Vienna Insider Tips for Vienna off the beaten track

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Glorious balconies in the Leopoldstadt in Vienna

Insider tips for a city trip to Vienna

Display - With these Vienna Insider Tips you will get to know the city away from the tourist crowds. We have been to several times Vienna on the way and always looked at the highlights of this great city. What is there not to see: the Hofburg, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Prater, the wonderful museums, Schönbrunn Palace and much, much more. During our visit to Hotel Capricorno Vienna However, we looked at Vienna's insider tips off the beaten track and were amazed at how interesting and worth seeing this unknown Vienna is. We came across all sorts of surprising things on our tour of downtown Vienna. Which is your Vienna insider tip?


Vienna Insider Tips
Vienna Insider Tips (c) copyright Wien Tourismus



We were traveling in the same city regions as on our previous visits to the city on the Danube, The only difference with this tour of the city was that we did not walk on the main roads through the city, but just a few sidewalks away from us looking for our way through Vienna. We show you what we have discovered here in the pictures that we brought back from this tour through Vienna off the beaten track. So you can follow us on our tour through the Vienna off the beaten path.


Vienna Insider Tips Griechengasse in Vienna
Vienna Insider Tips - Through the "Griechengasse" in Vienna

Insider tips for Vienna you can discover here

We discover Vienna insider tips off the beaten track on our city tour from Schwedenplatz. From there we look for our way through Greeksgasse, a small cobblestone alley that is only easy to drive on on foot or by motorbikes. Horse-drawn carriages once drove through here, as the bollards on the house walls still show us. They were put in place to prevent the carriage wheels in the narrow alley from damaging the walls of the house. How tight it must have been here back then.


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Warning for Wagon Carters - Vienna Insider Tips
Warning to wagon drivers - Vienna insider tips


This shows also this sign from the year 1912, which I discovered at one of the house walls. Apparently it was not without danger for pedestrians to move through these narrow streets as the warning sign proves, on which the coachmen are advised to keep their horses in check or even to send an escort to warn pedestrians.

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Double Eagle - Vienna Insider Tips
Here, too, we encounter the double-headed eagle - Vienna insider tips
We meet the dear Augustin - Vienna insider tips
We meet dear Augustin - Vienna Insider Tips


Do you know where dear Augustin should have sung his song?

A Vienna Insider Tip of a historical kind: At the end of the Greeksgasse, the double-headed eagle hangs over the entrance to the Greeksbeisl, a traditional Viennese pub with a relief emblazoned on the facade that indicates that Augustin is said to have sung his song here for the first time. Augustine actually existed. He was a juggernaut from the 17th century who entertained the Viennese at the time of the plague. Apparently he was not averse to the wine himself, and once it was said to have stayed by the roadside after a night of drinking. Siech servants who traveled through Vienna in search of the plague dead, loaded it onto their cart and disposed of it in a mass grave outside the city. The next morning he crawled and sang so loudly that the Viennese took him out of his premature grave. From then on, he obviously made a living from sharing his experiences in new bars.


The Greek Church of the Holy Trinity - Vienna Insider Tips
Vienna Insider Tips - The Greek Church of the Holy Trinity


The Greek Church of the Holy Trinity

In addition to the Greebeisl the Greek Church stands for the Holy Trinity. As the church stands today, it originated in the middle of the 19. Century. Today it is the seat of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitans of Austria.


Wrought iron shop signs in Vienna
Wrought iron shop signs - a Vienna insider tip for the city center
Old wall frescoes
Old wall frescoes - Vienna insider tips


What we particularly like on our tour off the beaten track are the numerous old wrought-iron shop signs, which indicate what was produced in each house. Again and again we come across weathered frescoes, which were often uncovered by painting on the facades. So we catch a glimpse into the life of Vienna from yesteryear.


University of Applied Arts
University of Applied Arts in Vienna


In Heiligenkreuzer Hof on the stairs 8

One of our Vienna Insider Tips that we particularly like is the Heiligenkreuzer Hof. The University of Applied Arts is located at Stiege 8 in the Heiligenkreuzer Hof, one of the beautiful inner courtyards that we cross off the beaten track on our tour of Vienna. We learn that the houses did not have house numbers in the past, but were numbered according to the number of stairs. The Heiligenkreuzer Hof belongs to the Cistercian monks of Stift Heiligenkreuzthat we visited a few years ago. A beautiful chapel in the courtyard points to it.


The best Schnitzel at Figlmüller
The best schnitzel from Vienna at Figlmüller


Around St. Stephen's Cathedral

A Vienna insider tip that is controversial among Viennese is the Schnitzelhaus Figlmüller. Figlmüller at Bäckerstrasse 6 boasts the most famous schnitzel in Vienna. It remains to be seen whether other Viennese restaurants will agree. We definitely find the wine-blissful-looking gentleman above the entrance to this tavern funny.



View of the Stefansdom
View of St. Stephen's Cathedral


We did not notice it on our way through the Vienna away from the tourist paths, but we approached more and more the city center with St. Stephen's Cathedral. At the Strobelgasse we are suddenly in front of the cathedral of Vienna and look at it from an unusual angle. Here we especially notice the roof of the cathedral with the two eagles. Again, we leave the main sights of the city on the left, pass the St. Stephen's Cathedral and prefer to go through the Blutgasse and one of the pretty courtyards, which hide behind simple house facades.


Hidden backyards
Hidden backyards in the blood lane


The monastery at the Franciscan church

Our next destination is the Franciscan Church on the square of the same name. This complex of buildings was once a penitential monastery, meaning that former prostitutes should regret their vicious life. Only later did the municipality grant the building to the Franciscans, who built the unusual-looking church. Inviting is the small square in front of the church, in the summer months cafes waiting for their guests. However, we are a little too early in the year. It is still too cool to enjoy a cup of coffee outside.


Franciscan Church Vienna


The Donnerbrunnen - one of our Vienna Insider Tips

That not all Viennese were prude shows us the Thunder fountain off the busy Kärntnerstraße. There, one of the cast-iron statues stretches towards her bare bottom. Tourist groups stand around it. Apparently the statue entices to touch, because her backside is rubbed suspiciously blank. Already Empress Maria Theresa, this fountain was therefore a thorn in the eye. At their times, the naked figures were even removed at the instigation of the Chastity Commission. However, they recognized their artistic value and saved them from meltdown. Only 1801 they were again attached to the well.


The lewd Donnerbrunnen


Our insider tips for Vienna - What you must have seen

Here we end our tour of the city off the beaten path and invite you to once yourself on the search for something extraordinary and unknown by the Danube metropolis to make. If you need more travel tips for Vienna, have a look our contributions to Vienna. Perhaps there is one or the other tip to go on an expedition through Austria's capital?

At pre-Christmas time, perhaps the Christmas market on Karlsplatz is also interesting for you if you are looking for places in Vienna away from the tourist routes. Petar has filmed a video about it:




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Vienna Insider Tips for Vienna off the beaten track

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