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Ireland travel tip - fog over the Flesk River in Killarney, Ireland

Discover an Ireland travel tip for your vacation

Find an Ireland travel tip for connoisseurs and slow travelers in this selection of articles that we have collected on our travels on the Emerald Isle. A few years ago we were even visiting the President of Ireland. The island offers cities that are worth exploring, as well as wild landscapes on the west coast. In the east you will find agricultural landscapes, but also the largest city on the island: the capital Dublin. Find out more where and how you can get to know the Irish. Check out new island kitchen trends. Or let yourself be carried away to the remains of ancient settlements.

Doors of Dublin

The doors of Dublin

At the TBEX travel bloggers conference in Dublin, we were asked what is typical of the capital of Ireland. Most meant Guinness and Whisky. Of course they are right. But there's definitely more that embodies the town on the Liffey for me - and that's the front doors...
Brooks Hotel in central Dublin

Hotel in the center of Dublin

Hotel in central Dublin As a hotel in central Dublin, the Brooks Hotel* succeeds in offering guests an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of Dublin. This hotel's location in central Dublin can't be beat: just steps from the shops of Grafton Street, Trinity...
Irish pub in Dublin

Irish Pub in Ireland - Why do people love Irish Pubs?

Why do people love Irish pubs? An Irish pub in Dublin or in Ireland is a place of hospitality where you meet friends to have a good time together. You drink beer - preferably a Guinness. If you want, you can order home-made cuisine, which is typical...
St. Patrick's Day in Dublin - Dublin St Patrick's Day

Dublin on St Patrick's Day - a typical Irish festival

Is St Patrick's Day in Dublin worth the trip? Absolutely! Nowhere else can you experience Irish joie de vivre and tradition as closely as in Dublin. Origin of St Patrick's Day St Patrick's Day, also known as Paddy's Day, is an Irish folk festival celebrated on March 17th. But ...
Café on the first floor of the Powerscourt Townhouse Center

The Powerscourt Townhouse Center

The Powerscourt Townhouse Center in Dublin Few of them find their way to one of the most beautiful shopping temples in Dublin. Powerscourt Townhouse Center is just steps away from the city's famous shopping street, Grafton Street. However, there is only a narrow passage, past Bewley's Oriental Café. A rather ...
And not just because of the delicious coffee in this cafe in Dublin

Cafe in the center of Dublin

Cafe in Dublin with good coffee and nice Irish people The facade of Bewley's Oriental Cafe in the center of Dublin already looks inviting from the outside. It gets even better when we open the doors: immediately an appetizing coffee aroma flows towards us, which tempts us to try the delicacies on offer here ...

What to do in rainy weather in Dublin?

Rain in Dublin? What now? What to do in Dublin when it rains Quite simply: what you set out to do. At least that's the Irish motto. When traveling to Ireland you have to expect rain. We traveled to Dublin the day before a conference started. We ...
How do you pour a Guinness

How do you pour a Glass of Guinness?

What is the correct way to pour a Guinness? At the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin we learn how to properly pour a Guinness beer. We're not the only ones interested in this. Even Barack Obama and his wife have tried it at the Ollie Hayes Pub in Moneygall, Ireland. Michelle Obama learned...

Irish specialties - reinterpreted

Irish Food Today Typical Irish food. These are Irish Stew, Irish Coffee and Shepherd's Pie. Who does not know her? Typical Irish food is home cooking. It's hearty and hearty. Even poor people's food. At least they were Irish specialties as I knew them so far. However, a lot has changed in Ireland's kitchens in recent years ...
Bon appetit in Ireland

Bon Appetit in Ireland - Discover Food Trends

Ireland's Food Trends Bon Appetit in Ireland! Ten years ago I would have thought that I would never say that. At that time, the food on the island consisted mainly of overcooked cabbage or broccoli, potatoes and Irish stew. Various types of root vegetables brought a bit of variety into the meal. Looking for fruit ...

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Ireland travel tip for your vacation

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