Three treat tips for Linz on the Danube

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Three treat tips for Linz on the Danube

Three enjoyment tips for Linz

These three enjoyment tips for Linz in Upper Austria make a trip to the city on the Danube a varied experience. We had five hours for our flying visit. So we started looking for enjoyment experiences in Linz. We can definitely recommend these three enjoyment tips for Linz:


Two bridges over the Danube near Linz
Two bridges over the Danube near Linz


Genuss Tipps for Linz #1: a boat trip on the Danube

We park our car in the parking garage at the Lentos Art Museum on the Lower Danube. On the Danube promenade behind the art museum the boat tours depart. We still have some time, so we order a cup of coffee in the museum café. Above all, we enjoy the view of the Danube. However, we only recommend the café if you have enough time. The service is very slow.


In bright sunshine and high summer temperatures, we are looking for a place on deck shortly before 11.00 clock MS Linzer, A balmy breeze fills us with cool air as the boat finally drops off to our 100-minute round trip on the Danube. The ride is interesting. On the way, we first look at the modern museums on the banks of the Danube, of which Linz has amazingly many. It will not be long before we leave the city. On a bank, the gentle hilly landscape south of the Danube accompanies us. There the Danube bike path runs along the river and we see cyclists and joggers enjoying the river way.


Art in the harbor of Linz
Art in the harbor of Linz


After about half an hour, we finally reach the industrial district of Linz. This is where chemistry and steelworks are based. Right behind it begins a nature reserve at the mouth of the Traun. Because a few hundred meters further a lock obstructs the continuation of our boat, we turn around at this point. Here we can observe the diverse bird life at the Traunmündung: herons, seagulls and other waterfowl cavort here.

On the way back, the boat also makes two laps through the harbor region on the Danube. As there appear mural paintings on former warehouses, the harbor tour is interesting. Linz shows modern art not only in the museum, but also on the object. For us a special highlight of the boat tour!


Lentos Art Museum on the Danube
Lentos Art Museum on the Danube


Enjoyment tips for Linz #2: a stroll through the city center

Finally, when we arrive in front of the Lentos Art Museum just before 13.00, we have a good hour before our next appointment. In any case, enough time for a walk along the waterfront, which gives us a feeling like the sea in the summer temperatures. River cruise ships lie on the shore. Their passengers are - with a few exceptions - just in town or on excursions. The crew uses this for a leisurely lunch break on deck.


River cruise ship in Linz
River cruise ship in Linz


A lunch snack in Linz

The crew of the William Shakespeare Watching food also made us hungry. Therefore, we steer our ways into the city. Because our later date also has to do with food, we limit ourselves to a small snack. Leberkas Pepi's stand-up snack in Rathausgasse 3 is best suited for this. We do not have to wait for the food. The selection of liver cheeses is definitely great. And the pizza cheese with sweet mustard and a poppyseed is delicious. Strengthened, we then continue our city tour through Linz.


Leberkäse from Leberkas Pepi in Linz
Leberkäse from Leberkas Pepi in Linz


Only a few steps further we stand on the city square of Linz. In the middle stands the magnificent Trinity Column. It comes from the year 1723 and asks for protection against conflagration, war and plague. We are just in time to see the market stalls below the plague column. There's fresh fruit and vegetables. We also discover a booth of Leberkas Pepi. We are particularly impressed by the magnificent houses that line the town square. Obviously, the city of Linz can look back on a prosperous past.


Trinity column
Trinity column


Because there is still some time left and the sun feels a bit too well with its heat, we seek shelter in the cool interior of the Ursuline Church. The former monastery church of the Ursulines is today an art and concert church. Its baroque interior is certainly a good backdrop for concerts that take place in it.




Genuss Tipps for Linz #3: the K. and K Hofbäckerei

At our next stop we want to learn more about the culinary specialty of Linz - the Linzer Torte. Already during our rides along the highway signs pointed out to us. That's why we wanted to inform the bakers about the Linzer specialty. That's why we meet Michel and his girlfriend Corinne.


K and K Hofbäckerei - Enjoyment tips for Linz
Pleasure tips for Linz – Michel and Corinne in front of the K and K Hofbäckerei

A Viennese coffee house in Linz

The young couple runs the small, cozy coffee house at Pfarrgasse 17 in the style of the Viennese coffee houses. I immediately like what I see when we enter the café. Delicious cakes smile at me from the cake counter. T-shirts with Empress Sisi's likeness are on an old mirrored chest of drawers. Finally, in a separate display case, we find what we came for: Linzer cakes in all variations. They are available as a gift pack and of course also fresh.


Linzer cake with chocolate - tips for enjoying Linz
Enjoyment tips for Linz – delicious! Such a Linzer cake with hot chocolate


To my question, what constitutes a genuine Linzer cake, Corinne did not want to come out with the original recipe. This is understandable when I try my first bite of her cake. I taste cinnamon, nutmeg, nuts and of course the currant jam. It is the most important ingredient of a genuine Linzer cake, as Corinne assures me. That's why she liked the imperial family so much. Therefore, the bakery may call itself imperial-royal. Incidentally, we find representatives of royal and imperial dynasties on several walls in the coffee house: Emperor Franz Joseph meets us in pictures as well as the Bavarian King Ludwig II and his cousin and later Empress of Austria, Sisi.


Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph - Enjoyment tips for Linz
Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph


Under their eyes, we let our Linzer Torte taste until a group of Japanese visitors burst into ecstasy at the sight of the imperial counterfeit. It seems to us like us: the Linzer Torte tastes delicious. Therefore, a visit to the K and K Hofbäckerei is worthwhile.


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Three treat tips for Linz on the Danube

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