Experience Vegan New York: From street food to haute cuisine

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Vegan New York

Discover vegan New York

In New York City cultures meet and with them a variety of tastes. This city is known for its diversity, and this is also reflected in the food. There is currently a clear trend towards vegan nutrition. More and more people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle. This is also reflected in the gastronomy scene. So let’s discover vegan New York together!

Vegan New York restaurants are springing up like mushrooms on the streets of Manhattan. They not only offer an alternative, but are a pleasure for everyone. Even those who don't follow a vegan lifestyle will find what they're looking for here and will often be pleasantly surprised. We also like to eat vegan sometimes, even though we are not strict vegans. Some of these foods are just too good for us to pass up.


Vegan breakfast at the Ladybird Bar in New York
Vegan breakfast at the Ladybird Bar in New York Photo: Vanessa Gordon, East End Taste


A walk through the city reveals the wealth of options. Every district, every corner offers the opportunity to discover and try new things - without any animal products. From street food to fine dining, the vegan scene in New York leaves nothing to be desired.

Visiting a vegan New York café or restaurant is not only a culinary experience, but also an expression of a conscious lifestyle. This is about enjoying sustainably and without making sacrifices. The well-known New York cheesecake? There are also vegan versions of these that impress with their consistency and taste.

For pleasure travelers who are looking for plant-based alternatives, New York offers numerous opportunities for discovery. It is the perfect city to experience the diversity and richness of vegan cuisine.


Eat vegan at Ladybird Bar in New York City
Eating vegan at the Ladybird Bar in New York City Photo: Vanessa Gordon, East End Taste


The Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

If you're looking for vegan options in New York City, look no further. So let me introduce you to a few top spots. We asked a few vegans which restaurants they recommend.

Vanessa Gordon by East End button is the founder of the annual Hamptons summer event, the Hamptons Interactive Brunch. She drove to New York City for us to get recent photos from one of her favorite vegan restaurants. She describes the Ladybird Bar like this:

“As someone who prefers to maintain a vegan diet and lifestyle when possible, Ladybird in NYC helps make this happen. Nestled in Manhattan's East Village near Tompkins Square Park, Ladybird combines inventive vegetable tapas and wines with a beautiful and cozy interior. The bar area is simply romantic, with bright flowers and ornate mirrors. Some of my favorite items on the menu include mushroom and onion toast, chikin'n waffles, and kale Caesar salad.

Additionally, their menu is 100% nut-free for added peace of mind. Gluten-free options are also available.”

Ladybird Vegetable Bar
111 E 7th StNew York, NY 10009
Tel: + 1 833-328-4588


Vegan dessert at Ladybird Bar in New York
Vegan dessert at the Ladybird Bar in New York Photo: Vanessa Gordon, East End Taste

Eating vegan in New York: from street food to haute cuisine

Eating vegan in New York is an experience in itself. The city offers everything a vegan heart desires, from cheap street food to exquisite haute cuisine.

Food trucks and small stands are everywhere. For example, try a falafel wrap or freshly squeezed juice – quick, tasty and cheap. At lunchtime there are numerous cafés. Many offer salads, soups and sandwiches that not only fill you up but also make you happy. The menu is often seasonal and always surprising. For a fine dinner, there are elegant restaurants that conjure up star-level vegan dishes. Creative chefs transform ingredients like cashews or tofu into true works of art.

You don't have to dig deep into your pockets to enjoy this variety. You'll find something for every budget in New York. There are many happy hour specials and lunch specials that are affordable and delicious.


Eat vegan at Ras Plant Based in Brooklyn New York
Eating vegan at Ras Plant Based in Brooklyn New York Photo: Naomi from Vegan Nomads


Eating vegan in Brooklyn

The next two restaurant tips come from Naomi and Felix from Vegan Nomads. The two travel the world. So far they have already visited 53 countries. They are always on the lookout for vegan specialties and restaurants. They discovered two exciting restaurants in Brooklyn. Naomi introduces them both here:


Vegetables in Ras Plant Based
Vegetables in Ras Plant Based Photo: Naomi from Vegan Nomads


Ras Plant Based

“Ras Plant-Based in New York is a true treasure for vegan foodies and a tribute to Ethiopian cuisine. Proving that anything is possible in New York, the restaurant offers a variety of delicious vegan Ethiopian dishes. An offshoot of Ras Plant-Based used to be located in the food hall at Pier 57 in Chelsea, but it was forced to close earlier this year. Even though the journey to the east of Williamsburg is now a little further, the unique combination of different flavors remains an experience for the senses and is definitely worth a visit. There are various bowls to choose from at lunchtime.

In our opinion, the highlight is the Bolé Bowl with al dente turmeric rice, minced tofu, avocado salad and a variety of seasoned vegetables. A real taste explosion! The evening menu offers an even larger selection of Ethiopian classics - including crispy fried mushroom tibs or a lentil stew called misir. Each dish at Ras is a story in itself, a combination of tradition, health and compassion for all sentient beings. From brunch to dinner, Ras offers an authentic Ethiopian experience in the vibrant atmosphere of New York City - even with a live DJ in the evenings!”

Ras Plant-Based
739 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Salad Bowl from BKLYNWild
Salad Bowl by BKLYNWild Photo: Naomi from Vegan Nomads



Very close to Brooklyn Bridge Park, you'll find Time Out Market, a lively dining hotspot known for its convivial atmosphere. Here, guests from the different restaurants share tables, which contributes to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This is particularly practical if you are traveling with non-vegan travel partners. Because while you get your delicious vegan dishes from BKLYNWild, you can grab something from one of the other stalls.

At the vegetarian BKLYNWild at Time Out Market, you can look forward to a variety of delicious vegan options that are freshly prepared. From quesadillas to colorful salads to various bowls, there is something for every taste. Menu highlights include the Diablo Bowl with spicy tofu, black beans, vegan cheese and tortilla strips ($16), and the Unicorn Bowl with purple sweet potatoes, pink lentils, red pomegranate seeds, chili coconut yogurt and fresh mint ($18). $). The generous portions are perfect for sharing or taking on the go. Enjoy the diverse flavors and convivial atmosphere of Time Out Market while indulging in the delicacies at BKLYNWild.

Time Out Market – 55 Water Street Brooklyn
NY 11206

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And finally ...

New York is a vegan's dream. The city is full of culinary discoveries just waiting for you to explore. From the busy street corner to the elegant restaurant, you will find everything your vegan heart desires.

The highlights? A street food stand that impresses with its spicy jackfruit pulled pork burger. A café where the coffee is refined with homemade almond milk. Or the upscale restaurant that transforms plant-based ingredients into a firework of flavors. And then of course there is the legendary New York Cheesecake, the vegan version so creamy and delicious that you will never forget it.

The fascinating thing about New York is that every price range is represented here. You can enjoy a stunning meal for a few dollars or pay for a once-in-a-lifetime gourmet experience at a fine dining restaurant. Every budget finds its place here.

Try vegan food in New York on your next trip

My appeal to you: Come to New York and try your hand at this world full of taste and creativity. Whether you're strolling through the food markets or sitting in a quiet restaurant, the vegan cuisine here will delight and inspire you.

Next time you're looking for a destination that fulfills your vegan desires, think New York. Every meal here is definitely an experience. Come and see for yourself what makes the vegan scene here so special. New York is waiting for you!

Have you ever been to New York and discovered vegan restaurants?

Then let us know in the comments where you have tried good vegan food. We'd love to hear more tips and our readers will definitely appreciate your recommendation.

More vegan restaurants in New York

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Questions and answers about Vegan New York

Where can I find the best vegan pizza in New York City?

There are numerous pizzerias in NYC that specialize in vegan options. One of them is “doublezeroin Manhattan. Here the pizza is prepared in the Neapolitan style and topped exclusively with plant-based ingredients. From classic to innovative creations, everyone will find their favorite pizza here.

Are there vegan donuts in New York?

Absolutely! “Dun Well Donuts“ in the Brooklyn district offers a variety of vegan donuts. From traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla to more unusual creations like hibiscus and Earl Grey, the selection is impressive and delicious.

Can I find vegan street food in New York?

Yes, New York is known for its diverse street food scene, which also includes vegan options. Particularly recommended is “The Cinnamon Snail” in Red Bank, NJ, a food truck that serves vegan burgers, wraps and even breakfast dishes. Also look out for street food markets like “Smorgasburg” in Williamsburg, where you can find a wide range of vegan treats.

Are there vegan options in New York food courts?

Yes, many food courts and market halls in New York now offer vegan stalls or options. The "Gotham West Market“ in Hell’s Kitchen as well as the “Chelsea Market“ in Manhattan are just two examples where vegan dishes can be discovered.


Vegan New York
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Do you know anything else?


Source: own research and tips from Vanessa Gordon from East End Taste and Naomi from Vegan Nomads. We would definitely like to thank you for the recommendations. However, as always, our opinions remain our own.

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Experience Vegan New York: From street food to haute cuisine

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