Marche Italy: Tips for two days in the region

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Riviera del Conero

Two days in the region Marche Italy

Our two days in the Marche region Italy were like a whirlwind of emotions. A mess of languages. A hurricane of impressions as well as a culinary crash course in what the Marche region has to offer. But above all they were one thing: an introduction to the sweet life of Italy, the Riviera del Conero and the Marche region. Imagine meeting a group of people you've never met before. They want to show you their city and its surroundings. They want to explain to you how people live there. We spend two days in the Marche region and experience exactly that. Except that strangers quickly became friends. We have never been welcomed as warmly as we have been on this trip. Here are our tips for two days in the Marche region of Italy.

Map of attractions in the Marche region


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The town hall of Senigallia in Marche
The town hall of Senigallia - on the second of our two days in the region Marche Italy


Ancona, the capital of the Marche region Italy

Most people will know Ancona as a ferry and cruise port. It happened to me similarly. Years ago I was briefly in the city on a stopover on the way to Greece. I hadn't seen anything of the city itself at the time. How much we missed became clear during our current stay. This time we stay overnight in Ancona. These two days in the Marche region of Italy show us the place from a completely different side. Ancona is definitely a city with a lot of history: remains of the Roman city walls still surround the old town today. Trajan's Arch, built in 115 by Appolodore of Damascus, is also impressive.



Churches and palazzos

The churches with their robust exterior, such as the church of Santa Maria della Piazza, are also impressive. But the palazzos and magnificent buildings in the center of the city are also overwhelming. Ancona's seaside location and port ensured that the city was always a place of trade and encounters with other cultures. At the same time, Ancona was a protectorate of the Pope for a long time. Therefore, money flowed from Rome to the port city at the elbow of Italy. The piazzas and magnificent buildings still bear witness to this today. On the day of our arrival, we stroll through the city on cobblestone streets and are impressed by its cityscape.


Administration building in Ancona in the Marche
Administrative building in Ancona - a nice start to our two days in the region of Marche Italy


Dolce Vita in the region of Marche Italy

In one of the piazzas we finally get to know the Dolce Vita of the Marche region. The Piazza del Plebiscito is surrounded by trattorias, which are still lively at a late hour. We end our tour of the city in one of them with a glass of Varnelli or Amado Sibill. This is a type of herbal liqueur that is made in the region. There is also bread peperonata. A nice end to the first of our days in the Marche region of Italy.


In Numana
In Numana - excursion on the first of our two days in the region of Marche Italy


The Riviera del Conero and the small towns of Sirolo and Numana

The Riviera del Conero extends from Ancona south with the Monte Conero as the center of the region. Unlike in the Region around Cesenatico the coast drops steeply into the sea. Again and again bays nestle beneath the steep slopes on the coast. Some of them can be reached on foot, others only by boat. We are there in winter and a strong wind is blowing from the sea, driving waves and rain clouds in. The sea is rough and looks wild. Almost as if she's cooking. Perfect for blowing the smell of everyday life out of our brains. This is a country and a weather that I like.



Winter in Sirolo in Marche Italy

Let us say that even in summer there are numerous beaches remain natural. Only a few beaches are equipped with sun loungers and parasols in summer. South of Sirolo we then drive on the coastal road to Porto Recanati. The wind whips up the sea into crests of waves that push the sea water onto the beach. Sara shows us her home. She says she wouldn't want to live anywhere else. At the same time she tells us that the beach becomes a kite beach in summer. The winds are also strong during the summer months, making it possible to ride them with kites.


The Riviera del Conero in Numana
The Riviera del Conero in Numana - Great impressions on the first of our two days in the region of Marche Italy


Sirolo and Numana

The two small towns of Sirolo and Numana are worth seeing. These two places are so close to each other that you don't know which of the two you are in at the moment. Only the location code separates them. They are both worth seeing. Photo enthusiasts like us can't get enough of the many motifs that come our way. In this house there are windows surrounded with stone garlands. In that house, autumn flowers in terracotta flower pots adorn the facade, giving it something slightly morbid. On some house fronts I discover enamel tiles with the names of the residents or some saint depicted in relief. On a balcony, a black dog crouches next to a flower pot - made of plastic, as it turns out. But the cat, which has found shelter from the wind a few meters further down the stairs, is all the livelier and is cleaning its paws extensively.


The basilica Loreto in Marche Italy
The Basilica Loreto - visit on the second of our two days in the region Marche Italy


The Basilica of Loreto and the Holy House

Especially if you do not expect it, the surprise is greatest. In the Basilica of Loreto In any case, I didn't have high expectations. Before our visit, I had no idea that this is one of the most important church buildings in Italy next to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Since I am mainly interested in churches because of their architecture, I had no idea that Mary's house was inside them. Neither did I have a clue of the grandeur of the shrine and church that surrounds the inconspicuous Holy House in the center of the basilica.



The treasury

Even before we enter the church, the treasure chamber or Pomerancio Hall takes my breath away. The ceiling frescoes were created by Cristoforo Roncalli, known as Pomerancio. The life of Mary is depicted in ten ceiling paintings. In the showcases below you can see the votive offerings of the faithful, some of which make me smile. What might the bus driver who left a model of his bus as a votive offering succeeded?


Dome in the Loreto Basilica in Marche Italy
Dome in the Loreto Basilica
Shrine in the Loreto Basilica in Marche Italy
Shrine in the Loreto Basilica


The church interior

The interior of the church is an orgy of Renaissance elements, of color fireworks in chapel domes, which keep directing my gaze upwards. We see marble statues that appear almost human in their Renaissance beauty. Pope Julius II sent Donato Bramante to Loreto in 1507 to do “big things” there. He accomplished his papal task with flying colors. There are few churches that have impressed us as much as the Basilica of Loreto.


In the Grotte di Camerano in Marche Italy
In the Grotte di Camerano - mysterious conclusion of the first of our two days in the Marche region


The Camerano Caves in Marche Italy

It finally becomes mysterious in Camerano. There we visit the "city under the city". These are a series of caves and rooms that are up to thirty meters below the city center. For a long time they should only have been known to the city's nobility, who - perhaps - kept their treasures there. To this day we don't know what they are for grottoes whether they served as a haven for attacks or as a storehouse for the possessions of city leaders. The cross vaults, niches and pillars in many of the caves are more indicative of a religious and mystical context.



In a grotto one believes to recognize a meeting place of the Freemasons, where new members took their oath and had to endure the acceptance ceremony. Another is fairly certain that it served as the Corraducci family's wine warehouse. The deepest cave served as a cistern for times of need. The water penetrates naturally through the porous rock. Even under siege, the city had enough water for all of the city's residents. Here ends the first of our days on ours Italy road trip through the Marche region for great experiences.


What you need for this journey through Italy

  • Light hiking boots will definitely serve you well in this region, as you will be walking a lot.
  • A rucksack is also practical for short hikes and walks in the city. You can store everything you need for the day in it.
  • It's also best to pack your clothes in one Trolley with wheels, because you will need several hotels on this route. Changing hotels is easier with a trolley than with one suitcasethat you have to drag.
  • A sun hat you shouldn't forget either. In these regions the sun shines intensely from the sky.


Wintry sunrise in Senigallia, Marche Italy
Wintry sunrise in Senigallia - even in winter, two days in the region of Marche Italy are impressive


Senigallia, beaches and a historic old town

The second day begins in Senigallia. Senigallia It is located north of Ancona and impresses us with the view of the Monte Conero in the south and the rough sea, whose waves break in the morning light on the shore. Above us, a group of seagulls flies in ranks along the coast. From the glass rotunda at the urban pier, we have a view of the sea. We watch as the sun gives the roaring waves a sparkle. We discover a single hotel on the beach of Senigallia. The others are located away from the sea shore in the city.


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Rocca Roveresca - the fortress in Senigallia in Marche Italy
Rocca Roveresca - the fortress in Senigallia



The fortress Rocca Rovaresca

It is just a few steps from the sea to downtown Senigallia. This comes up with a historic cityscape. Not to be overlooked is the fortress Rocca Roveresca. This was never inhabited permanently. Rather, it served as a refuge for the ruling family of the city, the Della Roveres. Giovanni della Rovere commissioned the construction of the fortress. His family and he only took them in case of danger. In peacetime the Della Roveres lived in the ducal palace. Under the fortress are underground passages through which the refugees escaped. Today you can visit the fortress.


The Chiesa della Croce in Senigallia in Marche Italy
The Chiesa della Croce in Senigallia


The Chiesa della Croce

Worth seeing is the Chiesa della Croce with its baroque interior. Her columns are covered with gold leaf. The church contains a number of paintings from the Baroque period. From there it is only a few steps to the town's marketplace, where daily fresh vegetables and other goods are offered. At a stand on the edge we discover a pig, which is roasted in a showcase. Here arises Porchetta, a specialty of the Marche region. For this you roast a whole pig. It smells appetizing as we approach the booth. If you want to try it, you can have a sandwich with it. Italian fast food so to speak. At the rear of the market is the portico from the 18. Century. In this fish were once sold. Today we only see the stone tables on which the market took place.


Grotte di Frasassi in Marche Italy
Grotte di Frasassi - magnificent natural spectacle on the second of our two days in the region Marche Italy


The caves of Frasassi in Marche Italy - a marvel of nature

Our next destination is the caves of Frasassi, which were first discovered 1971. In a cave, stalagmites grow upwards drop by drop. In another, a ton of stalagtite hangs from the ceiling like a sword of Damocles over our heads. That's exactly what they called him. The sword of Damocles. I do not go all the way to the fifth chamber of the cave, but turn in the third chamber and go back through the cave system alone. Here I experience for the first time a stalactite cave for me alone. The only sounds I hear on my way are the drops of water that fall from the cave ceiling above me to the rock columns in front of and below me. A ghostly splashing in the silence of the huge cave. How must the explorers have first felt that no cave lighting facilitated orientation?


Two days in the region Marche Italy Sferisterio in Macerata
Two days in the region Marche Italy: Sferisterio in Macerata


Macerata - Opera enjoyment in the open-air theater, art and carriages in the Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Macerata is finally our last stop on our journey. On the way there we leave the gorge where the Frasassi caves are located. We drive through agricultural land where we repeatedly see grape vines and olive groves. Individual farms are often hidden behind ancient trees. They give us an idea of ​​how old the cultural landscape through which our path leads is. In Macerata we then park our vehicle at the Sferisterio, through whose arcades we enter another time. Inside, the building turns out to be an open-air theater with eight thousand seats. Various operas are performed on its stage in the summer. We have the most beautiful view of the area from the balcony on the top floor. “A ticket here only costs 10 euros,” explains our city guide Eva. “You have to stand for it, but the view is worth it.”



Two days in the region Marche Italy In the Palazzo Buonaccorsi
Two days in the region of Marche Italy: In the Palazzo Buonaccorsi


The Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Finally, a few hundred meters up the mountain is the Palazzo Buonaccorsi. “When I studied here a few years ago, it was a house that was ready for demolition,” one of our hosts explains to us. “And look at what happened today!” he laughs. I have to agree with him on that. The first floor contains works of art and the palazzo's state rooms, with the ballroom impressing us the most. It was built to amaze the guests, Eva explains to us. This still works today. We then visit an exhibition about carriages in the basement of the palazzo. We get to know the different sizes of carriages, from comfortable travel carriages to sporty two-seaters to children's carriages pulled by goats or dogs. We also experience what such a carriage ride felt like in a dummy that seems to clatter over the bumpy cobblestone streets while the town's houses glide past in front of the "carriage window".


two days in the region of Marche Italy In the coach museum in the Palazzo Buonaccorsi
Two days in the region of Marche Italy: In the coach museum in the Palazzo Buonaccorsi


The diversity of the region Marche Italy

We spent a good two days in the Marche region of Italy. Our hosts showed us a country that could hardly be more diverse. Endless sandy beaches as well as hidden, sandy bays below cliffs, rough seas with views of Monte Conero, cities with palaces, fortresses and museums, hilly landscapes with vineyards and olive groves, caves whose delicate beauty beckons you into the depths and above all: very hospitable people who welcomed us with warmth. The original Italy in all its facets. We enjoyed La Dolce Vita in Italy for two days in Ancona and the surrounding area.


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Marche Italy
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Marche Italy: Tips for two days in the region

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