Discover the Waginger See and its surroundings

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Wildflower meadow - road trips in Germany

The Waginger See and its surroundings

The Chiemgau Alps offer a great sight on a tour through the foothills of the Alps. Sunny weather lures us out to an alpine panorama tour from Waginger See to Nussdorf im Chiemgau. It is August 15th. Holiday in Catholic regions and communities Bavaria's. One celebrates the Assumption. First we think about whether we should use the perfect weather on this day. After all, we are not alone on public holidays. But the sun shines so temptingly from the blue sky that we can't resist. A Picnic is quickly prepared. This guarantees us an enjoyable day. There's a lot going on in the restaurants on the lakes. We therefore avoid them today. We finally leave for one

Chiemgau Alps Alpine Panorama Tour from Lake Waginger to Nussdorf

There is a lot of activity on the lakeside of Lake Waginger. To find a parking lot near the shore is hardly possible. Therefore, we cross the road that separates Lake Tachinger from Waginger See. On the other side of the lake, we finally turn left in the village of Tettenhausen into Bichelner Straße. This leads us through the village to the small hamlet Bicheln. There we leave our car and take our picnic basket.


The Chiemgau Alps seen from Tettenhausen on Waginger See
The Chiemgau Alps seen from Tettenhausen on Waginger See


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A narrow road leads above the Tachinger lake in the direction of the forest. However, we do not see Lake Tachingen from here. Instead, we set out to find a place for our lunch break. One kilometer further we find a shady bank under beeches. There we unpack our picnic and enjoy it off the beaten track at the lake. Calmly. The only thing we hear is the rustling of the treetops above us. Despite the holiday, we enjoy our trip to nature.


A perfect picnic area near the Waginger See
picnic Area



Enjoy silence in the forest
Enjoy silence in the forest



Shady place in the forest
Shady place in the forest


Waldness above the Tachinger lake

With the exception of a few hikers and cyclists, we have the place to ourselves and enjoy our picnic lunch with a view of the hilly landscape of Chiemgau. It's hard for us to leave this quiet place. But in the end we are driven away by a mosquito that will not let itself be dissuaded from biting us. Only on the way back do we see that we have a beautiful view of Lake Waginger from the road from our bench in the forest to Bicheln.


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View from Bicheln of the Chiemgau Alps and the Waginger See
View from Bicheln to the Chiemgau Alps
View from Bicheln to Lake Waginger and the Chiemgau Alps
As well as a view of Bicheln on the Waginger lake and the Chiemgau Alps



A view for connoisseurs on Lake Waginger

This tempts us to take a walk towards the lake. It doesn't take long before we reach a bench under a weeping willow. Their branches hang far down and provide pleasant shade in the summer heat. So we enjoy the view of Lake Waginger from a distance. Away from the hustle and bustle and noise that reigns directly at the lake, all we can hear here is the hum of a bee buzzing towards us from the wildflower meadow. Only after a while do we go back to our car and continue our Alpine panorama tour from Waginger See to Nussdorf im Chiemgau. Cows happily eat the fresh greens in a pasture. The village of Tettenhausen lies on the shore of the lake. Its church tower rises against the backdrop of the Chiemgau Alps and Lake Waginger See to its left.


Weeping willow on Lake Waginger overlooking the Chiemgau Alps
Weeping willow at Waginger See
Wildflower meadow against the backdrop of the Chiemgau Alps
As well as a wildflower meadow


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The following are particularly popular:

From Waging am See to Otting

There is still a lot of traffic on the lake shore. So we leave the beach and restaurant of Tettenhausen left and drive back to the ring road to Waging am See. Only a few meters later we leave again and continue our tour on the Ottinger Straße. Off the fast roads that lead through the Chiemgau, we take our time and drive past corn fields. The plants are almost two meters high in mid-August, so that we only see the Alps in the background through their tips. Sunflowers as well as other wildflowers line the field along the road.


Sunflowers and corn
Sunflowers and corn
Chiemgau Alps in summer in Chiemgau
Chiemgau Alps in summer in Chiemgau


About chamber to Nussdorf with views of the Chiemgau Alps

In Otting we turn off towards Kammer. We already know this route from our Alpine panorama tour in the spring, Therefore, we only stop where particularly beautiful views of the mountains, grazing herds of cows and summery corn fields lure us to take pictures. At the roadside we discover vetch and other wild plants at this time of the year. In Kammer we follow the instructions of our Navis in the direction of Nussdorf. We quickly leave the main road behind us and drive up the mountain. On the way we pass hay meadows with sheds where the farmers dry their hay. On a slope, a herd of cattle has settled in the shade of a forest. Apparently the sun is too hot for them too.


Cows in the shade
Cows in the shade
Church in Nussdorf im Chiemgau in the style of the Chiemgau Alps
Church in Nussdorf im Chiemgau
Cemetery of Nussdorf im Chiemgau against the backdrop of the Chiemgau Alps
Cemetery of Nussdorf im Chiemgau


Shortly afterwards, we discover the first houses in Nussdorf over rolling hills. A man shows us the way to the local church. Next to this we find a cemetery with wrought iron crosses that give this place a special charm. The afternoon heat finally prompts us to make our way home. On the way we stop at a café on the Chiemsee and treat ourselves to one Kaiserschmarrn Recipe. We save a tour in this region for quieter days.

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Travel Arrangements:

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Arrival by plane, bus or train*. Of Munich the journey to Tettenhausen takes about one and a half hours. Of Salzburg one drives also approx. 45 minutes.

Alpine panorama tour from Lake Waginger to Nussdorf im Chiemgau:

An Map of this tour You can also find this link. It is about 23 kilometers long. The route is suitable for cyclists as well as for motorists and motorcyclists.

Accommodation in Waging am See:

Accommodation in Waging am See * you can also book here.


Excursion to the Waginger See
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Discover the Waginger See and its surroundings

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    1. Dear Nicole,

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