Holidays in winter at the Lipno reservoir in the Czech Republic

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Lipno at the Lipno reservoir in the Czech Republic

A winter holiday at the Lipno Dam in the Czech Republic is not just for skiers and snowboarders. We discovered that during our stay in Lipno. Lake Lipno is an artificial lake that connects the towns of Ceske Budejovice (České Budějovice) and should protect Prague from the flooding of the Vltava. We explore the sights and activities of the Lipno Dam on a tour around the lake. The lake is about 700 m above sea level. Therefore, there is a good chance that the snow will remain on the surrounding slopes of the Šumava for a long time.


The region proved that on our trip. As soon as you leave the Danube valley near Linz, the road climbs rapidly towards the Czech border. Only a few kilometers later we are surrounded by snowy winter landscapes. In the vicinity of the lake there is more than fifty centimeters of snow, which the region Czechia into a true winter wonderland. As far as the eye can see, the landscape glitters in radiant winter white.


Ski resort in Lipno
The Lipno Dam Ski Resort Kramolin


Sights and activities at the Lipno Dam in winter

Not only the ski area lures you into the winter world

During our stay nothing changed in the snow depths. We woke up each morning to a frosty but sunny winter day with night temperatures that sometimes dropped to below minus 15 degrees Celsius. The Lipno Dam was frozen over. Ice skaters did not yet venture out into the harbor of the Landal Marina Lipno, which we stayed at. However, at Přední Výtoň we saw skaters gliding across the lake. In Frymburk there was also a curling track. The ice of the Lipno Dam was already thick enough to venture out.

In addition, there are several ski mountains on the Lipno Dam. It is only a few minutes' walk from our holiday apartment to the cable car that takes you up to the Kramolin ski area. If you want, you can also take the shuttle bus or the chairlift up to a treetop path. This offers a beautiful view of the Bohemian Forest from its 40 meter high tower. There is also another ski run on the outskirts of Frymburk.


Winter hiking at the Lipno Dam
Winter hiking at the Lipno Dam


Holidays at the Lipno reservoir in the border region with Austria

We used our stay at the Lipno reservoir for a tour around the lake. A holiday at the Lipno reservoir is a journey to the border region between the Czech Republic and Austria. The fact that the right bank of the lake was inaccessible under communist rule in the Czech Republic, with a few exceptions, made us particularly curious. Only the region around Přední Výtoň could be visited. The rest was restricted area.

Since I grew up not far from the Czech border myself, I can still remember the tense situation along the restricted area very well. At that time, heavily armed border guards patrolled the border strip. The people who lived in these regions were expelled by the communist regime after 1945. Their villages fell into disrepair or were destroyed. Only in 1991 did the new Czech government lift the restricted area. Since then, the region has been developed for tourism. One searches in vain for localities. Instead, you can enjoy the changing views of the lake on hikes.


Church of St. Philip and James in Přední Výtoň
Church of St. Philip and James in Přední Výtoň by the Lipno Lake


The place Přední Výtoň at the Lipno lake

Actually, we wanted to visit the ruins of Wittinghausen Castle (Vítkův hrádek), which is a little off the Lipno Dam. However, we had to abandon this plan because the road to the castle was not cleared. Since we didn't want to get stuck in the deep snow, we changed our tour and turned back. Instead we discovered the village of Přední Výtoň with its dramatic history.

It was created from two hermitages in the 14th century. At the end of the 15th century, a Pauline monastery arose from these, which, however, only existed until the Reformation. From 1622 the village belonged to the princes of Eggenberg and later to the lords of Schwarzenberg. After the end of feudal rule, the village was an independent municipality in the district of Hohenfurth. After World War II the Germans were expelled and after 1950 the village fell into the restricted area between Czechoslovakia and Austria. The place has belonged to the district since 1961 Czech Krumlov (Krumlov). Only after the Velvet Revolution was the restricted area lifted and the place freely accessible again.


Sleep peacefully in Přední Výtoň


Dam wall at the Lipno Dam
Dam wall at the Lipno Dam


One of the sights of the Lipno dam is the dam

On the way back towards Lipno, we make a short stop at the Vltava dam. First of all, the name of the river, known as Vltava in the region, confuses us. However, it quickly turns out that this is simply the Czech name for the Moldau, as it is known in German. This rises in several wells in the Bohemian Forest and finally flows into the Elbe at Mělník. The Vltava often turned out to be a river that caused great destruction during floods.

This was one of the reasons why several reservoirs were built along its route. The Lipno Dam is just one of them. Further downstream, the Orlík dam is also designed to prevent the Vltava floods from causing serious damage. The two reservoirs are also known as the Vltava Cascade. However, despite the two dam walls, severe flooding still occurs. For example, one of the worst floods hit Prague in 2002, years after the dam walls were built.

Lake Lipno in the Czech Republic is an absolute must-see! In summer it is a water sports paradise offering activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and swimming. In winter, you can skate or curle on the frozen lake, and there are plenty of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. No matter what time of the year, Lipno Lake is a great place for an active vacation in nature.


Pork fillet in mushroom sauce with spaetzle
Pork fillet in mushroom sauce with spaetzle


A late lunch break in Lipno

The largest selection for lunch is in Lipno. There is one restaurant after the next. Here you will find everything from burger restaurants and pizzerias to large restaurants in the ski area. However, since we like to avoid the hustle and bustle, we try the Italian food in the Milano restaurant right at the entrance to the town. It's quieter there than in the Stodola restaurant right on the ski slope. This was recommended to us, but the hustle and bustle was too big for us. In addition to pizza, the Milano restaurant also offers a selection of Czech, Austrian and German dishes.


Accommodation in Lipno

In Lipno there is a wide range of holiday homes and apartments.


Picturesquely located Frymburk


A detour to Frymburk

Only a few kilometers away from Lipno is the town of Frymburk. This is one of the prettiest Lipno Dam sights. It is located on a peninsula that extends into the lake. The most beautiful view of the town is therefore already available when you arrive. The St. Bartholomew's Church in the center of the city cannot be overlooked. It is also one of the oldest buildings. As early as 1277, the first church was built on this site. Today the church has a baroque interior. The church received this after the Swedish attacks in the mid-17th century, during which it was severely damaged. At that time there was also a wooden pillory on the market square. This too fell victim to the Swedes. Today, a stone pillory commemorates its predecessor.


Adalbert Stifter memorial stone
From Hans Weitkowitz – self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0,


In the village there is a rock on which a plaque commemorates Adalbert Stifter. The author often visited his childhood sweetheart Fanny Greipl, who lived in Frymburk.


Overnight in Frymburk

Also Frymburk offers a number of holiday homes and apartments. You can also stay in these hotels and guesthouses:


Camping possibilities at the Lipno Dam

If you are at the Lipno reservoir in summer, then there are also several options for motorhome enthusiasts. Some of the notable campsites include:

  • Camping Frymburk*: This is a large campsite near the town of Frymburk, at the southern end of Lake Lipno. It offers a range of camping options including tent camping, caravan camping and glamping in cabins. The campsite also has a restaurant, a swimming pool and a range of sports and leisure facilities.
  • Caravan Camping Horní Planá*: This is a modern campsite near the town of Horní Planá, on the western bank of the Lipno reservoir. It offers a range of camping options including tent camping as well as caravan camping and a range of sports and leisure facilities.
  • Camping Olšina – Lipno near Černá v Pošumaví*: This is a small campsite near the village of Černá v Pošumaví, on the north bank of the Lipno reservoir. It offers tent camping and caravan camping and is surrounded by forests and hills, making it a tranquil and scenic destination.
  • Camping Lipno Modřín in Lipno nad Vltavou*: This is a campsite near the town of Lipno nad Vltavou, at the northeastern end of the Lipno reservoir. It offers tent camping and trailer camping and is close to several marinas and boat rentals, making it a convenient destination for boaters. It is also open in winter.

These campsites offer a range of camping options and facilities that make Lake Lipno a popular and convenient destination for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Other excursions in the area




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Winter vacation at the Lipno Dam
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Holidays in winter at the Lipno reservoir in the Czech Republic

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