Spa on Lake Constance with direct access to the lake

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Wellness treatment by candlelight

A spa on Lake Constance at the BoraHotSpa Resort in Radolfzell

A spa at Lake Constance! A dream! Decelerate in natural surroundings with a selection of saunas and baths and access to the Bodensee,, which invites you to cool off. This is possible at the Bora HotSpaResort in Radolfzell with its spa on Lake Constance Baden-Württemberg. We visit it before the opening time. The Bora HotSpaResort was built on the basis of inquiries about a nearby place to stay and today, with its hotel building, protects the textile-free zone in the wellness area and on the sunbathing area from prying eyes. The Bora HotSpaResort's spa area is not only open to hotel guests, but is also accessible to day guests.



Onsen bath in the spa on Lake Constance
The Onsen bath at Bora HotSpaResort in Radolfzell
Spa area on Lake Constance
Spa area of ​​the hotel - Spa on Lake Constance


Relax in the onsen bath

These can relax in an Asian-inspired setting in one of the six saunas. The natural stone onsen bath has two saunas and offers the guest a Japanese bathing experience: 90 degrees hot is the temperature in the bamboo sauna. In the salt cave, the temperature is at 65 degrees. Cooling down there are the seat showers with their 38 to 42 degrees of hot water. A graduation movement made of black-thorned rice ensures a pleasant indoor climate.


Tatami mats in the onsen bath


find silence

The bathing ritual à la Japan is not only about cleansing, but the human being should find their way back to harmony and peace through a break. For the guest of the Onsen bath in the upper floor rest rooms are available. He can rest on tatami mats or enjoy the nature by swings.


Swings in the onsen bath


Or do you prefer saunas?

In the outdoor area of ​​the spa at Lake Constance, guests have a Kelosauna at their disposal, where they can sweat in a log cabin atmosphere. If you like it even more rustic, go to the earth sauna next door, or relax in the smoke sauna, which is heated with wood.


Kelo sauna in the spa on Lake Constance
Earth sauna in the spa on Lake Constance
earth sauna
Smoke sauna in the spa on Lake Constance
smoke sauna


A bath in Lake Constance complacent?

Access to the spa on Lake Constance is natural and leads through a garden to a pebble beach on the lake. On one of the loungers by the water or on the sunbathing lawn, guests can enjoy the tranquility and ambience of this facility. A bistro with a beer garden and a bakery, which is popular with the ladies, also cater for your physical well-being.


Access to the lake from the spa on Lake Constance
Spa on Lake Constance
Sitting area in the bistro
Sitting area in the bistro
Bistro and beer garden
Bistro and beer garden


Wellness and massages in the spa on Lake Constance

For spa treatments and massages, treatment rooms are available in which, with dim light, candlelight and a selection of scents, a short break becomes a feel-good holiday.

Spa at Lake Constance Wellness in Japanese style
Spa at Lake Constance - wellness in Japanese style

How we experienced the Bora HotSpa Resort, you can read about it at this link. We also have a tip for a trip for you: in just an hour's drive by bus you can reach the Old town of Stein am Rhein in Switzerland. What you can do there, we present to you in this article.

Bora HotSpaResort – Spa at Lake Constance

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Spa on Lake Constance with direct access to the lake

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