The perfect gift for gourmet travelers

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Do it taste good!

The perfect gift for Leisure travelers to find is not always easy. We look for it every year. This time, however, the decision was easy for us, because what could be better than a combined travel cook book. This gives tips for good restaurants in a culinary region and at the same time contains typical regional recipes that you can cook at home. Michael Müller Verlag has already shown what great tips such a book can provide with his Cookbook Gscheitgut. In that he presents Franconian inns and recipes from Franconian cuisine. This year, the second travel cookbook from this series will be released. This supplies Tips for culinary trips around Freiburg, the Kaiserstuhl and the Markgräflerland * .


The perfect gift for gourmet travelers Inn flower
Inn flower © Emil Bezold

 Do you like it? - The perfect gift for gourmet travelers

The Travel Cookbook Do It Tastes !, the perfect gift for gourmet travelers, not only contains recipes for traditional dishes from Baden's cuisine, such as the "Maultaschen", "Badisches Ochsenfleisch" and the original "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte". It presents inns, inns and country hotels where these dishes are served. The recipes have been contributed by the chefs of these country inns to this great travel cookbook, and you can get the culinary of the Baden region into the home cooking while cooking one of their specialties. One almost feels as if one sits in the beer garden of the Gasthaus Blume in the Freiburg district of Opfingen or in the cozy inn in the Gasthaus Sonne in the Münstertal.


Gasthaus Sonne in the Münstertal - The perfect gift for gourmet travelers
Gasthaus Sonne in Münstertal © Emil Bezold


The hosts and their families are introduced so that you immediately feel "at home" and feel like visiting them yourself. Using the map at the beginning of the book, the reader can put together a culinary tour of the region exactly according to his taste, interest and taste.


Weinberg - The perfect gift for gourmet travelers
Vineyard © Emil Bezold


Products of the region

Because the products of the region are part of a real culinary journey, they are also presented in this travel cookbook. Learn more about asparagus, how to keep goats and cows species-appropriate to produce high quality cheese or about fresh fish from the southern Black Forest. Did you know that the smallest cattle breed in Central Europe is at home in the Southern Black Forest: the backwoods cattle were bred here in the times of the Celts.


Grapes - The perfect gift for gourmet travelers
Grapes © Emil Bezold


In a wine region like the Baden, a chapter on winegrowing should not be missed. Since it is learned that since about the turn of the millennium, a group of young winegrowers have breathed new inspiration into the Baden wine growing. With the tips of Heiko Feser, the Baden wine region can be explored well. I think it's great that the recipes are sorted according to the seasonal offer and that the dishes are cooked well with what nature is currently offering. The culinary information also takes this into account when presenting the Baden game or wild plums and onion apples.

For after-cooking for pleasure travelers: a menu with Baden specialties


Tarte with bacon, mountain cheese and onions - the perfect gift for gourmet travelers
Tarte with bacon, mountain cheese and onions © Emil Bezold


And because we have now made your mouth water enough, we suggest you here a Baden menu from the travel cookbook. For starters, there's a tarte flambée with bacon, mountain cheese and onions. Flammkuchen was once a by-product of baking bread in the farms of the region. As a test, put a piece of dough in the oven. It took too long, until the dough was cooked, had to be reheated. If he finished too fast, the stove had to cool down.


Badisches Ochsenfleisch - The perfect gift for gourmet travelers
Baden beef © Emil Bezold


A recipe from the Gasthaus Sonne in Münstertal is the main course: Baden oxen meat. This was formerly served as a Sunday roast. The meat was mostly cooked on Saturday, probably because it was enough for a strong soup on Sunday.


Fir honey parfait - the perfect gift for gourmet travelers
Fir honey parfait © Emil Bezold


And of course there's a Baden specialty for dessert. However, we did not choose the typical Black Forest cherry cake here. Instead, we present you the fir honey parfait from the “Schlossmühle” hotel in Glottertal. The Glottertal fir honey is something special: spicy and strong, dark brown to black-green in color, it gives the dish its very special taste.


It tastes goodIf your tastes the travel cookbook! want to order, you can here via * to do. This also contains the recipes for this menu.

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Source: own research and taste it! – a travel guide through the Baden kitchens. Our opinions definitely remain our own.

The perfect gift for gourmet travelers

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