Camping paradise Portoroz: The most beautiful places on Slovenia's Adriatic Sea!

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Portorož Camping

Camping in and around Portoroz – the best campsites

Camping in and around Portoroz is possible in many places. If you are an avid motorhome traveler or tent camper and want to explore the scenic Slovenian coast then this is the place to be Portoroz definitely worth a visit. In this article we look at the different camping options in and around Portoroz. We present the 10 best campsites. We also point out important aspects of camping and give you useful information about getting there, the best time to travel and costs.


The Sea Lodges Portorož
The Sea Lodges Portorož


Almost like camping in Portoroz - a boathouse on the water

The Sea Lodges Portorož*

Be inspired by the unique offers of The Sea Lodges Portoroz – Boathouse Floating Sea House. Experience an unforgettable time on this floating jewel and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea. The air-conditioned boat offers you two comfortable bedrooms, a stylish living room and a fully equipped kitchen. Indulge in some relaxation in the shower or jacuzzi, and make yourself at home with the towels and linens provided.


Discover the characteristics of the campsites

Portoroz offers a variety of campsites for all types of campers. Regardless of whether you are traveling with your motorhome or prefer to sleep in a tent, you will find the perfect accommodation for your camping holiday here. For more information and to reserve campsites click on the links.

Camping Lanterna*

Another campsite is Camping Lanterna. Although it is a little further from Portoroz, it offers a variety of facilities and activities. In addition to pitches and campsites, there is a water park, sports fields, a wellness center and an animation program for children.

Campsite Adria Ankaran*

Last but not least, the Adria Ankaran campsite should be mentioned. It is located near Portoroz and offers both pitches and tent sites. This campsite has its own beach, restaurant, bar and supermarket. There are also leisure activities such as tennis courts, beach volleyball, mini golf and an animation program.


Camping near Portoroz
Camping near Portoroz


Important aspects when camping in Portoroz

When camping in Portoroz you should pay attention to a few things. First of all, it is important to observe the camping rules of the respective site and to be considerate of other campers. A prudent handling of nature and the facilities is a matter of course. Also observe the safety precautions, especially when handling fire and grilling.

Arrival from the campsites to Portoroz

Getting to Portoroz from the campsites is quite easy. Most campsites offer a shuttle bus service or have good public transport connections. Alternatively, you can cycle along the coast or take a walk into town if the campsite is nearby.

The optimal travel time for camping in Portoroz

The best time to go camping in Portoroz is in the summer months from June to September. The weather is warm and sunny, ideal for relaxing on the beach and for outdoor activities. However, this time is also the high season, so it can be a bit crowded. If you want to avoid the crowds, the spring and fall months are a good alternative.

Cost of camping in Portoroz

As far as costs are concerned, prices vary depending on the campsite and the season. On average, you can expect to pay around 20-30 euros per night for a pitch and 10-20 euros per night for a tent pitch. Some campsites also offer special discounts or package deals. It's worth booking in advance to ensure you get a spot and to take advantage of possible early bird discounts.

Conclusion on Portoroz Camping

In summary, Portoroz offers a variety of campsites that are attractive to both RV travelers and tent campers. From idyllic natural sites to campsites with leisure facilities, there is something for every taste. Make sure you follow the rules, be environmentally conscious and enjoy your camping holiday on the Portoroz coast!



Questions and answers about camping in Portoroz

Is there WiFi at the campsites in Portoroz?

Yes, most campsites in Portoroz offer WiFi. So you can stay connected to the outside world even during your camping holiday.

Are dogs allowed on the campsites in Portoroz?

Yes, many campsites in Portoroz allow dogs. However, you should find out about the exact rules and restrictions in advance to ensure you can bring your dog with you.

Are there shops near the campsites?

Yes, most campsites in Portoroz have a supermarket or shopping options nearby. There you can buy groceries, camping equipment and other everyday items.

Is it possible to have a barbecue while camping in Portoroz?

Yes, barbecuing is allowed on most campsites in Portoroz. However, you should follow local rules and make sure you choose a safe BBQ area to avoid potential fires.

Are there entertainment facilities for children at the campsites in Portoroz?

Yes, many campsites in Portoroz offer entertainment specifically for children. This can be a playground, an animation program or other activities that make the little campers happy.

Is it possible to practice water sports activities in Portoroz?

Yes, Portoroz offers a variety of water sports options such as snorkeling, diving, stand-up paddling and boat trips. Some campsites even have direct access to the beach where you can practice these activities.

Are there restaurants and bars near the campsites?

Yes, many campsites in Portoroz have their own restaurants and bars where you can indulge yourself. There are also a variety of restaurants and bars in the vicinity of the campsites where you can enjoy local specialties and drinks.

Can you also rent bikes at the campsite in Portoroz?

Yes, there are bike rental companies in Portoroz where you can rent bikes for different age groups. This is a great way to explore the area and cycle along the picturesque coast.

Are there washing facilities for clothes at the campsites in Portoroz?

Yes, most campsites in Portoroz offer washing machines and dryers so you can wash your clothes during your stay. So you don't have to bring a lot of luggage with you and you can always keep your clothes fresh.

Are trips from Portoroz to other places in Slovenia possible?

Yes, from Portoroz you can easily go on trips to other interesting places in Slovenia. Popular destinations include the capital Ljubljana, the idyllic coastal town of Piran and the breathtaking Triglav National Park. There are also organized tours that will take you to different sights.


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Portorož Camping
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Camping paradise Portoroz: The most beautiful places on Slovenia's Adriatic Sea!

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