equipment, technology, travel preparation, tips for traveling. (Abstract Book)
The handbook for motorhome owners and everyone who wants to become one. It provides detailed and clear information on issues relating to the purchase and equipment, vehicle technology and expansion options, right up to travel questions on the go.

Reise Know-How Praxis Caravan Manual: Guide with many practical tips and information (non-fiction book)
This handbook gives you all the information you need to know about your travel vehicle and tips on travel, equipment, accessories and life on the campsite.

Travel destinations that are well suited for motorhome trips can be found here Selection of travel guides for camper voyages on Amazon.



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Mobile home and travel tips for newbies

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  1. Dear Monika,

    Although we are not with the camper, but with a VW bus on the road, but I still have a few tips.
    We have even less storage space than a motorhome, so a decent packing system is very important, so you do not have to constantly clear out half the vehicle to find trifles.

    And after we had a small accident in Italy last year, we know the importance of car insurance that helps with disputes abroad.

    Best regards,


    1. Dear Melanie,

      Thank you very much for the tip. I can well imagine that order in such a vehicle is very important. Otherwise you are probably only looking.
      I'm sorry about your accident. I hope everything went well?

      Best regards,

      1. Dear Monika,

        yes, actually a "ridiculous accident", our car only had a few scratches, but the opponent (who was clearly to blame) wanted to blame us, so I'm very happy that we have a motor vehicle legal protection insurance that helped us here.

        Best regards,


  2. that is really a lot of questions, some of which I know only too well since we are traveling with the family for years with the caravan (which, of course, again a bit different from traveling with the motorhome)
    What I want to do in any case before I drive the first time such a car is a driving safety training, that goes at the ADAC, also I was last year at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf because you also get a lot of useful information and can the campers and caravans take a look inside

    1. Hello Melli,

      I can well imagine that driving a motorhome is different than with a caravan. The tip with a driving safety training is certainly a good thing!
      We were just at the CMT in Stuttgart, where we could also look at campers and caravans. That's where my curiosity comes from :).

      Best regards,

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