Toronto Vacations - Best Things to Do in Toronto Canada

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Best Things To Do on a Toronto Vacation in Canada

Our goal is to help you with our information when planning your trip in Canada to help. Here you will find our information for a Toronto vacation in Canada.

What are the best downtown streets on a Toronto Canada vacation?

If you're planning a Toronto vacation, check out these downtown streets. A stroll through Chinatown and Kensington Market is worthwhile along Spadina Ave., corner of Dundas. Along Queen Street you will pass the old and new town hall. There is also the main entrance to the Eaton Center, Toronto's most famous shopping center. But there is also a beautiful park and buildings worth seeing along this street. At University Ave. is the main building of the University of Toronto as well as several museums that are worth a visit. Not far from there you can go through Yorkville Ave. stroll around and eat at one of Toronto's fine restaurants.

CN Tower

The CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto It's hard to miss. The CN Tower in Toronto. For a long time it was the tallest building in the world with a height of 553 meters. The first place among the tallest buildings in the world has ...
Ottawa Fireworks on Ontario Winter Vacation

Ontario holiday for Christmas - experience a sea of ​​lights

Ontario vacation at Christmas An Ontario vacation in Canada at Christmas can be a festival of lights. Cities adorn themselves with light decorations for Christmas. Natural spectacles adorn themselves with lights, the capital comes along with Christmas decorations and sights are decorated for Christmas. These are ...
Toronto women-only hotel with spa

Toronto women-only hotel with spa

A Toronto hotel with a spa for women only We visit a Toronto hotel with a spa that does not allow men. The “Verity Spa” is run by a club of wealthy women from the metropolis. You have an oasis here...
Best Restaurants Toronto

Best Restaurants of Toronto according to the Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide selects the best restaurants in Toronto We found out on our food tour of the city that Toronto is a good place to eat. No wonder! After all, Toronto is a city where cultures from all over the world...

Which hotels and restaurants are there for a Toronto vacation in Canada?

There are more than 2000 hotels and restaurants in Toronto. Most of them are downtown or in the suburbs. Here you can enjoy your Toronto vacation in Canada without ever having to be alone. We also present some of them in more detail in our articles.



Rooms of The Ritz-Carlton Canada Toronto vacation
Rooms at The Ritz Carlton

How do I find a hotel for my family for my Toronto vacation in Canada?

Whether you just want to take a look at the list of hotels or want to give a few tips, here you will find the best accommodations for a family vacation in Toronto, the Family room* .


Aburi Sushi on Canada Toronto vacation
Try Aburi Sushi

How do I find a restaurant for my family group for my Toronto vacation?

Toronto's restaurants are plentiful and often associated with the country's most popular cuisines. But there are also many culinary choices for every taste. You can find them all here Restaurants in Toronto, which you should visit. From personal experience we can recommend Biff's Bistro. If you like eating sushi, then Miku is also a good tip that we are happy to pass on from our own experience. There you can also enjoy your Toronto vacation in Canada with the family in culinary terms.


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Toronto Vacations - Best Things to Do in Toronto Canada

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