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Anti-aging according to Asian methods

The Portoroz Lifeclass hotels

Have you ever enjoyed an anti-aging lunch in the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels? Neither do I. At least not before our stay this year. Actually, I had never heard of it before our stay at Hotel Apollo and did not know that there was such a thing. The Hotel Apollo is one of the Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels on the Adriatic coast in Slovenia, I was all the more curious about what awaits us. Not only the lunch should slow down the aging. The entire concept of Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels is designed to spend a holiday on the Slovenian coast, which makes you younger. At the same time, the guest should take home some of this lifestyle.


You can book the Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz here

The Lifeclass Hotels are known for their prime location right on the Adriatic coast, offering stunning sea views. Everything here revolves around relaxation and well-being. You can find out more about the hotels by clicking on the links. You can also book them there.

Grand Hotel Portorož*

A highlight among the hotels is the Grand Hotel Portoroz. It impresses with its elegant design and excellent service. Here you can switch off in the luxurious ambience and let your soul dangle. In the in-house wellness area you can let yourself be pampered with various treatments.

Hotel Apollo*

The Hotel Apollo, another member of the Lifeclass Hotels, impresses with its modern facilities and its variety of activities. Whether yoga courses, fitness programs or water sports - everyone gets their money's worth here. The hotel also has its own stretch of beach where you can soak up the sun.

Hotel Slovenia*

A real highlight is the Hotel Slovenija with its exclusive Thalasso clinic. Here you can use the healing power of the sea and let yourself be pampered with Thalasso therapies. The hotel also offers a rooftop infinity pool and a bar with spectacular views.

Hotel Riviera*

If you are looking for a hotel with an extensive wellness offer, then the Hotel Riviera is the right choice. Here you will find a large selection of relaxation options such as saunas, massages and beauty treatments. You will also be spoiled with culinary delights here - the restaurants offer a variety of delicious dishes.

Hotel Neptun*

The Hotel Neptun is located directly on the sea and offers a wonderful panoramic view of the coast. It scores with its extensive wellness and spa offer. You can relax in the pools, saunas and whirlpools or enjoy a soothing massage. Hotel Neptun also offers medical treatments and rehabilitation.

Hotel Mirna*

The Hotel Mirna, on the other hand, is known for its family atmosphere and cozy furnishings. It is a perfect place for a relaxing family vacation. The hotel offers spacious rooms. There are also various leisure facilities for children such as a playground and an animation program. For the adults there is a wellness area with massages and saunas. The Hotel Mirna is known for its idyllic location in the middle of a Mediterranean park, which invites you to stroll and relax.

The Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz combine luxury, relaxation and activities in a dreamlike environment. No matter which hotel you choose, you will experience an unforgettable stay.


Eggplant stuffed with spelled, lentils and vegetables
Eggplant stuffed with spelled, lentils and vegetables


How the Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels propagate anti-aging

Normally I am very skeptical when it comes to stopping natural processes like aging. What is not there for promises! Magazines, commercials on radio and television, billboards and drugstores are overflowing with offers and claims that this or that means can stop the aging process. I do not believe any of them. After all, aging is a process that nobody can stop. Nobody can escape that.


Carrot Thoran
Carrot Thoran


In the Lifeclass Hotels you will learn to eat a healthy diet

However, one can try to eat healthily and consciously. You can train your musculoskeletal system by moving daily or at least a few times a week for at least 30 minutes. You can also counteract with massages or baths tension. These can - if they become chronic - make the aging process painful. Such approaches make the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels tasteful to their guests and show them how to do it.




That's how it's done

We start our stay at the Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels with an appointment with a therapist. This determines our body type. At the same time, she gives us a list of dishes and dishes. We should eat what is written on it. In doing so, she draws on Ayurvedic principles that aim at the well-being of people. We are divided into the three doshas, ​​which means "that which can cause problems". There are three of them: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of us is born with a mix of them. The medicine of Ayurveda aims to form the three doshas as a whole and thus help people to feel good.


Kapha Tea
Kapha Tea


Breakfast in the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels

It starts with food that is tailored to personal needs. At the Apollo Hotel the day begins with a buffet. However, this differs greatly from those that we otherwise experience on our travels. There are no sausages or eggs with bacon here. Instead, smoothies made from different types of vegetables and fruit stand alongside fruit from the region. The range of breads includes rusks and crispbreads as well as wholemeal breads. The muesli range consists of grain mixtures with dried fruit. There is sausage and meat, but not much. Cakes are gluten-free or baked with local fruit. And at the kitchen there is omelette with ham and cheese or vegetables. Everything fresh and lean, of course.


Healthy water in Portoroz Lifeclass hotels
Healthy water in Portoroz Lifeclass hotels


... and dinner

That's exactly what the evening buffet looks like. There you prepare the salad with oils and vinegar to a salad to taste. Fish dominates the offer and meat is mainly meat such as chicken or pork tenderloin.


Fresh fruits and vegetables in the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels
Fresh fruits and vegetables in the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels


Anti-aging lunch

The anti-aging lunch that is presented to us on our first day at the Hotel Apollo is interesting. It starts with a glass of carrot juice and aubergines stuffed with spelled, lentils and vegetables. This is followed by a rice soup and carrot thoran. Unsalted, because salt should be avoided if you want to slow down the aging process. Carrot Thoran is made from carrots, cabbage, mustard seeds, coconut oil, coconut flour and turmeric. Finally, lassi – a kind of yoghurt cream with cucumber and mint – and kapha tea are served.

... makes me easy and carefree

Although this type of food will certainly not be part of my everyday food - I miss the flavors of spices - I have to admit that I felt easy and carefree afterwards. Instead of salt, many of the foods and drinks were flavored with ginger, which is arguably the most important flavor supplier of this type of food.


These cakes may be enjoyed with a clear conscience
These cakes may be enjoyed with a clear conscience


Movement in the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels

The neighboring hotel of the Hotel Apollo, the Hotel Neptun, is under the motto of exercise and sport. Each floor of the hotel advertises a different kind of sport and in the stairwell the guests are told about their preferences by means of diagrams and information boards.


Sea view from our room in Hotel Apollo
Sea view from our room in Hotel Apollo


Portoroz offers many opportunities to live a healthy life

There are countless ways to get around in Portoroz. This ranges from standup paddling to kite surfing to mountain biking or leisure cycling along the Adriatic coast to the town of Piran. This attracts with its history and good food. If you want, you can swim in the sea or use the pools in the Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels, which also include the Portoroz Thermal Baths. In one, guests can even swim in the waters of a prehistoric sea. This was discovered in the depths of the earth beneath the city. Its water is said to be particularly healthy. Or you can choose the seawater swimming pool in another part of the thermal spa area instead.


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Reception at the Hotel Riviera, one of the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels
Reception at the Hotel Riviera, one of the Portoroz Lifeclass hotels


Wellness and spa areas of the Lifeclass hotels

If you want to have your body treated, there are both wellness and spa areas available. We were allowed to choose between an Ayurveda and a Thai massage. Petar chose the Thai massage at the Wai-Thai Spa in the Hotel Riviera. He told me afterwards that his Thai masseuse couldn't treat his back tension with hand massages. So she climbed onto his back and massaged him with her feet. I tried an Ayurvedic massage that uses oils. These are massaged into the skin - so vigorously that I even felt sore muscles for the days afterwards. So you shouldn't be squeamish if you want to enjoy the anti-aging treatments in the Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels.


Relaxation room in the Wai Thai Spa in the Hotel Riviera
Relaxation room in the Wai Thai Spa in the Hotel Riviera


We spent three nights in Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels. I have to say, the treatments and food at Hotel Apollo, Grand Hotel Portoroz and Hotel Riviera definitely made a difference. Afterwards I felt better and lighter than I had in a long time. A longer stay in the Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels is definitely good for your health. You feel regenerated and also rejuvenated. We are already planning our next stay at Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels for the next round of regenerative treatments.



Questions and answers about the Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz

Which wellness offers do the Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz offer?

The Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz offer a wide range of wellness offers, including Thalasso therapies, massages, saunas, whirlpools and much more. You can let yourself be pampered and enjoy pure relaxation.

Are there also fitness facilities in the Lifeclass Hotels?

Yes, there are various fitness options available to you in the Lifeclass Hotels. You can take yoga classes, use the gym, or participate in activities like water sports or guided hikes.

What is the location of the Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz?

The Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz are located directly on the Adriatic coast and offer a beautiful view of the sea. You can reach the beach and the clear water in just a few steps.

Do the Lifeclass hotels also offer special wellness offers for couples?

Yes, the Lifeclass Hotels also have special wellness offers for couples in their program. For example, you can enjoy romantic couple massages or relax together in a private spa area.

What culinary delights await me in the Lifeclass Hotels in Portoroz?

The Lifeclass Hotels offer a variety of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious dishes from regional and international cuisine. Look forward to a first-class culinary experience during your stay.



Ayurveda massages at the Therme Portoroz - Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels
Ayurveda massages in the thermal bath Portoroz


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Portoroz Lifeclass Hotels - where anti aging is cult

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