Three destinations in March, April and May

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Tulips more reminiscent of cabbage than flowers

What are good travel destinations in March, April and May? Slowly you long for warmth, sunshine and sea of ​​flowers, right? Hopefully, spring will not be long in coming. We have been traveling more often in the spring time in recent years. We have discovered excursion and travel destinations, where you can experience the spring. These three travel destinations were particularly appealing to us in spring:




Three destinations in March, April and May

For us, experiencing spring means always enjoying the first flowers and flowers of the year. We found some nice places for that. These can serve as a suggestion to spend the spring there yourself.


Van Gogh self-proclaimed tulips in Keukenhof Holland
Van Gogh self-proclaimed tulips in Keukenhof Holland


Best destinations in March

Tulip time in Holland

It does not necessarily have to be a beach holiday in March. One of the best destinations in March is the tulip region in Holland. When the tulips bloom in the Netherlands, there is a state of emergency. At least in some regions where spring is celebrated together with the tulip blossom. It has us on our first Travel to North Holland so good that we were there a second time in the spring. The Dutch know how to stage their tulips. in the Keukenhof in Lisse A whole park is planted with tulips, which becomes a place of pilgrimage for thousands of visitors between March and May.

In the area of ​​the Keukenhof There are also tulip fields. These can be visited on a bike ride or boat trips on the canals. Such boat tours are offered by the Keukenhof. If you have more time, you can do it as we do and continue to the north of Holland. There are many tulip growers who like to show their tulip fields to interested visitors. We have that with us Bloeiend Zijpe in Zand watched.


Tulip blossom Holland Bollenstreek flower corso
Tulip blossom Holland Bollenstreek flower corso


Tulips can not only be seen in Holland in the fields or in the park of Keukenhof. Year after year tulip growers organize a colorful parade of tulip-decorated wagons lasting three days. We watched in Sassenheim, how the cars are prepared, looked at the finished Tulip cars in Noordwijkerhout and were at the Bollenstreek flower corso from Noordwijk to Harlem. A great experience, where you can experience the spring! So why not make a holiday in March in the tulip paradise in Holland?


Pear trees in the Mostviertel
Pear trees in the Mostviertel


Destinations in April

In April, it is especially beautiful in the Mostviertel

Destinations in April in Europe are many. Since a beach holiday in April is not necessarily one of our top three. Holidays in April are beautiful in Austria. The Austrian Mostviertel usually happens on the way to Vienna or south to Slovenia or Italy. Most of the time, the only thing you see on the road, the evidence on the highway, suggesting that produced in the area south of Linz Most. It pays to leave the expressway here for a few days or hours to get there beautiful destinations in the Mostviertel to look at. We were there a few years ago in the spring and have discovered a real spring paradise.



In the middle of the meadows of the Mostviertel are ancient pear trees that transform the landscape into a magical picture between the end of April and the beginning of May: the white-flowering pear trees give the region a pastoral and almost filigree appearance that kept us breathless it was so beautiful. And if you have enough time, you can stop off in one of the Buschenschanken along the panoramic road and taste the cider at a tasty Brettljause. One of our favorite holiday destinations in April is the pear blossom in the Mostviertel.


The Danube offers destinations for the spring
View of the Danube from Melk Abbey


Destinations in May

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria - Destinations in May

One of our most beautiful destinations in May are the monastery gardens in Lower Austria. Although we only visited the monastery gardens in late spring - early June - they are guaranteed to be seen a few weeks earlier. For this tour you should take enough time to fully enjoy the beauties and tranquility in these gardens. From some there are wonderful views of the Danube and the Wachau (Melk), in others you can acquire herbal knowledge (Stift Geras) or revel in orchids (Klosterneuburg). But only when one has the necessary leisure to enjoy these gardens can one experience spring in a very special way Travel in May through the monastery gardens of Lower Austria you can follow here.



In these three destinations you can experience spring - in a very special way. Do you have any special tips on where to experience spring in an extraordinary way? Let us know in the comments. And if you want more tips on where to experience spring, check out the Blog Parade of Marion on Escape from Reality, There are more of them. We also participate Ms. Schweizer's blog parade "Show me your idea for spring ..."

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Three destinations in March, April and May

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  1. Dear Monika, dear Petar,
    I think it's great that you orient yourself to botany during your travels. I do this in a similar way, because I often choose the destination according to which animals I can observe on site. But actually, I really want to see the tulip blossom in Holland, because tulips are my favorite flowers. Let's see if I can find a free weekend.
    LG Diana

    1. Dear Diana,

      Whenever possible, we try to make our trips in particularly beautiful travel times. That makes them more interesting and shows and makes the trips often unforgettable. Holland to the tulip blossom we can highly recommend. We have experienced it several times and still do not have enough of it. Worth it.

      Best regards,

  2. What a nice idea to organize the travel year according to flowering times. The tulip blossom in Holland, I have already experienced - really great. Of course, the lavender blossom in France is also really nice. New on my list, thanks to you: the pear blossom in the Mostviertel - that sounds really great. Since I have to take a look directly into my calendar, if I do not get even this year still :)

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Nicole,

      I'm glad, if you like this article. It is often difficult to decide when a trip to a particular region is worthwhile. Blooming gardens and fields are certainly a good reason for that. We have tested and experienced the examples mentioned above. All three of us really liked it. We would be delighted if you came back just as enthusiastically from the Mostviertel as we do.

      Best regards,

  3. Dear Monika, Dear Petar,
    very interesting article. We are considering whether we will make a trip to Holland in April. I would like to see the tulip fields, which have already inspired me as a child. I also find the Mostviertel exciting, I did not even know that. I would like to travel there. Thank's for the Tipps!
    Best regards, Ricarda

    1. Dear Ricarda,

      We can highly recommend both destinations. In Holland, we were even several times to the tulip blossom. This is a particularly colorful experience. However, this is also one of the main travel times in Holland. So there is a lot going on. Different in the Mostviertel. That is still a real insider tip. There you can spend a wonderful enjoyment weekend with good food, fresh pear must and in pleasant hotels that make the whole thing a real feel-good experience.

      Best regards,

  4. Dear Monika,
    these trips would please me all despite my passion for the south of all 3. Maybe I'll snap my parents for a weekend trip ...
    Best regards,

    1. Dear Elena,

      All three trips have excited us. These are unforgettable experiences. It does not always have to be the south, although we like it too.

      Best regards,

  5. I love the Keukenhof. At that time I discovered my love for tulips there. At that time I was cycling with the Dutch bike from Noordwjik. That was one of my best spring trips.

    1. We can understand that very well, Sonya. We have been to the tulip time twice in Holland, so we liked that :).

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