Copenhagen Oslo with the Crown ferry

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Sunset between Copenhagen and Oslo - ship and cruises

Copenhagen Oslo aboard the Crown Ferry

We travel aboard the Crown Ferry on the Copenhagen Oslo route for National Day in Oslo. For me, a ferry is usually a means of transport that fulfills a specific function: to bring us and our car from point A to point B. I don't expect great luxury here. A comfortable armchair in which we can sleep through the crossing, a cafeteria and a restaurant in which we can get something to eat on the way, and a reasonably comfortable car deck that is as easy as possible to drive in and out of. That's all I expect from a ferry. And most of the ferries I know look like that too.



Four person cabin on board the Copenhagen Oslo ferry
Copenhagen Oslo aboard the Crown Ferry: This is how a four-person cabin looks when three beds are folded up.


Mini cruise Copenhagen Oslo on the ferries "Crown" and "Pearl" from DFDS

The ferry ships "Crown" and "Pearl" of DFDS Seaways shipping company from Denmark, which commute back and forth between Copenhagen and Oslo, are quite different. We travel to National holiday to Oslo with the crown. Even the boarding is more reminiscent of a cruise ship than a ferry. In contrast to the usual ferries, we - as foot passengers - do not enter the ship via the car deck. Here we are welcomed by a friendly crew in the lobby of the ship who shows us the way to our cabins, because they are needed for the night crossing. The "Crown" leaves Copenhagen in the late afternoon and arrives in Oslo around 10:00 the next morning.

Dazwischen liegt eine Überfahrt in einer Kabine, in der vier Personen schlafen könnten (wenn auch sehr beengt und in Stockbetten), die wir nur zu zweit nutzen. Es passt gerade noch unser carry-on baggage in eine Ecke, wenn wir die beiden Betten aufgeschlagen haben, deshalb machen wir das erst, als wir wirklich Schlafen gehen. Vorher benutzen wir eines davon als Sofa, von dem aus wir durch das große Fenster, das mit einem runden Bullauge nichts mehr zu tun hat, einen tollen Blick auf den Hafen von Kopenhagen haben. Das Bad ist funktionell eingerichtet mit einer Dusche, einer Toilette und den nötigen Accessoires. Das Einzige was fehlt, ist ein Föhn. Es ist ziemlich eng und reicht gerade für eine Person. Da wir jeweils nur eine Nacht an Bord verbringen, können wir damit leben.


Drinks and live music
So the crossing Copenhagen Oslo passes quickly: Drinks and live music are available at the nightclub


A ferry like a cruise ship between Copenhagen Oslo

The rest of the ship reminds us more of a cruise ship: it starts with the "Mermaid Bar" on the upper deck of the "Crown" (her sister ship, the "Pearl" has no bar on the outer deck), where we have a cool drink let the city of Copenhagen and its harbor glide past us in your hand and enjoy the view in bright sunshine. The conference center aboard the ship is located a floor below, and the next morning we use it with other travel bloggers for a conference.

In the middle decks of the "Crown" you are spoiled for choice in which restaurant you want to dine. There is a gourmet restaurant, a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant and a buffet restaurant where we can enjoy the excellent cuisine on board the two ferries. In general, the gastronomy on board the two ships is excellent: there are Scandinavian specialties with lots of fish, mussels and herring, but also various meat dishes, vegetables and salad. The only thing we miss a little is fruit. The dessert buffet is overflowing with all kinds of cakes, tarts and desserts, and the cheese buffet is also impressive.


Prawns complacent?
Only one of the delicacies from the dinner buffet aboard the Crown on the road Copenhagen Copenhagen


Shopping on board the Copenhagen Oslo ferry

If you do not want to retreat to your cabin after this sumptuous meal with a view of the vast expanse of the Baltic Sea and the setting sun of the 7 Seas Restaurant, there are several options to choose from: the large and well-stocked on-board shop offers all kinds of souvenirs and equipment. The prices are quite civil. We had expected higher prices.


Bubble Zone
Wellness aboard the Crown Ferry from DFDS


... or rather a Wine Tasting

If you don't want to shop, you can make yourself comfortable in the wine bar, where a sommelier ensures that the best wines are always available. On the way back from Oslo to Copenhagen we are invited to a wine tasting on board the "Pearl" and get to know the sommelier of the ship. He serves us wines that are exceptional and we learn that Denmark receives only 210 bottles from Vino Dal Forno Romané from Italy every year. 150 of them are already reserved for the DFDS ferries every year. So if you want to drink something very special in Scandinavia, the ferry crossing from Copenhagen to Oslo and back offers a good opportunity.

A Visit to the Nightclub

If you are looking for livelier entertainment for the evening, you can visit the night club, where live bands provide entertainment. And the disco on board is popular for celebrating the night away. Those of you who want to be pampered can relax in the bubble room, the wellness area, in the jacuzzi or relax with a massage. There is also a casino on the "Pearl" that differs from the slot machines usually found on ferries. Things are nobler here and you can get rid of your money in a well-kept environment.

The ferries from DFDS have surprised us with their elegant features and an on-board entertainment program that is impressive. So a ferry trip with a stay at the start and end of the route becomes an interesting mini cruise that promises relaxation. We parked our car for three days at the DFDS terminal in Copenhagen and spent two pleasant nights on the crossing and one extra night in Oslo.

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This gave us a day to see the capital of Norway, which is very easy to explore without a car. On this our whirlwind tour through Scandinavia became a pleasant and relaxing journey, on which we comfortably and completely stress-free a first impression of Copenhagen and Oslo could provide. The one that is also interesting Arrival to Copenhagen via the Öresund Bridge, a road trip for which we have collected travel tips.

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Source: own research on site. We thank DFDS for inviting us to this ferry trip. However, our opinion remains our own.

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Copenhagen Oslo with the Crown ferry

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