Buy comfortable pumps for wide feet online

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Comfortable pumps for wide feet

Comfortable pumps for wide feet

If you have wide feet, it can be difficult to find comfortable and stylish pumps. But don't worry, there's a wide range of shoes made specifically for wider feet. Discover a selection of comfortable pumps here and buy them conveniently online. Pumps are chic shoes for wide feet.

Comfortable black pumps with low heels

These comfortable pumps with low heels are chic shoes for wide feet that are suitable for many occasions and can also be worn well with clothes. Well, pumps are not exactly high heels, but for wide feet they are elegant accessories for dresses and skirts. Thanks to the wide heels, you can stand longer and cover longer distances.



Chic comfortable pumps for wide feet

These pumps are comfortable and chic and are well suited for festive occasions, visiting good restaurants or even for a trade fair where a well-groomed appearance plays a role.



Comfortable pumps for women with wide feet

These comfortable pumps are also very elegant. This gives you an elegant look even at events.



Black pumps for wide feet

These pumps are comfortable. The high heel makes the shoe elegant. You can also combine it with elegant clothing.



Wide shoes for problem feet

Shoes for problem feet are not easy to find. These are good.



Comfortable elegant shoes

These shoes are comfortable and elegant at the same time. They are versatile to wear.



Buy comfortable pumps for wide feet

If you have wide feet, finding the perfect pair of pumps that are both stylish and comfortable can sometimes be a challenge. But thankfully, there are now a variety of options designed specifically for wider feet.

An important tip is to look for pumps with a wider fit. Many shoe brands offer models with different widths, such as "W" for wide feet. This gives you the opportunity to find the right shoe for your feet. In addition, it is advisable to look for soft and flexible material that adapts to your foot shape. Leather or suede pumps are often a good choice, as they adjust over time and are comfortable to wear. Another important aspect is the heel height and the sole. Lower heels or wedge heels can reduce pressure on the front of your feet for more comfort. A cushioned sole or footbed with support can also help relieve stress on the foot.

It is also advisable to look for pumps with adjustable straps or elastic inserts. These allow the shoe to be individually adjusted to the width of your foot and ensure a secure hold. Ultimately, it's important to try different brands and models to find the ones that best suit your needs. Not every shoe will fit every person the same way, so it helps to try on different options and see how you feel.

With these tips, you can find comfortable pumps that flatter your wide feet while looking stylish. So go on a search and find the perfect pumps that you will love!


Pumps for wide feet
Pumps for wide feet


Practical tips for buying pumps for wide feet

Here are useful tips that you should consider when shopping - find out now! Buying heels when you have wide feet can be difficult and daunting. Luckily, there are many solutions to ensure the perfect fit and comfort - here are handy tips to keep in mind when looking for the best pumps.

Buy pumps for wide feet women's width K and more

If you're looking for pumps that offer more room in the toe box and offer more support, try looking for shoes with a wide width. These have been specifically designed to provide a comfortable fit for those with wide feet, allowing greater freedom of movement without sacrificing style. Look for models with lightly padded insoles to ensure maximum comfort - these are perfect for all day wear!

Measure your both feet carefully

First, make sure you measure both feet accurately - many people's right and left feet are slightly different sizes. Once you have your measurements, it's also important to look for pumps that have a little extra room to allow your feet some freedom of movement and feel comfortable. If the pair of shoes is too tight or narrow, your feet cannot breathe properly, leading to increased discomfort.

Look for leather uppers and stretchy materials

Leather upper is great to offer some flexibility if you have wide feet. Also look for stretchy materials like lycra, cotton blends, and elastics. When a pair of pumps contains some of these materials, it means the shoes can conform to your foot better than traditional shoes. This means you no longer have to worry about your feet getting trapped in a shoe that's too small!

Be careful with pointy shoes

Tailored and classic-looking pumps are often in the shape of pointed toes, and while this is aesthetically pleasing, it may not be very comfortable for those with wide feet. Such an extremely tight fit can cause your feet to contract, causing discomfort when worn. When buying, look for pumps with rounded or square toe caps, as they offer your feet more space than pointed pumps.

Provide roomy toe boxes

When adjusting pumps, you should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably. Too tight a fit in the toe box can cause discomfort, tingling, and even corns. To ensure this doesn't happen, opt for wider and roomier toe boxes to keep your feet comfortable while wearing them. The generous space also gives your feet enough freedom of movement.


Pumps with heels
Pumps with heels


Which pumps for wide feet?

Those of you who have problem feet know how difficult it is to find comfortable pumps for wide feet. I have wide feet and a slight shape Hallux valgus. So I often ask myself this question. As an example I already have my search for here Hiking shoes for wide feet described. It is equally difficult to find elegant pumps for my feet. With width K, the selection in shoe stores is usually very limited. Even in stores that specialize in problem feet, I often find it difficult to find pumps that fit and appeal to me. It is often the case that the shoes fit. However, they are often designed so unimaginatively that I don't want to wear them.

Now it's always possible to wear my comfortable hiking shoes, especially on city trips. Even if I always have them with me. I can wear them on city tours. However, if a visit to an elegant restaurant or a visit to a trade fair is on the agenda, then hiking shoes are out of place. The same applies if our travel program includes cultural visits to concerts, the opera or museums. Our city trips often take us to small towns and cities whose historic charm often lies in the fact that cobblestone streets have been preserved. Especially when you cover long distances on city tours, your feet hurt quickly if you wear the wrong shoes. Therefore, comfortable pumps are essential for city trips.

When are pumps comfortable?

Comfortable pumps don't pinch, no matter how long you wear them. It is important that they are wide enough not to restrict the toes and instep.

Comfortable heels

Many do not believe that high heels can be comfortable. It is important that the heels are not thin or too high. In any case, the foot must find good support. It is always important to me that I feel comfortable in comfortable heels. However, I only do that if I can safely walk with it. I can also wear comfortable shoes with heels on city trips, as long as they don't put any strain on my feet.

Which shoes width for wide feet?

City trips often involve walking long distances. In museums or in exhibitions, you also stand in front of the exhibits for a long time. For this reason, it is important to have comfortable pumps for wide feet with you on city trips. In local shoe stores, I usually only find regular-sized shoes that don't fit me. From size H, shoes have a comfortable width. For my feet, however, I need width K so that I feel comfortable in my shoes. The size you need depends on how wide your feet are. Therefore, when buying shoes, you should not only know the size, but also the width of your feet.

If you are not sure, it is best to order comfortable pumps for wide feet in several widths. This is easily possible via Amazon Prime. You can try on the shoes first and only pay for them if you want to keep them. I usually prefer to order the shoes a half to full size up if I'm not sure whether the smaller size will fit. This means I feel comfortable even in stylish shoes for wide feet.


Black pumps
Black pumps


These are the widths for German shoe sizes:

H WIDTH in shoe size

  • 36 with a width of 22,6 cm
  • 37 with a width of 23,0 cm
  • 38 with a width of 23,4 cm
  • 39 with a width of 23,8 cm
  • 40 with a width of 24,2 cm
  • 41 with a width of 24,6 cm
  • 42 with a width of 25,0 cm
  • 43 with a width of 25,4 cm
  • 44 with a width of 25,8 cm
  • 45 with a width of 26,2 cm

J WIDTH in shoe size

  • 36 with a width of 23,1 cm
  • 37 with a width of 23,5 cm
  • 38 with a width of 23,9 cm
  • 39 with a width of 24,3 cm
  • 40 with a width of 24,7 cm
  • 41 with a width of 25,1 cm
  • 42 with a width of 25,5 cm
  • 43 with a width of 25,9 cm
  • 44 with a width of 26,3 cm
  • 45 with a width of 26,7 cm

K WIDTH in shoe size

  • 36 with a width of 23,6 cm
  • 37 with a width of 24,0 cm
  • 38 with a width of 24,4 cm
  • 39 with a width of 24,8 cm
  • 40 with a width of 25,2 cm
  • 41 with a width of 25,6 cm
  • 42 with a width of 26,0 cm
  • 43 with a width of 26,4 cm
  • 44 with a width of 26,8 cm
  • 45 with a width of 27,2 cm

M WIDTH in shoe size

  • 36 with a width of 24,6 cm
  • 37 with a width of 25,0 cm
  • 38 with a width of 25,4 cm
  • 39 with a width of 25,8 cm
  • 40 with a width of 26,2 cm
  • 41 with a width of 26,6 cm
  • 42 with a width of 27,0 cm
  • 43 with a width of 27,4 cm
  • 44 with a width of 27,8 cm
  • 45 with a width of 28,2 cm

Where can I find women's pumps for wide feet that are chic?

That's reason enough for me to start looking online to find elegant, comfortable pumps for city trips and all the occasions that come along with them. My conditions are that they must be available in K width. At the same time, they should go well with elegant clothing. But above all, they have to be so comfortable that I can walk longer distances without my feet starting to hurt. It's also important to me that they don't have high, thin heels. With such shoes, longer distances on pavement or even cobblestones can quickly become torture. Wide and flat heels, on the other hand, make walking easier. In addition, in such shoes, the feet do not slide forward as easily when walking and pinch the toes. Chic shoes for wide feet must also be comfortable.

Chic shoes for wide feet like these also work well as Gifts for travelerswho like City ​​breaks make. These also fit Backpacks for city trips, On our Journey from Copenhagen to Oslo I could have used shoes like that, for example.


Elegant pumps
Elegant pumps


Questions and answers about pumps for wide feet

Are there specific shoe brands that offer pumps for wide feet?

Yes, some shoe brands have a wider fit for pumps.

What heel height is best for wide feet to ensure comfort?

A lower heel height or a wedge heel are often the best choice as they reduce pressure on the front of the foot and therefore provide more comfort.

Are there special materials that are better suited for comfortable pumps with wide feet?

Yes, leather or suede pumps are often a good choice as they can mold to the shape of the foot over time and provide a comfortable fit.

Are pumps with adjustable straps a good option for wide feet?

In any case! Pumps with adjustable straps allow the shoe to be individually adjusted to the width of the foot and ensure a secure hold.

What can I do if I can't find wide foot pumps that fit me?

If you're having trouble finding the right pumps, you should look for shoe stores that stock a wide variety of shoe sizes and brands. Alternatively, you could also consider custom shoes to ensure they fit your wide feet perfectly.



Comfortable pumps for wide feet
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Buy comfortable pumps for wide feet online

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