Lifestyle and enjoyment

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You have grown pumpkins

Lifestyle and enjoyment

In these articles you will find out how much lifestyle and enjoyment shape a travel destination. Often it is they who make a destination appealing to us. You like a lot of it so much that you like to do it at home too. Find out here what defines the lifestyle of a region. This makes it easier to decide where to go. It also gives you tips on what not to miss on your trip.


Ile d'Orleans near Quebec City

The Ile d'Orléans: an island full of culinary surprises!

The Ile d'Orléans is a true gem of Canadian cuisine. The fertile soil and mild climate ensure that a variety of fruits and vegetables thrive here that you won't find anywhere else. The farmers on the island are true masters of their trade and produce exquisite delicacies that you absolutely have to...
Fabletics21 Challenge

Fabletics21 Challenge: A Path to a Healthier Lifestyle

Advertising and product testing – Fabletics is no longer an unknown name in the world of sportswear. Known for its trendy and functional outfits, the brand has now also won over Petar, an enthusiastic supporter of an active and healthy lifestyle. After already having positive experiences with the Fabletics summer shorts,...
Winterlude - Canada travel tips

Ottawa Winterlude Festival 2025: Ice Sculptures and More

Experience the Ottawa Winterlude 2025 The Ottawa Winterlude 2025! A Canada travel tip in the east for the winter. This is how I imagine winter to be. Frosty temperatures, lots of snow, frozen rivers and a bright blue sky where the sun's rays make the snow sparkle. We are lucky enough to have the Ottawa ...
Pacific Rim Tofino Whale Festival

Pacific Rim Tofino Whale Festival on Vancouver Island

The Pacific Rim Tofino Whale Festival It's the time of the Pacific Rim Tofino Whale Festival on Vancouver Island. Again and again three gray whales emerge from the waves of the Pacific in front of us. They swim north towards Alaska. For a while their backs slide out of the waves at the same time ...
Breakfast by the pool in Miami Beach

What does a typical American Breakfast look like ?

For us, an American breakfast is always a special experience that goes far beyond a simple morning meal. It's lush, warm, and so diverse that it often keeps us full throughout the day. In fact, we enjoy this hearty meal so much that we usually skip lunch. From ...
Hygge living

Hygge living in autumn and winter

Hygge living in autumn and winter The Danes have always practiced it. Hygge Living. When the days get longer and the temperatures colder, then you feel most comfortable at home. Eat something good with family or friends by the fireplace. Take time for each other. The quiet away from the ...
Wind chime with sailing ships

On the coast of Nova Scotia, windchimes are causing a stir

Wind chimes made of wood or metal are celebrated on the coast of Nova Scotia. Wind chimes made of wood or metal spin wildly in the Atlantic wind. Have you ever heard of “Whirligigs”? No? We hadn't either until we traveled along the Lighthouse Trail on the coast of Nova...
Charming Quebec Village: A cozy bench in Knowlton, Quebec

Charming Quebec village - Knowlton

A charming Quebec village : Knowlton Quebec is part of the city of Brome Lake Do you know that too? You visit a place you have never heard of or imagined and are amazed by what you find there. This is what happened to us in the small village of Knowlton in the...
This is waiting for you at Chateau Laurier

Dining at Chateau Laurier Restaurants: A Luxury Experience in Ottawa

Our stay at the Hotel Chateau Laurier in Ottawa allowed us to sample the dining options at this hotel: a breakfast at Wilfried's restaurant with table service, a buffet breakfast at Wilfried's restaurant, a breakfast in the Fairmont Gold class private lounge, Tea time at Zoe's...
The car of Keukenhof

Bollenstreek Flower Parade Noordwijk 2025

Experience the Bollenstreek Blumencorso Noordwijk 2025 The tulip blossom Holland has done it to us. We have already been to the Netherlands to see tulips. Now let's learn more about how they are bred. We go from our houseboat by boat to Bollenstreek. We have the opportunity to...


Lifestyle and enjoyment
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Lifestyle and enjoyment

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