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Sandwich with smoked salmon

What Texel tips are there for foodies?

If you are looking for culinary insider tips on the Dutch island of Texel, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we present you must-try restaurants, specialties and experiences to discover the island's unique cuisine. In these Texel Insider Tips for connoisseurs, we present Texel restaurants, specialties and experiences where you can enjoy the culinary delights of the island of Texel.

Texel Tips for connoisseurs

Admittedly, at first glance, Texel does not give the impression that there are culinary highlights to be discovered here. A second look, however, arouses curiosity. Sheep and cattle graze on the grasswhich were wrested from the sea for centuries. From Oudeschild, the shrimp cutters drive out to the North Sea. They bring shrimp and shrimps ashore. Other fishermen catch herring, plaice or sole. The mud flat supplies ingredients such as sea asparagus and algae. And in the fields not only tulip bulbs, but also potatoes are grown. The nice thing about the Texel is that visitors can not just taste these goodies. There are also ways to combine them with experiences for foodies.


Texel insider tips for foodies

We have been to Texel several times and have discovered restaurants, shops and beach bars where you can eat well. In addition, there are experiences for foodies that are exciting and make a Texel holiday a stay for connoisseurs.

In which restaurant do you eat well?

There are some restaurants on Texel that we can recommend from personal experience. Which Texel Restaurant you choose depends on the type of cuisine you prefer. Because there are restaurants on the island, which offer fine cuisine, as well as quaint beach pubs, where you can eat well. What you ultimately choose is up to your personal preferences.

Het Schoutenhuys in Den Burg

We have already eaten several times in this restaurant. We always liked it. His specialty are “Gerechies”, which are seasonal specialties from Texel that are presented in small quantities, similar to tapas. Exactly the right thing to get an insight into Texel cuisine at the beginning of your stay on the island. In this restaurant you eat in a rustic ambience on dark wooden tables. On our last visit to Het Schoutenhuys, the starter was Texel asparagus salad, salad made from Texel baby potatoes, Texel asparagus soup, focaccia with Texel ham from Peter Haker, Texel carpaccio and home-smoked salmon.


Meat course in the restaurant Het Schoutenhuys in Den Burg - Texel insider tips
Meat in the restaurant Het Schoutenhuys in Den Burg


This was followed by a fish course with cod with gremolata from Texel leg of lamb and Texel asparagus with hollandaise sauce. There was also mashed potatoes made from Texel potatoes and fried sea asparagus (also called samphire), a specialty from the sea. You can taste this too. Samphire has a salty taste. We liked it very much in this combination. The meat course consisted of teriyaki duck breast fillet, meat from free-range Texel pork, couscous and - surprisingly - a large portion of rhubarb. Although we were already full after these courses, we couldn't do without the dessert. No wonder with Texel strawberries with yellow cream, ice cream made from raspberry and white chocolate and parfait from the Hoornderring, a Texel cake specialty.

Restaurant Het Schotenhuys

Vismarkt 1
1791 The castle


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Texeler beer

A beer from the Texel brewery tastes great. This produces beers that are now well known far beyond the borders of the island. I like the Texels Skuumkoppe, which is light and not bitter. There are also Texels Vuurbaak, Texels Springtij and Texels Tripel. In the brewery we had the opportunity to taste all four at a tasting. You can confidently give the brewery tour. You do not miss much. However, you should definitely drink the beer.


Beer tasting of Texel beer - Texel Insider Tips
Texel insider tips for tasting Texel beer


Eat elegantly at the Hotel Texel

Right next to Texel Airport lies the stylish Boutique Hotel Texel *, in which you can also stay very pleasant. You can not only sleep well there. Also the restaurant is worth a visit. On one of our Texel trips, we not only spent one night there, but also enjoyed the breakfast and the imaginative dinner. In an elegant ambience, you can enjoy a farm-to-table dinner made with ingredients sourced from the in-house farm. Seasonal cuisine is bid here. Chef Robin Mosk shows his skills in the changing monthly menus, where he specializes in seasonal dishes.

We were guests in May and enjoyed Tatar with egg after a liquid greeting from the kitchen. Then there was a sirloin steak with Texel potatoes and finally chocolate matcha ice cream.


Tartar with egg as a starter - Texel insider tips
Tatar with egg as an appetizer


Hotel Texel

Postal 134
1791 JS De Cocksdorp

Texel insider tips for pubs, cafes and beach pavilions

In addition to these good restaurants, Texel also has pubs, cafés and beach pavilions where the ambience is more rustic. This does not mean that the food does not taste good there. Worth a visit are these restaurants, which we all know from our own point of view.

Beach pavilion Kaap Noord

One of our favorite Texel insider tips is the Kaap Noord beach pavilion. You will experience that real Texel feeling in the Kaap Noord beach pavilion in De Cocksdorp. This is not far from the lighthouse in the north of the island. Here you can eat with a great view of the sea and watch the kite surfers while you eat. These can be driven past the coast by the wind.

In the pavilion Kaap Noord, you can sit outside protected from the wind in good weather. Glass walls give the view of the beach. You can sit here for hours and watch the buzz of the coast. The food served here just sounds like the first time you look at the map. The more you marvel at what is finally offered. A smoked salmon sandwich is served in home-baked bread. But also the salmon salad and the mussels are worth a try.


In the beach pavilion Kaap Noord
In the beach pavilion Kaap Noord


Beach pavilion Kaap Noord

Volharding 4
1785 LH De Cocksdorp

Beach pavilion Paal 17

Another beach pavilion where you can enjoy the beach and good food is Paal 17. This beach pub is just a few meters away from Ecomare, the seal sanctuary on Texel. There is a cafeteria there. However, their selection is not special. Therefore, we recommend instead to drive the few hundred meters to the large parking lot at Paal 17. From there you go only a short way to Paal 17. Similar to the stand pavilion Noord Kaap you can sit inside or outside. Paal 17 is popular. On our visit on a Sunday in the preseason, the restaurant was pretty crowded. For us a table was reserved, so we easily found space. However, we watched many people waiting in vain for a table. Reservation is advised.


Texel tip for Foodies - pork sate with peanut sauce and rice crackers
Pork sate with peanut sauce and rice crackers


Because Paal 17 is so popular, you should bring some time. The onslaught on the restaurant can lead to waiting times for service. The food is not gourmet, but good and much. On my visit I have pork satay skewers with peanut sauce and rice crackers. Petar chose a tomato soup. Both were large portions and tasty. On the sandy beach in front of the front door you can work off the calories after a meal after a meal.

Beach pavilion Paal 17

Ruyslaan 96
1796 AZ De Koog

Cafeteria Veronica in Oudeschild

Vis en Cafeteria Veronica in Oudeschild is a combination of a fish restaurant and cafeteria. Here you can get fresh fish straight from the harbor. The cafeteria is also there. It's not a fine dining location, but nowhere is the fish fresher on the island. If you are in the mood for good fish & chips, then Veronica is the place for you. However, the food is served in plastic dishes, so not necessarily sustainable. However, the fish, shrimp, and herrings taste good.


Fresh fish and chips
Texel tips for fresh fish & chips


You can eat either in the large restaurant or - weather permitting - on the terrace in front of the door. There you can watch the happenings in the harbor at the same time. If you are here on the weekend, you can even watch the fishermen waiting for their nets.

Vis cafeteria Veronica

Haven 9a
1792 AE Oudeschild

Texel insider tips and specialties for foodies

In addition to the usual restaurants, cafes and beach pubs Texel offers even more experiences for connoisseurs. Those that we can test and recommend ourselves, we introduce you here.

Texel Gin at Wijnhuis Texel – one of our insider tips for connoisseurs

We love to discover regional specialties. Sometimes we come across real insider tips. Wijnhuis Texel is one of them. In one of the oldest houses in the village of Oosterend from 1650 you can try the homemade herb bitters, liqueurs and gins that the owner-couple produces by hand. As soon as you enter the shop, you are entering a world from bygone days. The wine shop is lovingly furnished in vintage style and welcomes its visitors. I immediately feel comfortable here. And I can't get out of amazement. Liqueurs and gins with names like "Happiness", "Prosperity" or "Health" await customers on the shelves. Bottled lovingly in pretty bottles. Even their names make me curious about how they taste.


In the wine cellar
In the wine cellar


We can try it in the wine cellar. Like in an old bodega, wine barrels are stored in it, from which the wines are still bottled by hand. However, I am even more curious about the spirits and liqueurs that mature in large-bellied bottles like those of an alchemist. We try the liqueur "Glück", which tastes like orange peel. The fresh berry gin is also very tasty. However, my absolute favorite is the Oosterend specialty – the Strender Stropertje, the “strict poacher”. This mild herbal liqueur brings back memories of Christmas. It tastes of caramel, vanilla, coffee and Gingerbread. Simply delicious! Even paying at the nostalgic checkout is fun. The Wijnhuis Texel is one of our top highlights for foodies on Texel.

Wijnhuis Texel

Kerkstraat 11
1794 AM Oosterend

Landgoed “De Bonte Belevenis” – one of our Texel insider tips for connoisseurs

Please note: if you are interested in the workshops, you should call in advance if and when they will take place. 

We particularly liked the visit to the adventure farm "De Bonte Belevenis" in Den Hoorn. Here you can easily spend a whole day if you use the activities that are offered. First of all, a walk through the farm is worthwhile. The garden is worth seeing, where vegetables and fruit are grown. Here you will also find quiet corners away from the main building, around which most visitors romp. Just enjoy the silence and the creative atmosphere on "De Bonte Belevenis".




If you feel more entrepreneurial, then you can attend one of the workshops. Drawing paper, pulling candles and making soap is not just fun for kids. You can also make your own personal souvenir yourself. At the time of our visit, none of these workshops took place. But we saw what you can do there. There were colorful candles as well as extraordinary soaps. Or have you ever heard of strawberry soap? Also cute were the small soaps in sheep form. A nice decoration for the home bath. To use almost too bad.




Did you feel like seeing real sheep? In spring, visitors may feed the lambs at certain times of the day. They already know what it means when visitors approach their enclosure. They get out of hand when they see the milk bottles they are fed with. A nice idea of ​​the farm owner.

Culinary experiences

However, we are more interested in the culinary offerings on the farm. There are also some of them. So the owner is currently trying to produce malt whiskey. In his still you can let you explain what his plans are. During our visit, his whiskeys ripen in the barrels of the still. You smell it already, the whiskey. However, he has not yet reached the right maturity. It will take a few months or even years.


Texel whiskey
Texel whiskey


It looks different in the brewery next door. Craft beers are produced here, which are sold on the estate and on the island. The names are funny. There are beers from "wind force 8" to "wind force 12". Others are called "thick fog" or even "lead beer". We haven't tried them, but the names make you curious.


Texel Tips for connoisseurs - Homemade breads of all kinds
Homemade bread of all kinds


We visited "De Bonte Belevenis" because we wanted to take a baking course. The finished bread dough had already risen in a large trough and was waiting for what we wanted to do with it. Ingredients for sweet rolls such as sugar, cinnamon, jams or berries were available as well as everything we wanted for spicy Outbreak required. Since we were guests with other blogger friends, the possibilities were varied. We opted for the sweet version and mixed our bread dough with sugar and cinnamon. Others twisted braids and sprinkled them with herbs. Or there were pizza-like pastries that also looked seductive. They all tasted good. Because of course we were allowed to eat our “works” after the baking course.

De Bonte Belevenis

Rommelpot 11
1797 RN Den Hoorn
Tel. + 31 222 314 180

Creative workshops are currently not taking place. The store and liquor store are open. The tour/tasting in the brewery and distillery can also be booked.

The Cheese Café Wezenspyk – one of our Texel tips for foodies

You can eat typical of the region in the cheese café Wezenspyk. This belongs to the Wezenspyk cheese farm. There you can take a guided tour of the cheese dairy before or after your meal. You will learn how cheese is made from sheep's milk. the Sheep, who deliver the milk, you see on the pastures in the area. With this, the owner Anton Witte is continuing a craft that has been a tradition on Texel for over 500 years – cheese making. You can either take part in a cheese tasting in the farm shop afterwards.


Genuine Texel farmhouse cheese - one of our Texel tips for foodies
Real Texel farmer's cheese


Or - and we recommend - you try cheese dishes in the Kaascafé. We have been to the café several times. During our last stay in Texel we enjoyed a cheese fondue there (price 17,95 €, as of May 2019). Every Tuesday and Saturday this is served between 12.00 and 16.00 pm. Each participant can dip pieces of vegetables and bread into pots of melted cheese. It tastes and is fun.

Cheese farm and cheese cafe Wezenspyk

Hoornderweg 29
1791 PM The castle

Do not miss Petar's video about our trip. In it he presents some of these experiences in more detail:

Texel Tips for connoisseurs

There are other experiences that Texel offers for foodies and connoisseurs that we have not yet experienced ourselves. You are certainly a reason for another trip to the island in the Wadden Sea.

  • The Eisbauernhof Labora, where you can watch how sheep's milk makes ice cream
  • The gourmet restaurant t'Pakhuus
  • An Exit with the shrimp cutter. Tanja has described this on her pleasure blog Vielweib. Look in here. It is worth it ..

Have you discovered more pleasurable experiences on Texel? Then let us know in the comments. Or have you already tried some of the possibilities? Then tell us how you liked them.

Texel tips for regional specialties: Eating well on Texel

Be sure to try the hearty Texel lamb. Its meat is known for its taste, which is shaped by the salty sea air and the diverse island vegetation. Or try the Texel cheeses that are made in small cheese dairies on the island.

Texel prawns are a must for snacking between meals. They are small but fine and are freshly fished from the Wadden Sea.

Texel has a variety of restaurants and cafés offering local products. For example, visit the restaurant 't Pakhuus in Oudeschild, which is known for its fish dishes. Or enjoy a leisurely dinner at the beach pavilion 'Paal 17' while watching the sunset.

No matter what time of day, you can always eat well on Texel. Many restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for the night owls, there are even a few bars that stay open late.

Texel tips for bargain hunters: Cheap food on Texel

Texel offers numerous opportunities to eat cheaply and deliciously. As travel bloggers, we know that culinary experiences don't have to be expensive. For example, start your day with a visit to the weekly market in Den Burg. Here you will find fresh fruit, vegetables and local specialties at fair prices. Ideal for a picnic on the beach!

For a cheap lunch, we recommend the many cozy cafes and bistros in the island towns. Be sure to try the famous “Texel Coffee“ and a piece of homemade cake. If you like fish, you will find what you are looking for in the fish stalls at the harbor of Oudeschild. Here you can get freshly caught herring and kibbeling at affordable prices.

Self-caterers also get their money's worth on Texel. In the island's supermarkets you will find everything you need for a delicious dinner in your holiday apartment or on the campsite. This will make your stay on Texel a culinary experience without a big budget.

Questions and answers about the Texel Insider Tips for connoisseurs:

What are the best local delicacies that you should definitely try on Texel?

On Texel you should definitely try the famous Texel sheep's cheese or the fresh seafood such as oysters and mussels that are caught just off the coast. There is also a variety of regional products such as Texel beer and traditional baked goods that you should definitely try.

Are there any special restaurants or cafés on Texel that connoisseurs should visit?

Absolutely! Texel has a variety of restaurants and cafés that use local ingredients and traditional recipes. A real insider tip are the small beach restaurants that offer fresh fish dishes and wonderful views of the sea. You should also visit the cozy inland cafes to enjoy local cakes and pastries.

Which culinary events take place on Texel and are they worth visiting?

Texel is known for its culinary events that take place all year round. A highlight is the annual Texel Culinair Festival, where local restaurants present their delicacies. There are also regular farmers markets offering fresh island produce. These events are definitely worth a visit to discover the diverse cuisine of Texel.

Are there any wineries or breweries on Texel that you can visit?

Yes, on Texel there are both wineries and breweries that you can visit. The island is known for its own wine production, and some wineries offer tours and tastings. If you're more of a beer lover, be sure to visit one of the local breweries to sample the craft beers and learn more about the brewing process.

What are the best places on Texel to buy fresh local produce and have a picnic?

If you want to buy fresh local products, you should definitely visit one of the farmers' markets on Texel. Here you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, honey and other delicacies directly from the producers. For a picnic, I recommend visiting one of the idyllic dune or beach areas where you can enjoy the beauty of the island while tasting your culinary delights.

Where can I eat cheaply on Texel?

On Texel there are many opportunities to eat cheaply. For example, you can eat in one of the numerous snack bars or food trucks on the beach or in the city. There are also many cafes and restaurants that offer cheap daily menus or lunch specials.

How much does a cheap lunch on Texel cost?

A cheap lunch on Texel can cost between 5 and 10 euros, depending on the location and what is on offer. Some restaurants also offer special lunch menus for less than 10 euros.

Where can I have a cheap breakfast on Texel?

There are bakeries and cafés on Texel that offer a reasonably priced breakfast. Some also offer breakfast options that include a hot drink, a croissant and a bread roll.

Are there cheap vegetarian or vegan food options on Texel?

Yes, there are many vegetarian and vegan food options on Texel. In most restaurants and cafés you will also find corresponding dishes on the menu. There are also dedicated vegan restaurants and food stalls that offer cheap and tasty meals.

Where can I eat cheap fish on Texel?

Fish is a popular dish on Texel and there are many ways to enjoy it cheaply. Some fish restaurants offer inexpensive fish dishes, but you can also enjoy a delicious fish snack in a snack bar or a food truck on the beach. Another cheap option is to buy fresh fish from the supermarket and prepare it yourself.


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