Inns in the Mühlviertel for connoisseurs

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Freak out Goose

Guesthouses in the Mühlviertel

We were on a tour of the inns in the Mühlviertel. I did not expect that inns in the Mühlviertel would be so varied. Clever hosts in the Mühlviertel have taught us otherwise. These inns in the Mühlviertel are everything but boring. With ideas and imagination, they offer their guests a pub experience that is impressive. It is worth discovering the pub culture in the Mühlviertel.


In a pub in the Mühlviertel - pub culture in the Mühlviertel
In an inn in the Mühlviertel - inns in the Mühlviertel are cozy


Pub culture

Taverns have been around for centuries. For example, the Abbey cellar in St. Peter in Salzburg as the oldest restaurant in Austria. It was first mentioned in a document in 803. In Germany, the inn "Zum Riesen" claims in Miltenberg as one of several this rank. Many of these inns were located outside of places and often in places where travelers stopped between two places. They were used by traders and travelers as rest stops and sometimes also as a place to stay when traveling. In history, markets were often several days' journey away, so that intermediate stops were necessary. In addition to changing horses, some of these stations also offered accommodation and food. Others were in the town centers. They gave travelers access to local events. Guesthouses in the Mühlviertel show this to this day.

The inns in the Mühlviertel that we visited are not quite that old. In Austria a distinction is made between restaurants and inns. The former are limited to entertaining guests with food. The latter also offer accommodation. The innkeepers in the Mühlviertel do not do it any differently. On our trip through the Mühlviertel we visited restaurants that only offered food. At the Dorfwirt Raab in Rechberg * and in the Hotel Hubertus in Freistadt * We not only ate, but also stayed the night. Even today, inns in the Mühlviertel fulfill both functions. We started our tavern culture journey to the Taverns in the Mühlviertel in Freistadt. Then it was on to the outskirts of the city.


At the herbalist Dunzinger - modern pub culture
At the herbalist Dunzinger - one of the restaurants in the Mühlviertel with a modern pub culture

Here you cook with herbs

We love food made with herbs. So I was all the more curious about what the Schimpl family served us at the Dunzinger herb innkeeper in Hirschbach. The restaurant specializes in herbal cuisine. The ingredients for it are supplied by farmers from the region in the Mountain herbs cooperative or they come from their own herb garden. Therefore one looks in vain for sea fish on the menu. Instead, we find soups made from Mühlviertel pumpkin or game. Deer and stag also play a role in the daily menu in autumn. Venison roulade, venison saddle steak, leg of venison and venison ragout come from game from the region. You will also look in vain for soft drinks or beers from large breweries. Instead, the landlord in the herb tavern makes herbal juices and herbal lemonades and serves beers from the Schlägl Abbey Brewery or from small craft beer breweries in the region.


Herbs from their own field hosts in the Mühlviertel
Herbs from your own field - inns in the Mühlviertel serve healthy food


To the main course

Alternatively there are salads with turkey, a potato cordon bleu or a "Quendl-Hendl". Quendl is wild thyme. The chef fills his country chicken with this and with raw ham and mozzarella. However, the fact that no sea fish is on the table does not mean that there is no fish. Instead, the host prepares pikeperch or salmon trout from local waters. For those who don't like meat at all, there is potato noodles with vegetables, herbs and a cream sauce.


Liqueurs from the Mühlviertel
Liqueurs from the Mühlviertel


In conclusion

For dessert there is a choice of chocolate mousse with chocolate dumplings and fruit sorbet or poppy seed noodles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, as with grandma. Everything homemade, of course. A liqueur from the Hirschbach gourmet distillers also tastes good with it. Rupert Wiesinger distills liqueurs from own types of fruit. The selection is so large that we don't even know what to try: the small snack, the sunset fruit liqueur, the sloe, raspberry or dirndl liqueur? Or would you prefer a whiskey, gin or herb grain?

Herbalist Dunzinger
Guttenbrunn 18
A-4242 Hirschbach

Bauernkrapfen grinding shop - hosts in the Mühlviertel with ideas
Bauernkrapfen grinding shop - hosts in the Mühlviertel with ideas


We continue our tour of the inns in the Mühlviertel with a visit to the

Donut grinding in Tragwein - extraordinary inns in the Mühlviertel

The Lichtenegger family came up with the idea of ​​offering one of the seasonal pastry specialties in all variations. They have a selection of farmer's donuts that I haven't seen anywhere before. In their show kitchen you can watch how the donuts are "ground". This is what we call rolling the dough into a ball. It's not that easy, because you should use as little flour as possible. Otherwise the dough will be hard.


Sweet donut variation - extraordinary pub culture in the Mühlviertel
Sweet donut variation


Then it's time to pull out the dough. This creates a thick border. However, the inside of the donut should be as thin as possible. Then you bake the donuts in lard. The Lichtenegger family is constantly developing new versions of how they prepare their tasty farmer's donuts. We tried donut burgers, donuts with ice cream, with berries or with eggnog. There's donut toast, vegetarian donuts, and more. Like you Make donuts yourself we show you in this recipe. But if you ever go to the Mühlviertel, we definitely recommend a visit to the farmer's donut grinding shop.

Farmer's donut grinding shop
Hinterberg 11
A-4284 carrying wine


Goose breast at Dorfwirt Raab - pub culture that surprises
Goose breast at Dorfwirt Raab - taverns in the Mühlviertel offer tavern culture with a kick


An atypical goose meal at Dorfwirt Raab

The cook in the Raab inn in Rechberg shows us that a goose meal doesn't have to be traditional. We were there a few days before 11.11/XNUMX. guest at Dorfwirt Raab *, where you can also spend the night very comfortably. The innkeeper showed us with his goose menu that it doesn't always have to be goose with red cabbage and dumplings. On the contrary, at our goose dinner we indulged in a six-course goose menu, in which even the dessert was prepared with goose ingredients.

Our menu started with homemade ravioli, which were filled with goose meat, blackberry spruce, root vegetables, leeks and red cabbage. The whole thing was crowned with a Parmesan spruce chip. A pulled goose was followed by a pulled goose - just like the American model of a pulled goose. There was also bacon, red cabbage, rocket, pear, cranberries and pancakes. The glazed goose liver on the next course was accompanied by a saffron apple, dirndl jam and bread dumplings. As a main course, the Dorfwirt served us goose breast glazed in honey-garlic with cream sausage and Bohemian dumplings.


Freak out goose - modern pub culture
Freak out goose - modern pub culture is served by the hosts in the Mühlviertel


Finally, the dessert was particularly exciting. The Freak Out Goose (the crazy goose) consisted of roasted goose chips on salted caramel ice cream. The whole thing was served on a salad bed with a lemon vinaigrette. The landlady told us that a restaurant in the USA inspired her to make this dessert. Although they were initially skeptical, they were so enthusiastic about this idea that they serve the dessert in their own tavern today. Rightly so, we think. The Dorfwirt Raab is one of the inns in the Mühlviertel that draws inspiration from foreign kitchens.

Village landlord Raab
Rechberg 11
A-4324 Rechberg


Wooden ceiling in the Elzner Stubn - pub culture in the traditional pub
Wooden ceiling in the Elzner Stubn, one of the inns in the Mühlviertel


Traditional inn owned by gourmet chef Michael Just

The menu that we enjoy in the Elzer Stub'n in Lasberg, on the other hand, is completely different. Michael Just learned to cook at the Relais & Châteaux Hanner in Mayerling, the Amador restaurant in Mannheim, the Landhaus Bacher in Mautern, the Vila Joya in Portugal. and in the restaurant Silvio Nickol Palais Coburg in Vienna. In 2019 he finally moved from the three-star kitchen back to his native Mühlviertel. Just runs the Elzer Stub'n there. It is one of the inns in the Mühlviertel where traditional cuisine is celebrated. He stays true to his gourmet career at least one evening a month. Every second Friday of the month he organizes a gourmet evening in which the guests enjoy a four-course menu with accompanying wines by a sommelier or winemaker.



We're not there for a gourmet evening, but for lunch. In return, he serves us authentic Mühlviertel cuisine. Just is one of the innkeepers in the Mühlviertel who is not afraid to serve his guests offal. This is exactly how people ate in families in the Mühlviertel for centuries. This is the region's authentic pub culture. Restaurants like this have long served their guests in inns in the Mühlviertel. He serves us sweetbreads for starters. This is followed by a roe deer with napkin dumplings. A graduation makes one Kaiserschmarrn with stewed plums and vanilla ice cream. Michael Just kindly provided us with the recipe for our recipe section. With this you can also prepare the taste from the inns in the Mühlviertel at home.

Elzer Stub'n
Elz 1
A-4292 Lasberg


Conclusion: inns in the Mühlviertel to enjoy

With this guide to the inns in the Mühlviertel you are well equipped for a varied holiday for connoisseurs in the Mühlviertler Alm and Freistadt region. The innkeepers in the Mühlviertel are full of ideas and thus create a pub culture that has little to do with regulars and roast pork with dumplings. In these inns you can experience the products from the region. The hosts present them with a kick and full of enthusiasm. This is slow food at its best!



Mühlviertel taverns
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Source Inns in the Mühlviertel: Research on site. We would like to thank Tourismus Mühlviertler Alm and Genuss Reisen for the invitation.

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Inns in the Mühlviertel for connoisseurs

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