Weinberg Hotel in Wurzburg

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Breakfast terrace overlooking Würzburg

Schlosshotel Steinburg - the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg

A Würzburg tip for connoisseurs! This Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg is an experience in itself. Nothing lets you guess what a magnificent view Würzburg and the vineyards of the Würzburger Stein await us. In the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg in Bavaria let’s start our journey on the Route of the pleasures. This journey finally leads us through the worlds of pleasure in Franconia, Hesse and Baden. But this Würzburg hotel in the winery is also suitable for a wine weekend. Our navigation system steers us from the A3 to the eastern part of Würzburg. However, we quickly leave the place again. Instead, we approach the back of the castle hotel via avenues. The hotel works well as a standpoint if you are Würzburg's wines want to explore. Others too Excursion destinations in Franconia can be discovered from here. The hotel whets the appetite to discover the Franconian wine country.




Schlosshotel Steinburg - Weinberg Hotel Wuerzburg
Schlosshotel Steinburg - Weinberg Hotel near Würzburg


We are curious about the view of Würzburg and which vineyards Würzburg offers. After all, the Schlosshotel Steinburg is one of the sightsleeping hotels. These promise "Sleep for the eye-opener". These are hotels that guarantee beautiful views and a tasteful ambience.



View of the Marienfestung, from the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg
View of the Marienfestung, Würzburg and the Main from this Würzburg hotel in the winery


Weinberg Hotel Würzburg - the Schlosshotel Steinburg

The view of the Marien Festung, the Old Bridge, the city center of Würzburg, the Main and the steep slopes of the Würzburger Stein is definitely sensational. The Schlosshotel Steinburg is the only vineyard hotel in Würzburg. A part of the vineyards of the Würzburger Stein has belonged to the hotel for several years. You can easily walk through the vineyard from the hotel hike. However, the majority of the vineyard – 98% of it – is cultivated by three Würzburg wineries: Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist, Juliusspital and Staatlicher Hofkeller. From our room in the refuge we have a view of the vineyards that belong to the Bezold family of hoteliers.


You need that for hiking in the Franconian wine country

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The country castle, the dream castle and the refuge

The Bezold family bought the castle hotel 1937 from the Bürgerspital Foundation. She has since built it with a keen sense of the history of the house into a modern hotel. The castle hotel consists of three parts, the new refugium and the two older tracts: the country castle and the dream castle. However, since this is a 1898 building with stairs and winding corridors, this proves to be difficult. For example, installations such as air conditioning or elevators can not be integrated in the older parts of the hotel. One does not want to destroy the charm of the castle with lift shafts and air conditioners.


Knights' Hall in the Schlosshotel Steinburg
Knights' Hall in the Schlosshotel Steinburg


For this reason, the rooms in the country castle and dream castle have been carefully modernized. For guests who prefer air-conditioned rooms and barrier-free access to the rooms, the Steinburg was finally expanded in 2012 to include the Refugium. However, not all areas of the hotel are barrier-free. The restaurants in the castle wing can only be reached by stairs. However, if you want to enjoy the view from the hotel terrace in summer, you can access it via a stair-free entrance.


Our room in the refuge
Our room in the refuge


I found it very pleasant that we could choose the room when booking. At midsummer temperatures, we preferred an air-conditioned room in the retreat. We chose one that offered us a view of Würzburg and the vineyard. In addition, it was quieter than the rooms directly above the Main due to its peripheral location. Train operation and the course of the main road there provide a constant background noise.


Open bathroom in our room in the refuge
Open bath in our room in the refuge of the Würzburg Hotel Weingut


Meetings, weddings and relaxation in the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg

The refuge is tailored to the needs of conference guests. The construction was successful, as the Schlosshotel Steinburg is one of the best conference hotels in Germany. At least that's what a board at the entrance announces. There is also a break in between. You can swim laps in the hotel's pool and then relax on the sunbathing lawn with a view of Würzburg.

If you prefer a nightcap instead, you can enjoy it in the hotel's wine cellar. Or you can join a vineyard tour through the Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg, which is offered on Saturdays at 15.00 p.m. in the summer months.

If you are also looking for a location for a wedding or a family or company event, the Schlosshotel Steinburg offers a selection of rooms. They range from the guest room to the wine bar with access to the hotel terrace including a view of the city and the Hair. Perfect for a Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg.


Winery with overnight stay and wine tasting near Würzburg

Even if the Schlosshotel Steinburg is located in the vineyards, it is not a winery. You can wines of the region drink in the wine cellar, but you stay in a castle hotel. Are you looking for a winery with overnight stays and wine tasting near Würzburg, then take a look at these accommodations:

  • The Wine Forum Franken Hotel & Restaurant* Although there is no winery in Eibelstadt, it does offer wine tasting. It is about 11 km to Würzburg by car.
  • This is an ancient winery located directly on the banks of the Main Hotel Weingut Meintzinger * in Frickenhausen. In his wine room you can taste the house wines and do a wine tasting. Würzburg is about 18 kilometers away.
  • The family run Vinotel Augustin* in Sulzfeld am Main runs its own winery. In the hotel's wine cellar, which is recommended in Gault Millau, you can taste the house wines. You drive 17 kilometers to Würzburg.
  • It's more rustic at im Gasthaus & Weingut zum Stern* in Sulzfeld am Main. You can taste the wines from the hotel's own vineyard in the hotel's à la carte restaurant.



Popular for weddings - bay window with a view from the Würzburg Hotel Weingut
Popular for weddings - bay window with a view


Culinary delights with a view from the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg

However, we enjoyed the most beautiful hours in the Schlosshotel Steinburg, our Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg, on the hotel terrace. With the view over the city to the Marienfestung, the Main and the vineyards, the dinner tasted twice as good.

A starter of chanterelle cappucino with roasted char under a tarragon hood was followed by a duck breast on mango vinegar ice cream with bacon chanterelles and olive bulgur in the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg. Finally, there was a Hugo "with a difference": Lime sorbet on mint jelly with secco foam and Elderflower pudding. The next morning we enjoyed our gourmet breakfast on the hotel terrace. What could be better than starting the day with a cup of coffee with fresh bread and a view that sweeten the beginning of the day. The only thing we regret is that the Schlosshotel Steinburg is almost five hours away by car. Otherwise we would certainly be there more often.


Chanterelle cappuccino with roasted char under the tarragon hood
Chanterelle cappucino with roasted char under the tarragon hood in the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg
Duck breast on mango vinegar glace with bacon chanterelles and olive bulgur
Duck breast on mango vinegar ice cream with bacon chanterelles and olive bulgur in the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg
Hugo in a different way - lime sorbet on mint jelly with Secco foam and elderflower pudding
Hugo in a different way at the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg


Excursions from the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg

The area surrounding the Schlosshotel Steinburg is rich in sights that are well worth a visit. Here are some suggestions.

In the near vicinity

  • A city tour through Würzburg is perfect for a Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg, during which you get to know the ways to wine in the episcopal city on the Main. Information about this can be found here. Take your time to stroll through the city and try the best wines from the Main in the wine taverns.
  • From the Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg you can go on car tours in Weinorte am Main. What do you think of the Visit to a wine festival in one of these five wine towns?
  • Doesn't it always have to be just wine? But do you still want to enjoy? What do you think of a trip to Route of the pleasures in Churfranken? The region around Miltenberg and Wertheim can be easily reached via the motorway. Many kinds of enjoyable experiences await you there.
  • A visit to the palace gardens of the summer residence of the Archbishops of Würzburg is a completely different pleasure. They liked to spend the summer months in their castle in Veitshöchheim. There you can visit the castle. We find the parks of Veitshöchheim. You can reach the park via the country road that runs along the Main. Alternatively, you can also take the boat from Würzburg to Veitshöchheim. This is a nice day trip.
  • Ochsenfurt is only a few kilometers away from Würzburg. The city wall from the Middle Ages is almost completely preserved. This gives the city a cityscape that is best discovered on a day trip. Take a break in one of the restaurants and enjoy specialties from the region. Ochsenfurt is also known for its beer. Well worth trying.

day trips

  • If you want to get to know the wines on the Main better, we recommend a trip to the Wine Cellars in Sommerach. It is best to follow the road that leads along the Main. That always offers new views of the river. You can do a wine tasting on site. There are tours of the vineyard. The wine seminars in the wine school, which provide interesting information about wine, are also interesting. A visit to the wine cellar is a must. Wines from the Sommerach winegrowers' cooperative are stored there.
  • Do you like to go hiking? Then we recommend one Excursion in the region around Rüdenhausen, Castell and Iphofen. There you can wander between grapevines. There are half-timbered villages that invite you to take a break. You can also try their wines from the winemakers in the region. A perfect getaway for wine lovers.

Pleasure experiences in and around Würzburg



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Excursions from the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg

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Würzburg Hotel in the vineyard
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Source Würzburg Hotel Weingut: own research on site. We would definitely like to thank the Schlosshotel Steinburg for the invitation and the overnight stay at the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg.

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