Binz on Rügen - amber, white beach villas & star cuisine

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The Kurhaus in Binz

Sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen

We make a stopover to see the Binz sights and a bathing holiday at the Baltic sea beach to enjoy. Baltic Sea places like the seaside resorts lure us. Our road trip to Scandinavia practically calls for a stopover in Binz on the island of Rügen. The Stenaline ferry that takes us from Trelleborg in Sweden back to Sassnitz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern does not dock there until 22:00 p.m. We don't want to drive far after a day in southern Sweden and after a ferry crossing across the Baltic Sea. We are therefore planning a stay in Binz on the return journey. We don't want to miss the sights in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz. The city is only about a twenty-minute drive from the Sassnitz ferry port in Neu-Mukran. We are excited about the Binz sights on Rügen.



White resort architecture sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen
Almost all beach villas in Binz are white - typical sights in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on Rügen


Binz sights

We stay in one of these pretty villas, the Villa Salve *, right on the waterfront and are awakened by the quiet sound of the sea. Between the pines, which separate the promenade from the sandy beach behind, the sun rises from the sea, as if she wanted to tickle us awake and tell us not to lie in bed lazily, but to explore the city.


Villa Salve sights in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on Rügen
Art Nouveau villa on the promenade - one of the sights in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on Rügen


A city in white - Binz on Rügen

At first glance you can see how much the city has blossomed. The beach villas, which line up on the promenade look like neat and inviting, like pearls on a string. Only a few have splashes of color. White is the color with which the houses in Binz are painted. This gives them a delicate appearance. One villa is more beautiful than the other.


The promenade sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen
Here you can still stroll - sights in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on Rügen


The Binz promenade

Walkers enjoy the deep blue sky from which the sun shines, the breeze that blows from the Baltic Sea and the sound of the waves washing up on the beach. We also go out to the pier, which extends from the town center into the Baltic Sea. At the end of it, the boats moor every few hours, with which you can drive along the chalk coast to the Königsstuhl. We prefer to watch a young seagull as she painstakingly cleans every single one of her feathers. She is also not disturbed by Petar, who documents her cleaning work on video.


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The Kurhaus - sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen

On the way back to the promenade that shows Kurhaus from Binz auf Rügen at its best. With its two towers, the yellow and white painted facade and the arched windows, it almost looks like a castle as it rises behind the beach. It is quieter on the east side of the promenade. We meet fewer people here. Maybe because there are only a few Coffees where you can take your coffee break or watch the strollers over a cocktail or a glass of beer. Instead, sandy paths always lead down to the beach. There, sun-seekers have made themselves comfortable in the beach chairs. You will find shelter from the wind that blows in from the Baltic Sea.


Is that a UFO? Sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen
Formerly for the lifeguards, sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen


Getting married in Binz - exceptional

"That's how I imagine a seaside resort," I say to Petar. At the end of the promenade, a strange building suddenly protrudes from the sand. It reminds me of a UFO. However, the house has nothing to do with extraterrestrials. It is a lookout tower that the rescue team had built from Binz on Rügen. Today, however, the most extraordinary of the Binz sights serves the registry office as a wedding venue. With a view of the chalk coast and the sandy beach.


Binz villas get to know the sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen
Discover the resort architecture with QR codes


Interesting facts about the bathroom architecture by mobile phone

On the way back we pull out our cell phone, on which we take a tour of the Binz villas ( downloaded. We learn a lot about the development of the city and the fate of its people. We follow the villa tour back to the city center. On the way we discover a gallery of clay plates surrounded by a wisteria, on which the history of the seaside resort Binz from 1884 to its 125th anniversary in 2009 is told. Passers-by keep pausing in front of the tiles that an artist has created from the place, on which she has burned in original photos of the time in a special process.


Finbarr Corrigan sights in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on Rügen
The Irish amber fisherman from Binz


Our goal is the workshop of

Finbarr Corrigan, the amber fisherman, shows us his sights in Binz

We had heard of him: the Irish man, who had been coming to the region years ago because his brother lived on Hiddensee. During his visits, he got to know amber and was so fascinated that he spent almost every vacation looking for the stone that was washed ashore by the sea everywhere on the Baltic Sea coast. During one of his visits, he decided to sell his restaurant in England and to settle on Hiddensee.


Insects in amber
Up to 50 million years old


An Irishman on the Baltic Sea

It didn't last long there, however, then he met his wife Yvonne. With this he finally moved to Binz. There he runs a business where he grinds the amber and processes it into works of art with stone or wood. Together with his wife and daughter, he offers his work at Paulstrasse 1 in Binz in the summer. When a vacationer comes by and puts an amber in his hand, he starts to grind his find. Then a piece of jewelry is quickly created. Or fossils are visible that were not previously visible. Binz sights to take away.

Amber workshop and shop by Finbarr Corrigan
Paulstr. 1
18609 Binz


The restaurant Freustil
One of the rooms in the restaurant Freustil


Finally, we stop to get hungry

Star restaurant freustil by Ralf Haug

Star chef Ralf Haug invites us to lunch in his restaurant. There is spaghettini with venison ragout in lime sauce and a rhubarb strawberry dessert. At a price of 19,00 euros. We enjoy his pasta with venison ragout on the Terrace Area of the restaurant. The other guests are regulars and stop by for lunch. Ralf Haug has been in Binz on Rügen since November 2009.

He now cooks in the Freustil restaurant in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, which has had a Michelin star since 2013. Rightly so, as we find: our lunch melts on the tongue. Ralf Haug uses regional products. His venison ragout in lime sauce is an example of this. Rügener Wild offers an experience for the palate. The chef describes his way of cooking as "nordic nature cuisine". With us he won fans.

Restaurant Freustil
Zeppelinstr. 8
18609 Binz

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An amuse-gueule
Bread with whipped butter and sea salt
What's for lunch?
Spaghettini with ragout in lime sauce in the restaurant Freustil

Bathing in the Baltic Sea

In mid-May it is still a bit too cool to swim, but with deep blue skies, temperatures around 18 ° Celsius, plenty of sun and a breeze blowing in from the Baltic Sea, a walk on the beach in the seaside resort of Binz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is just that Right one. We have a choice. We can either take part in the Beach promenade with its white villas Stroll along from the Art Nouveau period and join the masses.


That must be in the suitcase for the Binz vacation on Rügen

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We can go down to the sea, let the wind blow around our ears, watch the goings-on at the beach bars and watch the bathers. They don't miss the chance to plunge into the floods of the Baltic Sea on this sunny day. Or you do it like we do. We enjoy the promenade with its views, the bars and cafes and the spa architecture in one direction and on the way back we experience sun, sand and sea on the beach in the seaside resort of Binz along the water.


The beach in the seaside resort of Binz - beach chairs on the beach of Binz
The perfect protection against fresh winds from the sea


The beach in the seaside resort of Binz - Binz sights

While the walkers on the promenade are more looking for the flair of a beach pool and strolling from café to café in casual clothing, the beach lovers in the seaside resort of Binz can be found. These are bathers who cannot be deterred by the water temperatures, at least sticking their feet into the sea. They are beach hikers who roll up their pants and walk with their shoes in the sand for miles. Others are families with children, whose offspring digs holes in the sand with a shovel and bucket. Or it is simply relaxation seekers who make themselves comfortable with a book in one of the beach chairs to spend the day in the sun.


Beach bar on the beach in the seaside resort Binz
Drinks and snacks are available at the beach bar


At the beach bar, guests can take drinks and have a snack. Here you can also rent the beach chairs and pay the tourist tax, which is due when using the beach area.


Beach chairs in yellow and green on the beach in the seaside resort of Binz
The beach chairs from Binz are available in all colors
Sand, sun and sea on the beach in the seaside resort Binz
Beach holiday on the Baltic Sea - the most important of the Binz sights


A beach holiday in the sand

We trudge through the sand to the regions where it is smoothed over and over again by the waves and walking becomes easier. So, shoes in hand, we stroll along the coast. We feel the salt on our lips and close our eyes to protect them from the sun.

At the same time we hear the whispering of the waves, which end in the sand next to us. Happy children build sandcastles while their parents watch them from the beach chair. In the distance the excursion boat is approaching, taking its passengers out to the chalk cliffs. It docks at the pier built for such purposes. Until it was built, travelers who came to Binz by boat had to disembark off the coast because the water on the shore was too shallow. When there was a storm, that was often a delicate matter. However, today is different. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll out to the end of the pier and easily board the excursion boats there.


Wisteria in Binz
Wisteria - flowers are Binz's sights too


Beach chairs - Binz sights

We continue our beach walk. We pass beach chairs in all colors and variations. Seagulls screech in the wind above us. One of them, which has just lost its young feathers, is busy cleaning them. For minutes we watch her pull each feather through her beak. She twists her head in incredible directions to really reach all parts of her plumage. In any case, it doesn't bother her that we watch her doing it. Only when the sun sinks towards the horizon do we finally make our way back our hotel, the Villa Salve *, we know that from the junior suite we have a view of the Baltic Sea coast of Binz to end our day there.


The beach of Binz
Pines separate the beach from the promenade in Binz


Binz sights like back then

For us, Binz is the epitome of a seaside resort, as it may have looked in the 19th century. Sophisticated with villas, but also with rows of wicker beach chairs in which bathers make themselves comfortable. Except that these are no longer knee-length Swimsuits jump in the water or wear bathing caps with ruffles. Finally, current swimwear unmasks the mirage of a bygone era that is presented to our eyes. It finally takes us back to the present day. For a few hours, however, we indulge in this fantasy and experience Beach tourism from yesteryear in Binz. Also discover more Beach vacation travel destinations here.


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Binz sights
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Binz on Rügen - amber, white beach villas & star cuisine

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