Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour

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Church in Otting

Enjoy the Chiemgau

A Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour is the most fun on secondary routes away from traffic jams and motorways. Drive slowly through the countryside. Keep an eye out for beautiful prospects. Enjoy the sun and the mild wind. We set out to do that last Sunday. The weather was perfect. Pure sun, a bright blue sky and not a cloud in sight. In addition, the region is practically on our doorstep. We had no desire for cities, culture or festivals. We wanted nature away from the tourist crowds. Instead of tourist highlights, we were looking for beautiful mountain panoramas, lakes and small villages. Experience nature. Recharge your batteries. See the mountains. Also explore the little things along the way. So slow travel. Here we introduce you to what we discovered on our journey.


Chiemgau Alps Panorama at Tachinger See
Chiemgau Alps Panorama at Tachinger See


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Traveling by car
Traveling by car


Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour

We were on country roads and in villages of Rupertiwinkel. When I mention this region, I often get questioning looks. The Rupertiwinkel is the region between Burghausen and Salzburg, in the east of the Chiemgaus runs along the Bavarian-Austrian border. It is a rural region. You will not find tourist highlights here in vain. Even if the Chiemgau Alps, the Berchtesgadener Land or the Salzburger Land are practically on the doorstep. The Rupertiwinkel is the quiet beauty at the gates of the Alps. The lake country in the foothills of the Alps.

The region is named after Bishop Rupert, who is on 7. Century wandered through the region to Salzburg. There he became the first bishop of the city on the Salzach. Rupert is often called the apostle of the Bavarians because he proselytized the people in this region. The area also belonged to the province of Salzburg for a long time. However, this time we were not on the search for cultural traces, but wanted to discover beautiful views of the Chiemgau Alps Panorama.

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Off the beaten track, we went looking for beautiful views of the Chiemgau Alps. We started our Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour in


Maypole in Kirchweidach
Maypole in Kirchweidach



We noticed the maypole there, as in many Bavarian Villages in the middle of the town center. The figures and scenes that decorate the maypole are particularly lovingly designed. There are music groups, carriages, riders, farmers and more that embody life in the village.


Path chapel with jasmine in the hamlet Emmering
Path chapel with jasmine in the hamlet Emmering


On the way in the direction of Palling we pass several small hamlets with typical Bavarian motifs. In Emmering, which is no more than a large farm, a path chapel almost disappears under a sprawling jasmine bush. The farms also decorate their barns here with beautiful wood decor as in this example.




Pleasure moss at Palling

A few kilometers further on, there is a Chiemgau Alps panorama in front of the village of Freutsmoos, which belongs to the municipality of Palling.


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Freutsmoos with Chiemgau Alps Panorama
Freutsmoos with Chiemgau Alps Panorama


Only a few kilometers further we reach the


The Tachinger See
The Tachinger See


Hiking guide for Chiemgau

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Tachinger See - view from the Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour

This lake is hardly known. It borders directly on Lake Waginger and is often considered part of it. However, we like this lake better because on sunny weekends it does not attract the same crowds as its neighbor. This is certainly due to the fact that there are hardly any tourist facilities at this lake, where you directly to the lake. Only a campsite and a boat rental with beach are on this lake. On the eastern shore a path leads along the lake. However, most visitors prefer it


Bavarian sausage salad on the Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour
You can try Bavarian sausage salad on a Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour


Kurhaus am Waginger See - a stop on the Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour

We join in for a lunch break at the Kurhaus. A place on the terrace at the lake is no longer to get. There are all tables occupied, but in the large guest room we still find a table for two people. Bavarian sausage salad and a plate of goulash with noodles are savory and typical dishes for the region. The Kurhaus Restaurant serves traditional cuisine. On the menu I also discover roast pork with dumplings as well as dumplings with chanterelle sauce for vegans. However, I search in vain for unusual or imaginative dishes. The food comes quickly despite large operation, and the service is friendly. Only culinary highlights should not be expected.


Goulash with noodles on the Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour
Goulash with noodles - delicious food on the Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour


We enjoy the sun on the lake for a while, before we make our way back to Kirchweidach. This time we choose the way over


In the Rupertiwinkel near Otting - Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour
In the Rupertiwinkel near Otting - Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour


Otting near Waging am See - Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour

Here, too, it is a question of a village that we can reach via a secondary route. Just behind Waging on the lake let's turn right. While the main traffic continues south and Salzburg, we have the narrow country road almost to ourselves. It leads up to a ridge. Shortly before Otting, a small road branches off to the left to the village church. From there we have a beautiful view of the rural landscapes of the Rupertiwinkel and the Alps in the background.


Church in Otting - Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour
Church in Otting on our Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour


The church of the village is impressive. It sits enthroned on the hill and forms the center of the place. In addition, we discover another lovingly designed maypole, whose figures suggest a tradition-conscious village community.


Maypoles are so beautiful in Bavaria on our Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour
Maypoles are so beautiful in Bavaria on our Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour


It shows the professions in the village. From the fisherman to the farmer to the baker, everything is there. I also discover a waitress, a beer brewer, a painter and a blacksmith. And even a tourist on a bicycle can be seen on the maypole. Right next door, the Oberwirt offers its guests a shady terrace. However, since we have only just got back from lunch, we prefer to save the visit for another time. Instead, we continue towards the chamber.


Ancient trees on our Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour
Ancient trees on our Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour


Along the way, lonely trees on wheat fields or cattle pastures stand out. Some of them are already hundreds of years old, so beautiful are their treetops. Brown, white and spotted cattle graze beneath it and enjoy the juicy grass.


Cattle on pasture in Chiemgau - Chiemgau Alps panorama
Cattle on pasture in Chiemgau on our Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour


Our conclusion: a Slow Travel Tour in the Rupertiwinkel

In Kammer we finally turn north again. From there we drive back to our starting point to Kirchweidach. Our Chiemgau Alps Panoramic tour (click on the link for a map) has taken us on country roads without much traffic through farmland and picturesque villages on a stretch of well over 50 kilometers through the Rupertiwinkel. We have taken a lot of time and also stopped in those places where you usually pass carelessly. A pleasurable tour that has shown us the Chiemgau Alps Panorama in many places. An advanced Alpine panorama tour with a view of the Chiemgau Alps we introduce here.

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Chiemgau excursion by car
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Chiemgau Alps Panorama Tour

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