Why is the Therme Loipersdorf the Top Wellness Therme of Styria Spa?

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In the alpha sphere

Why is the Therme Loipersdorf the Top Wellness Therme under the Styrian Spas?

We keep the Therme Loipersdorf in Austria for the Top Wellness Therme among the Styria issues for several reasons.


The thermal baths

I present them to you here:

Visit with us the spa Loipersdorf

Wolfgang Wieser brings us in Four Seasons Thermenhotel away. The friendly managing director of the Loipersdorf thermal baths wants to show us the thermal baths. “Do you already know the Loipersdorfer Broomstick?” he asks mischievously. We look at each other confused. He then proudly points to the back wall of the hotel reception: “We are renewing the thermal baths and the hotels step by step. This wall can serve as an example. It is made from the volcanic clay of the surrounding area and therefore represents the principle of sustainability. We attach great importance to this in the thermal spa and in the hotels.”







The Loipersdorfer Besentrich

“And what is the broom line,” we want to know. He laughs and explains, “When we put up the clay wall, we wanted to make it look attractive. The architect let me run my fingers through the damp clay. That didn't look good. Then we took a fork and pulled it through. That was too even. Then I saw a straw broom standing on the wall. I dragged this through the damp clay. Et voilà, the broom stroke of the Loipersdorf thermal baths was invented.”


Here you can relax
Here you can relax


The Therme Loipersdorf offers three areas for relaxation

We then find the Loipersdorfer broom mark in the entrance hall of the thermal bath. The thermal bath places value on regional products, charm as well as on zest for life. We feel that during our stay everywhere. In the farmers shop in the entrance hall of the spa as well as in the market restaurant. It offers almost exclusively products of the region. In our spa treatments according to the Loipersdorf method as well as in the fun park in the center of the thermal baths.


Farm shop in the Theme Loipersdorf
Farm shop in the Theme Loipersdorf
In the market restaurant
In the market restaurant


"Let go", "experience" and "strengths" are the three pillars. All activities and offers of the thermal bath are based on this. We can experience this both in the Lebensstherme, the health center and in the "Mein Schaffelbad", which celebrated its 2018th anniversary in 40.


Let go Experience experiencing strengths
Let go Experience experiencing strengths
Gong as in the spa
Gong as wall decor in the spa


The spa in the Schaffelbad the spa Loipersdorf

We are invited to test the wellness treatments according to the Loipersdorf method. We choose several applications. In addition to the aroma massage, I enjoy both the threefold feel-good experience and a silk glove massage. In addition to a herbal stamp massage Petar also gets a Stirasul pack on the waterbed. Together we experience the Steirasul partner treatment in the steam bath. This was the most impressive treatment for us during our stay at the Therme Loipersdorf.


Volcanic clay with


With almost every treatment, we also experience the spirit of Southeast Styria "up close". In the form of grape seed oil as an aroma carrier. Because of the herbs from the region that provide the aroma during my aroma massage. With fango and volcanic cant, mixed with Zweigelt pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seed cheese, which serves as a peeling for the Steirasul partner treatment in the steam bath.


Relax in the salt cave
Relax in the salt cave


There is also the thermal water from Loipersdorf. This comes to the surface from a depth of 63 meters at a temperature of 1200° Celsius. Its mineral content is 7.000 mg/l. This makes it seven times higher than the minimum required for it to be called medicinal water. That's why my skin feels years younger after three days of wellness treatment at the Loipersdorf thermal baths. And not just my skin. I also feel many years younger.


That's what you need for a visit to the spa

  • A Terry bathrobe * - I always like to take my own bathrobe, in which I feel most comfortable. This is particularly pleasant at the Loipersdorf spa, because you can even spend several days exploring the three spa areas. In addition, you need him in the spa restaurant, the 2018 was awarded for its Styrian cuisine.
  • swimsuit, Bikini* for ladies and swimming trunks* for men
  • In the flipFlops * Make sure that they are non-slip
  • An Beach bag *in which you place all utensils
  • A big Bath towel *

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Alphasphere and salt grotto

In addition to a bath in the thermal water, we also treat ourselves to a stay in the Alphasphere. This one makes me curious just because of its appearance. It reminds me a little of a UFO. My experience in the Alphasphere is also spherical. I lie down on the blue lounger and let the sounds put me into a state of deep relaxation. I wake up refreshed after half an hour. The accompanying music is controlled by my own heartbeat. An incredible feeling! As if I were floating in a blue universe.


In the


Our stay in the salt cave is similarly relaxing. It consists of lumps of salt that are 250 million years old. These come from the Himalayas. Because of the salt, spending half an hour in the salt cave is like taking a walk by the sea. It cleanses the respiratory tract, refreshes the skin and stimulates the metabolism. The effect of the salt chunks is supported by brine from the Dead Sea.


Salt stones in the salt cave
Salt stones in the salt cave


This doesn't replace a trip to the sea for me. However, the salt cave works wonders for my well-being. Just like our extended wellness weekend in the Loipersdorf thermal baths. If you want to do something good for yourself, then we can warmly recommend the thermal baths in Styria.

If you are traveling by car, make sure to enter “Loipersdorf bei Fürstenfeld” as the destination in your navigation system. There are several places with this name.

Thermal bath Loipersdorf
Thermal street 152
8282 Loipersdorf near Fürstenfeld
Tel: + 43 (0) 33 82 / 82 04 -0
Fax: + 43 (0) 33 82 / 82 04 -87

The best thermal spa in Austria - the Loipersdorf spa

By the way, I am not alone in my opinion that the Loipersdorf thermal spa is the top wellness thermal spa among the Styrian thermal spas. Therme.at describes Loipersdorf as Austria's best thermal resort. Visitors to the thermal baths agree with this opinion. In the ÖGVS Industry Monitor 2018, customers voted the Loipersdorf thermal spa as the best thermal spa in Austria in terms of customer satisfaction. We cannot (yet) make this judgment from our own experience because we do not know all of the thermal baths in the country. But so far the Loipersdorf thermal baths have impressed us the most. Elena from is also of this opinion Travel blog Creativelena, Jeanette of Follow Your Trolley and Lucia of The Kremserin OnTheGo.



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Car Rentals:

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Accommodation in Loipersdorf

Hotels and accommodation in Loipersdorf * You can easily book through our partner booking.com. We recommend you the night in Thermenhotel Vier Jahreszeiten * directly at the Loipersdorf thermal baths. Best in the Rose Suite.

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Therme Loipersdorf
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Source: own research on site. We would definitely like to thank the Austrian Ecolabel for inviting us to this trip. However, as always, our opinions remain our own.

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Why is the Therme Loipersdorf the Top Wellness Therme of Styria Spa?

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