Freistadt Austria Restaurants with a twist

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One of the inns in the Mühlviertel Braucommune Freistadt

Which Freistadt Austria restaurants are worth visiting? That was one of the questions we asked ourselves before our visit to the Mühlviertel. We always like to use our trips to get to know the local gastronomy. It is important to us to try the specialties of the region. or Restaurant to discover that offer a special experience. We present two of the restaurants in Freistadt that meet these requirements here. Definitely worth a visit.



Freistadt Austria Restaurants where you can eat well

Our trip to the Mühlviertel showed that innkeepers in the Mühlviertel have ideas. We started our trip with a tour of Freistadt Austria restaurants. This started right away with several tavern experiences, where the innkeepers in the Mühlviertel proved to be business-savvy.


Autumn terrace in Freistadt Austria restaurants
Autumn terrace in the Hotel Café Hubertus - one of the Freistadt Austria restaurants

Hotel and Café Hubertus – one of the Freistadt Austria restaurants

We start our journey at the Garni Hotel with a café. This is located on Höllplatz in the old town of Freistadt. The square has existed since the city was founded in the 13th century. However, the houses are a few centuries younger, as two fires in the 16th century also destroyed the buildings in this area of ​​the city. Nevertheless, the restaurant's buildings are several hundred years old. They belong to the brewing city of Freistadt and are therefore closely linked to the beer community.

This is why the two hotel buildings - the main building and the house in der Höll - belong to the extraordinary legal form that distinguishes Freistadt. There, brewing rights have been in effect for every house in the old town since 1363. This means that everyone who owns a house in Freistadt's old town is automatically a member of the Freistadt Brewing Commune. This represents that Freistadt beer here. However, if you want to sell your house, you also sell your share in the brewery. That's why Thomas Friesenecker, the owner of the Hotel Hubertus, moved back to his hometown after his years of teaching and traveling, where he now runs his Freistadt Österreich restaurant.



The master confectioner seizes the opportunity and contributes to enriching the Freistadt Austria restaurants with beer-sweet creations. Thomas learned his craft at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, with Hans Haas at Tantris in Munich and at top hotels in Vietnam. Today, in addition to specialties from the Mühlviertel, he also serves the guests of his restaurant the finest beer chocolates. If you want, you can even learn how to make chocolate from him. An experience for foodies in one of Freistadt Austria's restaurants.

Café Patisserie Hotel Hubertus
hell square 2
A-4240 Freistadt



The beer tour in the brewery is part of a visit to the Freistadt Austria restaurants
A beer tour in the brewery is part of a visit to the Freistadt Austria restaurants

Beer pairings at Brauhaus, one of Freistadt Austria's restaurants

Im Brewery of the beer commune, one of the Freistadt Austria restaurants, beer plays an even bigger role. This is one of the inns in the Mühlviertel that I will remember primarily for its experience character. Here you can enjoy tavern culture in its original form. During a tour of the brewery, you will learn how the beers are made. You can follow the brewing process from the malt storage on the top floor to the brew kettles in the basement. If you want to know more about beer and beer brewing, you can even train to become a beer coach or beer sommelier.


Instead, we enjoy a beer tasting menu, where beer sommelier Helmut Satzinger serves and explains the beers to go with each course. This is tavern culture at the highest level in one of the Freistadt Austria restaurants. A beer experience not expected in a brewery.

Freistadt brewery inn
Brauhausstrasse 2
A-4240 Freistadt


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Freistadt Austria restaurants
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Freistadt Austria Restaurants with a twist

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