Holiday for two with a suitcase

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Travel in pairs with a suitcase

Admittedly, we used to have a lot more luggage with us on our travels. What we didn't pack on our first vacation for two: several pairs of shoes, books that we didn't have time to read on the way, thick jackets - "it could be cold" - elegant clothes for a nice evening, towels, washing powder that we never needed because we weren't wearing all the clothes we had with us anyway, and lots more besides. The car and suitcases overflowed. And we dragged and dragged and dragged the heavy ones suitcase from hotel to hotel. Until at some point it got too stupid for us and we thought: what do we actually need on our travels? Since then, the weight and the amount of clothes and other things that we take with us on trips have been reduced more and more.


Holiday for two with a suitcase
Holiday for two with a suitcase


Vacation for two with little luggage

Well, if we take longer trips, then we are traveling with two suitcases. The reason for that is not the clothes, but our electronic equipment: for traveling to the US and Canada, a suitcase is filled with electronics for our cameras, cell phones and laptops. Already for the cables, adapters and intermediate plugs we need a whole bag full. In the meantime, there are no more books and guides that we take with us. Instead, all the electronics we need for our photographic equipment and communications. Clothing for two is usually housed in a smaller suitcase. And that's enough.


Suitcase and backpack
Trolley and backpack or office suitcase for electronics traveling


Vacation for two became blogger trips

When traveling within Europe, we are actually traveling with only one large suitcase today. Add to that a small suitcase for laptops and camera equipment and a bag for the material we collect on the way: brochures, information, maps and one or two guides. For vacation for two we do not do almost anything. We're on the road as travel bloggers, and that means work for which we need equipment. With a large suitcase and two small trolleys, we are perfectly equipped to work on the go. As time-limited digital nomads, we can work with them everywhere: in the café, at the airport, in the hotel and even on the road trip in the car.

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We travel almost exclusively with one Suitcase *, One trolley * and a Pilot case * or one backpack, I already had very good experiences on my travels as a tour guide, where my luggage often had to endure a lot. Our big suitcase is now more than twenty years old, and the trolleys are not much younger. Only a few years ago, we brought the backpack home with us from a trip to Florida. You can order these suitcases, trolleys and backpacks conveniently from our partner Amazon online.

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.

How do you travel on holiday as a couple? With a lot of luggage or little? What do you absolutely have to take with you on your travels?

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Holiday for two with a suitcase

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  1. Hallo,
    I took a lot more with me earlier. Meanwhile, we travel with a suitcase for two. It depends more on the weather and the length of the journey than on the distance. Hand luggage is usually sufficient for short and weekend stays. When traveling for more than two weeks, it is a suitcase. It will be difficult if several temperature zones are to be mastered within a journey. Thick sweaters, shoes and winter jackets are very heavy and spacious.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Renate,

      For the problem of winter travel, last year when we visited the Winterlude in Ottawa (temperatures up to -33 ° C) we followed the really great tips of Tourism Ottawa: wear several layers. Warm winter pants over leggings, thick wool socks over cotton socks, cotton shirt, turtleneck and wool sweater or vest and over a jacket or coat. This works perfectly, especially because you can easily peel in the partially overheated interiors. In the future, we will always follow the principle for winter travel.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

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