Three Styria hotels for connoisseurs

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Styria hotels that promise enjoyment

On our journey through the Vulkanland, along the South Styrian Wine Route and through the Schilcherland in western Styria, we got to know three Styrian hotels for connoisseurs, for whom the enjoyment of their guests is the top priority. Each of these hotels interprets “enjoyment” in its own way. It offers its guests an authentic experience. We felt comfortable in each of these hotels. However, the reason for this was different each time. We present these reasons to you here:




The Steiermark Hotel Riegersburg - where the products of Styria are the stars

The starting point for our Exploration of the volcanic land for Styria is the Styria Hotel Riegersburg. From its rooms, the guest looks at the castle, which stands on a rocky outcrop. The name of the hotel already makes it clear how important the enjoyment of its guests is for this hotel. No wonder! After all, it belongs to the Gölles family, whose Essigmanufaktur we visit during our stay.

Sustainability plays a major role at Steiermark Hotel Riegersburg. This is where products from the region find their way onto the guests' plates. For us, the food is one of the reasons why we call this hotel a gourmet hotel. It's certainly one of the most obvious: the importance of serving local produce to perfection. For this purpose, maturing chambers have been set up in which cheese, ham and vinegar mature just as ideally as beef, which is served in quality on steak days.


fruit basket
fruit basket


We are (unfortunately) not in the house on one of these days. Nevertheless, we are enthusiastic about the concept of the pleasure hotel. The restriction to regional products is taken so seriously that the hotel is run as a "coke-free" zone. This means that instead of soft drinks, there are fruit juices made from apricots, strawberries or peach, which you can drink with or without water. In the rooms, instead of a minibar, there is a fountain from which the water of the mountain streams flows, from which the guests can freely help themselves.

Styria Hotel Riegersburg

Starzenberg 144
A-8333 Riegersburg
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Popular - the wine arbor in Gut Pössnitzberg Styria Hotels
Popular - the grape arbor in the estate Pössnitzberg

Steiermark Hotel Gut Pössnitzberg – where wine plays the leading role

In the middle of the Vineyards of Southern Styria befindet sich Estate at Pössnitzberg, a Styria hotel that is primarily dedicated to the wines of the region. We recommend a visit to anyone who likes one Wine tour in Austria want to do.


Wine from the Polz winery
Wine from the Polz winery



Our host is Thomas Prenneis, the manager of the Steiermark Hotel. He took the opportunity to introduce us to the Polz wines in the hotel's sparkling wine cellar - and more. At the end of our wine tasting, he presents us with a fruit brandy that has been maturing in barrels for decades and is a drink of the gods. "We don't know yet what we're going to do with it," he laughs when we ask him. "He doesn't have a name yet. And will we bottle it…?” He leaves the question unanswered. But we do know that this is a potion to swirl around in our mouths with relish. "It's almost too good to swallow," I think to myself as it trickles warmly down my palate.

The Steiermark Hotel Gut Pössnitzberg offers connoisseurs cozy places and corners from which they can enjoy the surroundings over a glass Champagne can have an effect on you. Be it the glass veranda next to the lobby, from which you can enjoy a view of the vineyards from the armchairs and sofas Southern Styria from the vine arbor overlooking the sunset or from the pool with its wooden deck overlooking the surrounding vineyards.

The food in the Kreuzwirt restaurant is based on Styrian cuisine Products from the region - a treat that goes well with the wines from the Polz house.

Styria Hotel Gut Pössnitzberg

Pössnitz 168
A-8463 Leutschach
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In the Stainzerhof Styria Hotels
In the Stainzerhof

Restaurant Stainzerhof – where the cuisine shines

To be honest: with the Steiermark Hotel Stainzerhof on the Schilcher wine route I had to warm up first, because at first glance it seems sparse and minimalistic. However, upon closer inspection, it won me over and I'm now a fan of this hotel.


Decoration in the Stainzerhof
Decoration in the Stainzerhof

The equipment of the Steiermark Hotel Stainzerhof is pure understatement. Only at second glance do you see the details with which the hotel is decorated and furnished. The bottles that hang as mobiles above the breakfast buffet, the lamps in the tavern that are made of bottles, the wooden tables made of ship boards, the chest of drawers that decorate a niche on the first floor, or the corners in the garden and on the terraces that form a invite break.

The care provided by the staff does the rest so that the guest feels comfortable in this Styria hotel. In general the service in this hotel! You rarely find it as perfect as in the Stainzerhof.

What ultimately convinced me about the Steiermark Hotel Stainzerhof is its cuisine, which couldn't be more delicious. Award-winning chef Michael Markovec (1 Gault&Millau toque) takes us by storm with his surprise menu. After a "greeting from the kitchen" he trumps with a spring salad made from organic asparagus, radishes, rhubarb and dandelion, a trout with potato, caramel apple, beetroot, celery, onion sets, egg yolk and carp caviar, a boiled fillet of veal with brioche and horseradish , carrots and meadow herbs and a sweet beet dessert (Crème Brulée, Sorbet, Granite´ and Erde).

This dinner knows how to show the products of the region in perfection. Michael Markovec gained two fans with us. We will definitely come back to get to know his cuisine even better.

Hotel Restaurant Stainzerhof

Grazer Strasse 2
A-8510 Stainz
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Three Styria hotels for connoisseurs

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